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Yesterday at work while walking behind kinder and first grade toward the art rooms I felt an odd... sensation. It felt like someone had pressed an icecube directly to my skin on my left leg about 8 inches above my ankle. It startled me so much that I stopped mid stride and looked down to see if my jeans were wet even though I was in the middle of the hall way with the nearest kid about two meters in front of me and my jeans were dry. A co-worker going down the hall way about twenty feet behind me asked if I was okay and I was still so dumbfounded I simply told the truth. This co-work primarly works at this site during the normal school year and I'm only here for another two weeks for the summer program. She said it was the ghost and she'd tell me about it later. I simply stared at her. I didn't even think of it again as twenty kids demanded my attention for the next 30 minutes until two more co-workers and 10+ more kids showed up late from another campus. I also didn't think about it again until today when I arrived for work and I asked her what she meant. Apparently for about 17 or so more years there have been stories and 'sightnings' by the janitors who clean up the school late at night. This school is like a prision. It holds nearly 800 kids from grades k-5 and the only windows are in the office, there are NO WINDOWS TO ANY CLASSROOM. I'm NOT kidding. This ghost is named Sally, and describe as a kinder sized little girl with long black hair past her waist. I'm not really spooked but amazed because it was so startling what happened I can't help but believe. It wasn't a draft but literally like ice touching my skin in an area of about a nickle on my leg!!
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I ran out of kitty food yesterday and Miss Mika was not a happy little shit. She got half of her normal dinner and no breakfast until I ran to the pet store with Yoko at 1pm. Oi.

Yoko's foot is doing great, and the past two days I've allowed her free run of the backyard for the first time since her accident. She's not gonna be happy with me though, I GOT HER BOOTIES!!! LOL, the ground gets so hot even now when we haven't hit summer temps that I didn't resist getting her booties to take her for walks when it starts to get dark. Texas heat sucks and she's going to give pitiful looks for some time to come but she needs to loose some pounds and I need to start walking at least a few miles a couple times a week now that I don't have my racquetball class to exercise.

Work is getting beyond hectic. We found out which one of my kinders has been peeing all over the bathroom and he got busted good. The custodian had just cleaned the boy's bathroom in the cafeteria and he was the first one in and he even dropped poop on the floor. oi. Also this week on Thursday is our water field day, and for the next few days to come I'll be filling water balloons in a cooler for work. 1-5th will have massive water balloon fights, my kinders will be paying in a sprinkler set.

I'm currently waiting for it to cool down in about 5 hours to go clean out my car. Till then I'm doing laundry and the normal lazy cleaning (when I should really be overhaul cleaning).


Dec. 15th, 2009 11:46 pm
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I swear today is just... insane. My co-worker said he had a feeling the day was gonna go crazy and it did. The kids have been bouncing off the walls all week and last week too and its getting harder to keep them in line but the events today that were insane for the most part not in their actions.

We have a few special needs kids, one is a mentally slow but not a down syndrom boy. He's been having... issues lately with his poop. Lets put it that way, in which he is... scratching back there. My co-worker had to take the boy to the bathroom while I was in the gym with his class, apparently when he took the boy he found... poop on his back and else where. Yeck. This co-worker is trying to pass the state nursing exams right now so he's qualified for this work as is. Anyway, I didn't know of the details but I figured it was something with the poop issue. Problem is about is it took about 20 minutes and a few minutes before he got back I get group smushed by my kids the previous year who were in kinder and are now in first grade and they refused to let go. Bottom line I couldn't hold the weight of 8+ yanking bodies and went down, on top of another kid who was pulling on me from behind. So I had to put everyone in time out while I dealt with the kid who got smushed to the floor. He was fine but oi. We lost time and my kinders didn't finish the current step of their projects so I'll be forced to try to finish them tomorrow so my co-worker can spray pain them. We are folding magazines to make angel centerpieces. -sighs-

That's not all. PTA or whatever had an event and didn't give up a heads up WHEN they would set up for the event, they began to set up two hours before parents would be arriving and that pushed us out of the cafiteria for pick up so we had to have that in a hallway. And echoing mess of so many people talking and the kids were actually being resonably quiet at that time.

