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Well I'm currently feeling better. Have to see what tomorrow brings. I found out who sent me the Transformers DS game, and again amazon wasn't suppose to label it as from Santa. I'm trying to get my run away nerves to settle down so I can go to sleep. Haven't really gotten more than an hour of solid sleep since Christmas morning. My day as follows:

Pain, pain and nasua was the start. I finally was able to attempt to sleep just after 6am, left an AIM message for a friend to call me at a certain time if he would be so kind, and I tried to sleep. I had a great deal of trouble trying to fall asleep, and when I did it was for only bits at a time, before my friend called me at just after 10am. I didn't want to sleep too much or my internal clock would be out of wack, very bad with school and work just over a week away again. So I took more pain killers, struggled with the resurfacing pain, talked to my friend, convinced him to go out with me if I was able to get the pain to leave, which it eventually did to normal levels of the first 24 hours of my period. Took a soaking bath, I wish the tub was longer. If I can stretch out and soak somewhat for about half an hour in hot water it seems to help, a lot. So by 1 oclock I picked my friend up and to the mall we went.

First stop was Disney story, got a belated Christmas present for a friend who will be in town in a few days. Then we went to Game Stop, since I got a DS I thought to see what used games were there, found Jewel Quest, I've played a promo of it and loved it. I also found a new DS game that was targeted at learning Japanese, so I bought that too. The max amount spent for the games we left and went looking at a few other stores, stopped at a calander and game set up and found a game for the kids at work during pick up and a calander for me with pockets for my room at 50% off. Still need to get one in the kitchen for Yoko's med schedule. We went to the Radio Shack looking for a cover for my friend's new Zume mp3 and I ended up with a cover pouch for my digital camera to protect it in my purse. On our way out stopped by Forever 21, found a plain white shirt that should work under my cream sweater I got a few months ago with my gift card. I still have just over $15 on it, but I didn't see anything that interested me.

After this we left for the shopping center on the otherside of the loop from the mall and went to the best buy. My friend was looking for that Zume cover, Dark Knight special edition DVD (not blue ray), and blank DVDs to burn stuff on them. By this point my stomach started to be a pain again, and on our way out my friend was kind enough to buy me a soda, caffine easies the cramps thank god. We went to the Barnes and Nobles across the shopping center and my friend went searching for the DVD because the Best Buy didn't have the special edition strangely, and I went to see if I could find the latest manga volume of Samurai Deeper Kyo, even though it wasn't due out for another week. I only read the last 20 pages, interested in just the main characters right now. After that we went back to his house for dinner.

I went home shortly after dinner, stopped at a CVS for more midol, good thing too. I just made it home in time before massive possible accident in my pants. God that was just freaky, ech. Spent the next two hours running to the bathroom at the hint of possible gas which might not be gas at all and feeling of needing to go. Thankfully, and I truely mean that, it was just two hours. I hope this doesn't repeat, its annoying. Made a few calls, got a hold of my Daddy, catching him for the first time in a month not out on a flight. Had a good half hour talk with him. He's not much of a talker, so that long of a one was great. Found out my friend Tina, who is also a friend of my Uncle's, sent me the Transformers DS game. Read some fan fiction thanks to the latest Cybertronian update, chated with some friends in another community, and here I am.

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Period (damn) + lots of food  (its christmas!) - pain killers (note to self: Carry pads and midol!) + wine (thank you neighboor...) = bad idea (PAIN, my poor tummy) 

Had to have some kind of drama, didn't I?

