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Well, I'm in deep shit. My friend Lythe is sick, majorly. So I'm on my own from here on out until she's well again. I'm gonna drag the boxes in the front room meant for my room, they're too heavy to carry. But I have to make room under my bed, the boxes under there already need to be shifted around. Plus there is my bike... I got that in the front room because I've been planning on getting back to riding, but with my stomache things haven't gone as plan at all. 

Yoko and Lucky are doing okay, appart from being locked in my room, with or without me, as usual. It looks like I'm back to my three week plan of cleaning and sorting as far as my room is concerned, landlord be damned.
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 I am just having one hell of a mood today. Its my day off from work but I'm listless and almost depressed. I just can't get my fix or something. Usually I'll find a story from any of the fandoms I follow updated and my brain goes wandering. But today I'm just listless, I only did laundry because of my meeting tomorrow so I had the whole day to brainstorm and I'm just cut dry on my stories. I know what I want to happen next but its just... blah. Nothing flowing. I won't be able to do any this weekend, I'll be studying the lesson plans I have to do next week and the ongoing month from now where I'll be incharge of kinders. 

I'm even eating sour pickles! That's how moody I am. Even my favorite stories, fan fiction or mainstream books aren't doing anything. I just can't get interested in anything. Ands thats saying something there too. I'm not a book freak, though maybe to most people my age I am I guess, but I got my favorites and usually I don't have a problem picking them up and reading. 

My house-mate was surprisingly quiet today, no slamming doors, so I got a relief there. I doubt that's going to carry on through the weekend. 

I just keep swing, I feel urges of wanting to cry. That gives me a clue.. Mom's birthday was a few days back and I was so busy with work it didn't hit till now. Usually when I get depressed and then moody to cry its got something with my mom that I'm not even realizing at the moment. My friend's mom picked up on that and pointed it out to me a few years ago. Maybe also the bombshell that was dropped today. I was planning to go to New Hampshire to visit my friend's family but they think their going to go to Kentucky to spend christmas with Grandma. They didn't say it but I remember why I couldn't go last Christmas; space, if any other family members plan to stay over there I can't fit, its tight to begin with. Plus the damn plane tickets. I'm still waiting on my rebate/stimilus what ever you want to call them checks. I'm going to have to use it to knock the few hundred dollars I just can't seem to pay off on my credit card, my only one truely. I had been planning to putting that away for the airline ticket, but now... even if they don't go to Kentucky or I'll fit I may not have the money to do the whole deal. I have to board my dogs...

That's also probrably what got me in my mood. Just trying so hard not to cry is difficult, I'm not that upset but the gates want to open. Its so frustrating.

Hell begins

Jun. 4th, 2008 11:09 am
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She lost her job. She's been fired, and now I'm stuck in this limbo that has been going on for almost a month where she's here all day. Her aunt is still making visits, she's here now, and from them talking is how I found out. I can only imagion what this is going to do with my rent situation. Her mom will now be paying for everything, including food. I know she's not making an effort to job hunt. She can say she is online wise but that is bull, you still got to go out and make the effort or it isn't going to work. 

I know I said that I'd find another place to live come hell and high water but that was before the mess in the economy, before gas prices, food prices, and just about everything shot up to hell. I'm suck here, plain and simple unless a few key things happen. It upsets me I'm trapped and can't do anything about it.

It upsets me when my friends don't understand what I mean by that, and think its not that hard to find another place to live, when it its with the requirements I need. A friend of mine who just moved into her own apartment is now beginning to freak out. She had bought a used car, but didn't listen to me, and instead of sticking to a small car like she was already driving got a SUV. Its a good model and for its size gets good milage, but not great. She goes one of the major Universitys, and even though she gets financial aid is doesn't cover all of it and it comes out of her pocket. It looks like she might have to move back in with her dad, which I know will drive her buggie as well.

All in all, my life is slowly getting more stressful, even if it is getting more uneventful. School is out, and come July I will be completely free of work and school for more than a month until training starts in for the new school year and my classes begin. 

I am going to be stuck in a house with my house-mate because gas will make it too expensive to even go to a friend's house regularly to escape, and the bus system here is not that efficient. 

Its a ticking time bomb waiting to go off as far as the nit wit is concerned, oi. How the hell I can keep from going into depressed/anxiety fits and keep a somewhat of a positive out look boggles me.

Because even as I type this, angry, upset, and of mix emotions, I'm mostly calm. Not in a detached sort of way or anything like that. 

I would probrably have more in my mind to type, but I got to get ready for work. I have to be there early, its the last day of the regular school year and we have inventory to do, joy.

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DAMN IT! ::falls over:: They were caught inbetween my matress and and the bed frame, right next to my nightstand. Ugh... $350 wasted... oi.... I really want to cry.  
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 I wake up this morning to a phone call from my friend, Lythe. Nothing wrong there, but when I reach over for my glasses... they weren't there! I spent nearly an hour looking for them. I looked all around my room, even took a flashlight and searched around my nightstand and bed. Nothing!! So I run to the optomitrist to get a perscription, thankfully I have perscription sunglasses, that visit cost me $55. I went to Eye Masters because of their one hour and they had a special on frames, any frames in the story for $60, you just have to pay full price on your lense. When it was all said and done it was $300. So I spend $355 for one pair of glasses, granted if it wasn't for their special it would have been over $500 in all but oi. Then I'm rushing home to change from eye masters to find out the freeway was at a dead stand still. I took the acess roads home. Getting to work was not as easy, I was suppose to be there at 2pm... I didn't get there till almost 2:30... and it was my first day at this new job!!!  ;.;   I still have the job, but oi.... My new job is Youth Leader and needless to say my nerves are rattled. The kids are SO hyper because its the last week before christmas break! x.x  I'm new so getting their respect is being a little bit of an issue. I look after a group of 10 second graders. My nevres are going to be hell this entire week while I try to get the routine down. I know that once I get everything down I can do the job, its just gah lee! SO many things went wrong today!!! x.x oi...


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