It didn't end there.

Apparently the bus transportation forgot to find someone to fill in one of the drivers of the two bus we use after program. The bus hadn't arrived by departure time so by the time the other bus dropped off all the kids the rerouted to pick up the second bus's kids it wasn't until 6pm, I didn't leave work until 7pm because I had to clean up and report the mess of the day. -sighs-

Didn't end there. I had to go shopping with my boss for supplies, that was easy but it was just time consuming after the insane day. I didn't get home until 10pm. I'm just now in pjs and about to crash to bed. I have to get up to finish the current step in the kids projects and then meet a co-worker at Target at noon, we're shopping for our secret santa junk and gifts for the boss.

Oi. It feels like its been a week, not Tuesday.
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For everything that happened today, I take that as a lovely Friday the 13th. One of my kinders however didn't have too great of a Friday. She just started last week and she's gonna need stitches in her head. Apparently when the bus kids were being herded over there a few didn't listen to repeated calls to walk and NOT RUN. So while these students were running they shoved my kinder and she hit her head on a beam supporting the covered walkway. What pisses me off is that not only was my student hurt it was a student I had last year who pushed her!!!! >:( I would have verbally made his ears bleed if I had been there and not with the pick up students. My boss was though and saw it happened and has suspended the little bugger for the next three weeks. What amazes me he's one of the usually well behaved students!!! >.<

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I kid you not. There are reports of them already and now I have to watch for scratching skulls on top of flu like symptoms. And Yes, I am getting the hibby jibbies already. Bring in the gloves please and I am so not letting my hair down.

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Okay, I am at the end of my ropes. The work load my teachers are thrusting on me make me dizzy without even work into the equation. I missed classes Thurs and I'm waiting for someone in my English class to actually have the decency to reply back to my inquire what exactly is due Tues. Also, I think I need to talk to my math teacher. Its just becoming next to impossible turning everything in on time, both in the classroom and online. I can't make it do classes on MWF mornings to turn the assignments in. I need to see if I can have till 9am on the following class day. I don't like it but with so man assignments from her alone its difficult with the restrictions at work.

Training today was okay, long but actually worth the time in general. I ran into two past co-workers and a few other contacts and it was good to see them. It seriously almost felt like a family reunion for the first thirty minutes while we're waiting for everyone to arrive from all the schools.
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In looking into getting gardens for work to do with the kids I might have gotten myself into a pickle. There are a lot of expectations and requirements to get the supplies and getting the gardens build for free from the Master Gardeners. With School and just normal work I'm scared its not at all as simple as they are trying to portray it if I can get it off the ground to maintain it. The benefit for the kids if its somewhat connected with the 4-H program and 'I'm told' they can enter for scholarships (really don't see how but still plenty of 'meetings' they want me as the teacher to attend)

I got barely 4 hours of sleep last night. The program registration was today and we had a huge turn out. According to the Janitors the first lady in line arrived at 3am. Seriously! They had filled up 2/3 of one of the parking lots with about 30-40 cars at 5am and the doors didn't open until 8am! It went so smoothly! We had all slots filled, paperwork filled, processed, and waiting lists started by 9am. I saw several parents I knew from kinders and other grades, and I'm getting my autistic again! She is being withheld another year (no surprise, she needs it and its also welcomed) so I get her again! Her dad was like 10-15 in line. There are two or three siblings of children I have already taught who are also going to be under my wing.
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Today was the last day with my kinders. All but two arrived. Two were picked up during snack and another during the program. The rest remained. I am going to miss many of the students, they were so well behaved. Other than a single handful they were all very good and wonderful. I didn't get this attached last year to my previous students. Maybe its because this year I started from the beginning, I was with them from day one. Maybe it was the trust they put in me and came to me with so many things. Maybe it was their smiles and their laughs. Maybe it was everything.

Three months until I have the chance to see them again, if they are with their parents on sign up day. Our slot numbers will be smaller next year, so for them to go to first grade will be hard. Its a first come first serve bases.