please stay minor...
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Well, I went to my friend Patrick's house again. The Spurs won by one point in a buzzer shot at the end of the game, truely cool for a Spurs fan, bad for a Suns. I didn't watch most of the game, had christmas lunch that was pretty much the same as Christmas Eve dinner, yum. I read several chapters of my book, Brisinger (thrid and final book in the Eragon series). I had planned on finishing tonight but life had a different plan. My friend left for his Grandma's after five and I headed home. I found Kelly, the co-owner sitting on the curb drinking and smoking. I went to try to cheer her up, and ended up talking and soon our neighboor Jeff arrived home and came and joined us. We got talking and he went and got beer for Kelly and wine for me and we ended up talking for several hours, mainly on the trouble here but also on school, work, and the past of the neighborhood itself. Unlike a lot of neighborhoods, this one block hasn't changed much in the past some thirty years. Only a few homes have changed hands beyond family. I was gonna spend Christmas evening with my friend Ghazal, but her family, as usual, takes a while to make up their minds, and I decided to spend it with my neighbor and co-owner. I hadn't talked with Jeff in a long time. Most was our complaining about my housemate, but one thing about Jeff is he is a truely good person and a good listener. When Kelly talked about her past pets, mom, or anything that made her cry he was there with words of comfort, sorry the subject made her cry. Kelly needed the ranting more than me. But it was all good, really good. I did not know tomorrow was my co-owners birthday, and as a good person, he tried to offer her the money to get tickets to see CATS as a birthday gift. But she wouldn't have it, and she cried again. My housemate returned from a few hours with her family midway through our time outside talking and not apparently happy. I realized later when I got back to my room that she didn't have any presents for her. Kelly tried to be nice and wish her Merry Christmas but my housemate snubbed her infront of her family and the neighbors.

All the talking is why I don't think I'll finish my book tonight, the few hours I had planned to put a dent in it some more were spent out on the curb talking. It was good though, and I don't regret it, even if I had to turn down spending time with my best friend. Kelly needed some company, she had spent most if not all the day at the house. I'll probrably get a few more hours in reading, and tomorrow I'll read some more, but I plan to be done with it soon. I've been following this series for years.
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I'm still in mixed feelings. While we opened gifts and I surprising got what I wished for I'm not as happy in joy as is in the Christmas spirit, I miss my true family in New Hamshire too much.

But my friend Patrick and his family, especially his mom, made me feel good. I recieve a nice coat and scarf from them. I also go the most unexpected gifts from 'Santa'. I had put a Limited Edition Breast Cancer Nintendo DS Light on my amazon wishlist and got it. There are always things on my wishlists I never expect to receive, they are more there with little hope of actually being sent and to show some of my... clueless family members what I'm into. In a seperate package I also recieve Transformers Autobots DS!  :)

Amazingly, my Uncle actually sent me something off my radar but I totally like. He sent me small 365 day desk calander on dogs, which I kinda expected. What I didn't expect was the book in a different package on animals and their tracks. I would have been estatic with this book in Hillsboro, wondering if I found racoon or skunk tracks. But I still like it.

My dear friend Mei Mei, her Christmas is on the not so good side. Her host mom is awfully sick, so there is a good chance no dinner or presents will be open today, maybe even tomorrow. But we exchanged each others gifts, and took pictures. She loved the scarf I got her from BeBe. She gave me two dress shirts and a shirt from her University in Indiana she's working toward her Masters at. She also gave me a huge pullover sweat jacket, one that is perfect for when I am finally able to go snowboarding and layer up under my Transformers Jacket.

I still have one more friend who I will meet up with tonight Hopefully and exchange gifts. Right now I'm heading back over to my friend Patricks to eat and to watch the Spurs Game/ Read my book. LOL.

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Its almost Christmas day, and I'm just now about to sleep. I'm at a friends house, spending the night. Tomorrow at a reasonable time we'll open presents, including the ones that were shipped to me. I haven't open the packages since I don't know who really sent them and if they were gift wrapped.
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I went to one of the malls searching for a present for my friend's mom. I braved the only KBToys in my city before I left to see what I could find for the kids at work since everything was 40% off. And guess what I found? The Transformers section decimated except for some off named transformers, a few TFA Bulkheads, about 20 Sentinel Primes (no one wants him apparently, oh I wonder why [not]), and one Swoop. I grab Swoop needless to say. XD I need Grimlock now, lol. I found a quick gag present for a friend and two travel games I can use at work to keep the Pickup kids occupied.

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My Secret Santa turned out to be one of my fav co-workers, so this year was supper good. She bought me a romance novel that looks interesting, The Dark Knight DVD, and a bath set. My boss got me a gift card to Cheesecake Factory, Transformers Stickers (3)  XD, and a cute puppy notepad. 

And Finally, my tree at work and my stocking! )
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 I am just having one hell of a mood today. Its my day off from work but I'm listless and almost depressed. I just can't get my fix or something. Usually I'll find a story from any of the fandoms I follow updated and my brain goes wandering. But today I'm just listless, I only did laundry because of my meeting tomorrow so I had the whole day to brainstorm and I'm just cut dry on my stories. I know what I want to happen next but its just... blah. Nothing flowing. I won't be able to do any this weekend, I'll be studying the lesson plans I have to do next week and the ongoing month from now where I'll be incharge of kinders. 

