Jan. 26th, 2011 08:43 pm
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My throat started hurting on the way home school and has continued to get worse. Now my ears are starting to hurt... ugh. I've taken my vitamins, nasal spray, and all that lovely stuff. Hopefully I won't wake up any worse in the morning if not a little bit better. I've made several posts on my Shambhala blog today. A few in catching up with events before this past weekend and bits from this weekend. I'm not a very good blogger though, I can't seem to remember what people said as much as I like. I wish I had this all set up this past weekend, oh well. If you're interested I recommend becoming a follower or check up on it every few days right now. I'll try to post here to alert when I've updated it as best I can. Even though I think I'm sucking at writing stuff that have happened I like the layout and images I've got so far. Like my fish! I have Shambhala fish at the bottom of my blog, one in each color of the Shambhala flag! Hehe.
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I am still sick enough that beyond moving slowly I start to quezzy and now my uncle is thinking about coming sometime during the holiday, and not telling me exactly when but he's on full swing to do it spur of the moment and I'm trying not to panic that the place is a mess. I haven't put anything away since Halloween, the house is a mess, I haven't tidied the garage and I could go ON AND ON!!!

I don't wanna cry over stuff so stupid but I'm damn close to it!!


Nov. 21st, 2010 04:31 am
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Why is it food I find tasting digusting are foods I need to eat? I hate peaches and I hate yogurt!

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For the past week I've been dealing with nausea, abdomen pain, and constapation. My doctor thinks that the bad bacteria might be out of control in my digestive system. All I known is I am sick of these coming and going pains, lack of sleep, and bananas. Ugh.

Also, there seems to be a stream of spamage posting of that annoying drug, Viagra. Ugh.

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still sick

Nov. 12th, 2010 08:15 pm
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I'm still dealing with nausea and now another symptom that looks like its going to cause hell if things don't get better fast. I'm feeling so crappy I didn't go to friday night magic like usual. I'm waiting for my phone to finish charging, the charger gets extremely hot so I don't leave it plugged in over night, and listening to the raccons romping around my roof again. They've made several visits in the last month while before I only heard them once the entire previous year.

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I especially hate it when i'm forced to vomit. And especially when I'm vomting the very little food I've had all day. I had a taco at 8am yesterday, a coke in the afternoon, and a few bites of cereal that tasted like cardboard to me almost 5 hours ago. My stomach hurts, I'm bloated like never before, and now vomiting. But I have no fever, I've checked several times. I can't sleep either.

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Vote time!

Nov. 2nd, 2010 10:39 am
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Turns out I did a boo boo on my vote reg, forgot to do it when I move a year and a half ago. In theory they said I can vote where I was previously living I just need my ID card or my Driver License, and I thankfully found my old Drivers License diving into my draws. It paid off not to toss stuff out this time, lol. Thankfully where I need to go is on the way where I'm meeting my cousin for lunch, her treat. Only big annoyance is I'm super congested, woke up that way. I've been feeling icky with different symptoms since Thursday, bleh.
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I'm finally feeling strong enough, coughing aside, that I should be able to make it classes this week. I did not go to any of my classes last week and I am very upset about it. First I had a test in my math course I was suppose to do two Fridays ago but was unable because of the bronchitis (that I wasn't sure that's what it was at the time) and my teacher will not let me make it up. She says she'll apply my final's grade to it but it upsets me because I feel like I was sure to make an A on that chapter. Second it the unknown factor in English, I was suppose to turn a paper in Tues but had no way to print it nor sent it to school in its folder with all the research and drafts as required. -sighs- I emailed my English professor explaining my situation and also express my willingness to obtain a letter from my doctor to prove in fact I DID have bronchitis (the stories she has on people trying to get OUT of their paper or other redicolious notions are amazing) and hope she will let me hand it to her Tues in class. I am hoping she will consider it and if she does really go through my papers and drafts she will see I haven't been to the writing center since the original agreed date nor made any huge fundemntal changes from all the drafts to suggest I overhauled it and I'm being true to my word. Japanese... I'm going to sit with my teacher and try to catch up. We've already agreed long before this with my struggling that I will most likely will have to take an Incomplete at the end of the semester have two months to work towards passing the final by Feb or fail the course.

I have the bookwork for math that was assigned during my absents, however I won't be able to turn it in for a grade. I have a list of things I know I was suppose to have done to turn in also in English but not for this past week, my contact in that class seems willing to speak to me on face book but not give any info of my class. Very... annoying.