The only thing that hurts is the fact I don't have any pictures of them. We're not allowed to do so. Hopefully my boss will give copies of photos that she has taken. I would love to have picture to scrapbook each of those kids and their personalities.
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Was .... )

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This lice thing is driving me nuts! I keep checking my hair with a lice comb and look through it and I'm clean, but I'm get itchy the moment my brain even thinks of work. I'm not even thinking of the kid who is the source of the problem!!!
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And not a lot of time to say hi.

My boss called, she's calling in sick and so I'm being asked to go in early. -sighs- She's a good boss, I just feel run down. I haven't finished much of anything lately and its getting to me. I have night class tonight, so I won't be posting fic tonight for sure. -sighs- So much to do, and no time. Yesterday was a mess of running around I must say.
Someone wants to play with my car stereo. )
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I registured for the trip. Oi. let the stress mount. My boss wants ME to man the fort, she's out sick, today and I'm not sure what that entails exactly.... Oh boy. I'll give it my best, everyon brace!

Dear god!

Feb. 4th, 2009 07:45 pm
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Who in their right minds gives KINDERS SUGAR DONUTS AND TWINKIES!?


Well, the teachers did right before they let them go from school and to say my kids were wired is an understatement.

My troublemaker, gah. She wasn't just trouble for us yesterday. By not listening to her Grandma or Mom she hurt her baby sister. I mean first teeth baby, baby. They were at Chick-fi-la and my troublemaker grabbed her sister and ran for the door when they were going to leave but she ran into the door. Her baby sister's front teeth were jammed into her mouth and they had to go to the ER. They were there until 2am today and now the baby has to go a Pedi dentist soon. The poor thing.
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Lice is striking back at work. My troublemaker was the only kinder I found to have it, but its her THIRD TIME. But there were kids being sent home or held seperate in the office if they couldn't be picked up in all grades. I alerted one of the kinder teachers to pass it on but I still get the hibby jibbies because they huge each other a lot in kinder and then they hug me! Yuck Yuck Yuck. I've been spared so far but how much longer if this coninues? Early this month nearly half of the 1st graders who came to learning tree didn't show for most a week because they had lice.

Yuck, yuck, yuck!!!
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Today at 1:30 my time are my Evals. My Annual Evaluation. Its different from last year because last year I was a follower and this year the lead. My boss is like, don't worry, but how can I not? I don't take things for granted and I always feel/wish I could do things differently or better. I don't want things boring, I can't stand it, and my kids can't stand it.  Like yesterday I wanted to the kids to watch the Inauguration Parade but the stupid networks wouldn't shut up and barely showed more than 15 seconds of parade before cutting to someone or another and it pissed me off. The kids couldn't see the bands, the horses, or the few dancers that were part of the parade. They didn't get to see the drumlines. Argh! All the networks did this. >:/
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My class was so close to having an all blue week, where every single one would have blue for the whole week. But no, my trouble maker had to lie and got green and another wouldn't stop talking during the movie -sighs-. Oh well.

If you're confused, here is the basics. The school uses colors to evaluate the students behavoir each day. Blue is best, green then yellow and finally red. Not sure what exactly qualifies for their measurements, but we use the same colors but differently. Green means I had to give several warnings and possible time out for the same misbehavoir. Yellow means the behavoir it working toward a write up. Red means a write up, and three write ups and they are out of the program.

I've never had a whole week where ever single student got blue. 3/4 always get blue, but a 1/4 have a green day or worse. Its especially amazing for me because its the first week back from a two week break. They're kinders! That's like, forever for them! But of course, miss trouble maker couldn't make it the whole week. Alas, oh well.
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My current life schedule is getting annoying. First being trapped at my grandmother's without net for a week was enough to drive my crazy to an extent. My cell suppose to get net but the signal for anything in my grandmother's house is totally messed and so even that was not an option. I usually talk to [ profile] autobotmosquito  daily via AIM, but we haven't really spoken but a few sentences for almost two weeks. My real life friends sudden... life complications don't do well to easing my distress. I feel cut off, and its driving me nuts. I've been back with the net for three days and I still feel cut off and detatched... its bizzare. Argh. Its extremely hard to discribe. I'm not... angry with my real life friends, just... frustrated. I hate feeling isolated; I went through that so much already, during the three year period from when my mother pasted away, moving away, and eventually moving back. Granted and I acknowledge that was me who was doing the distanting, although I hardly realized it at the time, I did feel it.

