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Sep. 13th, 2008 09:42 am
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Well, we got some breezy wind, but thats it. No rain, and its going to be damn hot today and tomorrow, pooh. Rain wouldn't have been so bad, we weren't forcasted to get a lot but jeez, it would cool things down.

I haven't heard from my Uncle nor my friend this morning, even though I've texted them both. I'm worried about my friend most of all, when I got an answer from him he was standing in a foot of water and that was about 9:30pm.... long before landfall.

I'll be leaving in an hour to head to the tutoring math lab and to my friends house about 4 hours after that.


Sep. 12th, 2008 06:56 pm
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Well Ike is going to pretty much passing my city by but its going to be causing hell for Houston. I got a friend and Uncle there, and I've only heard from one. My uncle will be at the hospital he works at in the medical center. He said in an email that all the patients had been evacuated out. My friend works in the military, and I worry he's been stations to the runway at NASA (again) like he was with Rita. He hasn't answered my calls nor has he returned my text, which worries me with the flooding already happening and Ike hasn't even made land fall yet.

In school news my Math test isn't till Friday, instead of Wensday, according to my teacher. I still have a ton of work, about 40 problems, I need to work on and get done by Monday. I made some progress in the tutoring labs today, but I'll still be needing more. I was in there for 4 hours after my two classes. I was basically at school from 7:30 am to 2pm. With only 20 minutes online in the SLAC lab to check email, I was pretty much either sitting in class or on the move somewhere. My - head - hurts. It just frustrates me that the math isn't clicking, even after so much work. Usually after about five to ten problems things start to become automatic and I can do them without help, but not with these problems. Oh no, little buggers.

History we watched part of a movie that mirrored the time period we're leading into. I have 2 chapters to read, about 30 pages. If I don't read them now I'll have around 60 by the time we have a test in a few weeks. x.x

Japanese is all about vocab, is my problem. I can remember just everything else through studying, but vocab and certain characters are what keep my from making any real progress.

Next semester I don't care if I'm only taking one class. I will not have this hell again. For now one I will either have my classes on MWF or TR, so I have days inbetween to study. Unless my meds make a drastic change in my focus, I can't do this again. I may be able to pass the courses, but I won't be able to keep my GPA up.
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I finally did something I had been 'feeling' like doing for a month. I wrote on Michael Phelps facebook fan page. :p LOL. He has ADHD like me, has a cool mom (whose a teacher), and loves his dog as much as I love mine! But it took me almost a month to do it.

Okay, on the work note; something strange happened today. There were hundreds and hundreds of butterflies flying south. They didn't show up until well after work started. They weren't the giant Monarch butterflies (which I haven't seen in numbers for years) everyone learns about in school (at least here anyways), but small ones. The kinders were running around the play ground yelling hellos and goodbyes to butterflies once I pointed them out in the sky over their heads. I had a few kinders spill tears today, as much as any day. Usually during pick up one kid, not always the same, will start crying when they see so many parents and kids going home and missing theirs. They're still adjusting to coming to school all day and then our program on top of that. Poor things. I lost count how many cried that first day of school. Thank god my co-worker was there, I was lost with so many suddenly started crying that day!

I stocked up on water, buying two 24 packs of water bottles and 3 gallons for this weekend. Plus a host of non parishable foods you don't have to heat up, like chips, jerky, and such. If Hurricane Ike hits at a level 3 and follows the projected path (as of right now) we could have 100 mph winds in San Antonio... scary.


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