I would be in a panic if not for two things: 1) seeing a new doctor (finally) in follow up on the Bronchitis (I saw a PA on that Monday) and finally get a script on my ADHD medication, and 2) with the medication well into my system last night I nearly completed one of the two sections HW in math given in class during my absents, without any notes or help from my friend who is a math major  who sat next to me the entire time doing her HW if she was needed. My contact in my math class has been kind in texting me the sections and bookwork given the few days I've missed class. She also gave me the password to slip past the locked out assignments so I can go back and do the online hw, I'm saving that for when I have 3 hours or more free and my math major friend with me to work on it. The program online is a pain in entering the answer correct and then second guessing myself when I did in fact had the correct answer. 

I want to thank [livejournal.com profile] mmouse15 again, who was a huge help on my paper. She gave me more info and edits on  just one edit of one draft of my paper than the two sessions at the writing center with two different tutors combined. Those people were seriously NO help. And thank [livejournal.com profile] autobotmosquito and [livejournal.com profile] vermilionbird for their wonderful support.

Sorry if this spammed anyone's friends list.

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I called the group where my Doctor used to practice to make an appointment for my cough and get a new script for my meds. Guess what they said; I have to make TWO appointments because they are un related. WTF!!! Its NOT a new med for crying out loud damn it!! That was just stupid person #1 today. #2 was at the DSS office for people who have disablities. My questions was wether or not my test from Friday was still here or when I talk to my teacher she knows to resend it back over. The idiots reply? You have to discuss it with your teacher, we can't let you take the test unless we have instructions. Um, hello, that wasn't my question!!!!  This does not bold well for the day, does it? Oi. I repeated my question THREE FREAKING TIMES and she was like a mindless but rude freaking robot. Does the fact my voice is raw and I'm coughing not clue you in, you idiot?
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I've got the worst head cold that I can remember, my doctors appointment with my ear specialist is now at 7:15AM tomorrow, and I have to be at work yet again by 1pm to organize. Ugh. But that's not what is making me feel so awful. Poor Lucky is out of pain meds, the last one I gave him before work has worn off. He's not yelping in pain but he looks so uncomfortable, I feel so bad. I hope the meds arrive after I return from the doctor and before work so he can have some kind of relief.
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Right now I'm trying to study hard, I have class tomorrow and need to go in and finish my last chapter test before the finals next week. Not surprisingly I'm having difficulty focusing, my brain keeps trailing away to transformers, stories, and ideas. It just keeps floating to this and that. As mush as I would like for the muses to work, now is really not the best time. I also wonder if I'm gonna have to see my doctor for the third week in a row, the area where the cyst ruptured still hurts when I move around, it didn't hurt nearly this much last week. I can still go to work but it does slow me down and I have noticed I've becoming crankier with the kids acting up.

Speaking of work, my co-workers came up with an interesting idea. Throw the kids for a loop and switch teachers with grades. What am I getting? FOURTH. Totally out of my element. I can handle looking after them for a few minutes because they don't really know me and are... cautious. But for the entire work day of 4 hours? I'm so glad my boss asked how I felt. I told her I'd do it, I just don't think I could handle it on my own. I don't know if its happening tomorrow or next Thursday and they didn't tell me who would be with me....
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My head hurts. And I've hardly studied. Its been hurting in a fuzzy/sleepy kinda way for off and on several days. I'm sleeping a lot, but I'm still tired and feel like I could just doze all day in bed.


The only productive thing I've done all day is laundry, I've gotten my primary wash of clothes and towels done, now its just washing blankets and sheets to put up in the closet.

I've got two chapter tests in Japanese, one on Monday night for my conversational class and Tues morning for my academic class. Following week are the finals. Oi. I'm getting ready to shut down my computer and try to study once the pain killers take away the mild headache.


Apr. 18th, 2009 06:15 pm
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I haven't heard from my doctor about the results of the scan. I assume the scan went well, it was very short. I was in there maybe ten minutes and they did three scans I think.

Work was... insane. I am worried I'm going to get into trouble with my boss. The last two weeks I haven't been sending folders home. With everything going on, either me or my partner being out, and so on we just run out of time to hand them out.

I'm starting to feel like my self off and on. Last night my best friend asked to hang out, which was great. It helped me relax I think. I slept almost 11 hours too. I so just want to be lazy. I have so much to do. Finals are in three weeks and I need to e-mail my new employer at camp bow wow. I should have done it two weeks ago but I can say now though the delay was because I didn't get the finalized schedule for my class until yesterday's meeting on the trip and class. I need to dish out nearly $300 beginning of the month for the class part.
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He yelled at me over the phone not one hour ago about me having a scan tomorrow. Calling it a waste of money and a cancer risk.