I suppose with the upheavel of everything and the fact my 'adoptive' family several thousand miles away and unable to really be part the solution of the conflict I'm currently in doesn't help. I'm feeling an odd mixture of feelings, I'm so close to so many friends but not able to really spend time quality time as much as I'd like with break coming to an end...

I am ironically very glad work started this week, even if it cut into possible time with my friend Mei Mei visiting from Indiana, because of the kids. Even though I have to deal with little things with them everyday, they make me happy. Today was just hillarious. It was finally warm enough and dry enough for them to play on their main playground. It was cold and foggy yesterday, so they couldn't play outside. But it was perfect today, cool and nice with light jackets or long sleeves. But what made it special was the big tree in the yard had dropped its leaves, everywhere. We herded the kids into making a pile which we raked high and you can imagion the outcome. It was priceless. My co-worker was able to get the digital camera from our boss and we took at least two dozen photos, and I hope to be able to get copies and scrapbook them along with others from the year. My kids are truely the best grade in so many ways, and I am proud of them (although I doubt they know how much). They were extra good as a whole today, in more ways than normal. Still needing some getting after but I didn't have to reinforce the rules anywhere near what I though I'd need to, they remembered even since yesterday.
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I can't breath through my nose!

I could yesterday, but not today. And my tummy isn't happy most of the time either. Don't know if that's because of the meds or just my body being weird. Still going through tissues, but far, far less. I was going through a tissue average every 5 minute yesterday and about the same amount of time on the weekend too. I've gone through four cube tissue boxes since the blowing began on Saturday.

On the good note my throat, nasal passages, and ears are not throbbing in pain and feeling raw anymore. Must be from the steroid shot I got at the doctor's office yesterday.

On the bad note, I'm suppose to take Lucky to the vet, but I'm afaird I'm gonna have to cancel because I just don't think I can take it right now. I haven't done laundry because I haven't been able to go to a wash house, so no clean work clothes, so I'm gonna call in again for today, but I got a doctors note for it at least. But tomorrow I have to go to work, so I'll have to drag my stuff t to the wash house in the morning.
Right now its cold, very cold, for my area. In the 30s and the high isn't going to go past the 40s.

On the silly note, I'm using Yoko as foot rests right now, she's burrowed under the covers and sleeping soundly.
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Yesterday apparently was the day we were assigned our secret santas. And I got one of my favorite co-workers! YES. I plan to get her gift cards but I want to get creative for her to open them.... hm. I got a week from friday to figure that out... 

Speaking of Fridays this one should be interesting, my boss bought Gingerbread kits. That should be interesting, x.x I am only gonna do it if I have someone helping me so I can split the class into two groups. I already warned the kids that if they misbehave this week they will sit out and not be part of the activity; which is built then break them up for the kids to eat. Mess, mess, mess.
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Well the vet finally called me just after noon, and I missed my class for nothing considering my class was from 10 to 11. Lucky is doing a little better, I was able to get him up and walking a bit before I had to leave for work. And the vet said I could up his dose to almost double what he's taking at the moment to see if that helps. When I came home from work Lucky was actually able to get up somewhat on his own. The vet thinks a cause might be the cooler weather has reached into the floors in the house enough its hurting his joints. I'm still searching for a bed warmer to put in his bed to help him during the worst nights in the months to come. I'm not one for believing to depend on meds first but as second.

Tomorrow is election day and as such I will be wearing my 'Optimus Prime for President' shirt. I wore it during the primary voting in my state, during the all the national debates, and on the day I voted early two weeks ago. I'm gonna go to Starbucks after my Japanese class and pick up a free coffee on my way to the doctor's office for my check up.
My money problem has slightly gotten better but it looks like I'm gonna have to cancel my dentist appointment last month. I was going to go Friday because I wouldn't have work but it looks like I won't be able to avoid having to take a day off after all.


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