1) He's not my doctor!

2) I've had TWO doctors tell me I need to do this.

3) We've already done blood, urine, and normal x-rays with everything normal and no answers.

It pissed me off! On top of that, he says any 'responsible' doctor would have checked my down under 'felt around' extensively first before even suggesting this. Are you kidding me?! The pain is no where that area!! Or my where my reproductive organs are!!!!

I've been trying to drink my first bottle of barium. 1/3 of it in an hour. I don't think my stomach can take me chugging it... oi... x.x  It doesn't taste as nasty as I was worried about. But it does feel... wrong drinking it. I want to gag. I'm not sure if its the texture or what but I don't like it!

CT Scan

Apr. 16th, 2009 06:47 pm
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Yep, 10:30 am tomorrow me getting one. I have to drink a bottle of Barium tonight, one tomorrow at 8:30am, and another when I arrive at the imaging center. YUCK!
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So yesterday at work I start to have pain in my left abdomen. I ignore it but 20 minutes later it got bad, real bad. Needless to say I was ordered by my boss to seek medical help. I went to the clinic downtown and after nearly 7 hours I was almost pain free for the time being. They think I had spazams in my colon. They had taken x-rays, blood, and even urine. The doctor on duty was seriously thinking about ordering a scan before the pain finally started to easy. I had been given a shot three hours into my visit and then a nasty medicine cocktail an hour before my pain started to ease. I almost didn't take the offered day off in the doctors note, I'm glad I did. I was so sore this morning, there was no way in hell I could go to class. And I'm still sore but I'm wondering it this isn't something more, my chest has been hurting for almost two hours. Not sevre, but uncomfortably so.

Other bad news, I get a call from my Uncle. Apparently my estate account made $400 even with the money I'd been taking out for tution during the year and he think its suppose to go on my taxes.


Needless to day I need to call my CPA in the morning. After all, I already got my tax return! x.x

I am so not typing whats on my mind, I'll jinx myself. Oi.

Dang it

Jan. 25th, 2009 07:29 pm
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If I caught another cold bug from the kids I'm gonna be ticked. I've been a bit congested for two days and its not going away with meds. My throat a little sore and dry too, argh. Thank god I can sleep in a bit tomorrow if I'm feeling crappy. But I have vocab quiz at my night class...


My friends are right... they're living petri dishes for bateria! (not their exact words, but I'm not going to say what they did... >.>)

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Even though I'm not feeling stressed enough for panic/anxiety attacks my body might be showing other signs, not quiet sure yet, but its not pleasant. Not at all. This better not get serious, my friend has tickets to the Spurs game this Sunday and I intend to go. So right now I'm trying to listen to some music, get distracted away from my 'symptons'. This shit would start on a Friday evening, wouldn't it, when I can't go to the regular clinic the following day.
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I've been up 21 hours. Yep. My tummy wouldn't settle until after 2am, when exactly not ture. I decided to try to read my book around midnight waiting for the pain in my belly to subside, which it didn't for several more hours. When I finished my book, what is suppose to be third and final book of the Eragon Trilogy, Brisingr, I discover it not so as I had begun to suspect earlier this afternoon with a 1/3 to go. The Trilogy has become a 'cycle' and suppose to end in four books. In some ways I'm angry because I've been waiting for so long and it was set three, but in other ways I'm happy because this means more the characters I've grown to love and hope the story does not end in more tragedy. I am not naive, and thus I know more characters will die before it all ends, the question is who.

I finished my book literally a few minutes after 5am, I didn't realise the time had passed nor my pain was gone, so engrossed in the book. I haven't been like that since the last and final Harry Potter book, The Deathly Hallows.

So why am I still awake instead of going to bed? What is the point? Well, I don't exactly have a long break from school, let alone work, so I kinda need to keep my sleeping schedule close. So I'll be going to bed around 5-7 tonight, I normally don't go to bed till 9-11. Its gonna be a struggle staying awake, I know. I need to push toward 36 hours since I woke up just after 8am on Christmas morning.

I'm already starting to wonder if my sleep deprived brain is playing tricks on me, I swear I'm hearing a dog park  that is similair to Lucky's, but not sure... I'm pretty sure my period won't be helping my mood either. I need to dig my headphones out of my overnight bag from Christmas Eve.
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Period (damn) + lots of food  (its christmas!) - pain killers (note to self: Carry pads and midol!) + wine (thank you neighboor...) = bad idea (PAIN, my poor tummy) 

Had to have some kind of drama, didn't I?

please stay minor...


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