I'm even eating sour pickles! That's how moody I am. Even my favorite stories, fan fiction or mainstream books aren't doing anything. I just can't get interested in anything. Ands thats saying something there too. I'm not a book freak, though maybe to most people my age I am I guess, but I got my favorites and usually I don't have a problem picking them up and reading. 

My house-mate was surprisingly quiet today, no slamming doors, so I got a relief there. I doubt that's going to carry on through the weekend. 

I just keep swing, I feel urges of wanting to cry. That gives me a clue.. Mom's birthday was a few days back and I was so busy with work it didn't hit till now. Usually when I get depressed and then moody to cry its got something with my mom that I'm not even realizing at the moment. My friend's mom picked up on that and pointed it out to me a few years ago. Maybe also the bombshell that was dropped today. I was planning to go to New Hampshire to visit my friend's family but they think their going to go to Kentucky to spend christmas with Grandma. They didn't say it but I remember why I couldn't go last Christmas; space, if any other family members plan to stay over there I can't fit, its tight to begin with. Plus the damn plane tickets. I'm still waiting on my rebate/stimilus what ever you want to call them checks. I'm going to have to use it to knock the few hundred dollars I just can't seem to pay off on my credit card, my only one truely. I had been planning to putting that away for the airline ticket, but now... even if they don't go to Kentucky or I'll fit I may not have the money to do the whole deal. I have to board my dogs...

That's also probrably what got me in my mood. Just trying so hard not to cry is difficult, I'm not that upset but the gates want to open. Its so frustrating.
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 Okay my Christmas started on Christmas Eve. My best friends went to the movies with me most of the day. First my friend [profile] patatoa_part2  and I went to see The Golden Compass. I liked it a lot, and will put it on my to get DVD list. I really hope they plan and do a sequel well. His family invited me to stay for their Christmas Eve dinner. Very good mash potatoes, glazzed ham,  and yams.  We hung out at his house for a few more hours before I left to meet up with my other best friend who lived in the city for another movie. We saw National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Very good too, same rythem as the first and funny too. I hope they do a thrid, last scenes left a possible plot line idea like they did with Jack Sparrow in World's End but not as telling. After that she heads to her house to get clothes and such, we're planning a slumber night. Only as I get the guest bed set up that she calls saying her mother was called in for the morning. So I drive over with all my presents. The orginal plan was to sleep at my house and then go over to her house with presents to open with everyone.

Her younger brother was born on Christmas Day. So we all stay up the last half hour to midnight. He hads a chocolate cover cake with chocolate covered strawberrys. I took pictures as he blew out the candels, we took group photos and then we started to open presents. Everything went well... until I opened my present from my Uncle. It was a book on how to guide on building bird houses and how to attract birds. 


I sent him a text around mid-day later, saying "I think you sent me the wrong gift". Amazon had sent me some kids gift three weeks earlier instead of a package from another friend's mom. So I was like, what another mess up. 

Nope. I get an e-mail from him. It was a book to spark interests.   .... o.O WHAT?!  Stupid ass, I don't have tools, time, nor do I want such an interest!


I am not pleased one bit. What the hell could have gone wrong? I've tried for years and years since I was a kick to clue him into what I like, who I am, cause its brainless as a goat on me. Its so stupid! He did great on my birthday, wasn't anything on my amazon wish list but it was in my interests damn it and now this?! On Christmas?! ARGH!


So my friend and I pack all my stuff into my car with her stuff for the night and I once again I drove home. It was well past 1 am by that time. We stayed up only a little long talking before crashing. We got up at 1:50pm. A call from her mom and I was invited to her family's dinner out. Which turned out after an hour of socializing on their part. My friend is from Iran, and I am kinda use to just sitting there watching. They're so lively however and they do try to include me sometimes its fun. After another few hours debating and searching for a place open on Christmas day we ended up at Crabby Jacks. ugh, bad food but it was fun. We ironicly got seated near a helium tank and well... high voices followed. They were so short of staff they didn't get caught, it was funny! That was the first 3 hour dinner I have ever been to that was fun as hell!

After that we went back to my friends house and changed and a little over an hour later at 11pm we headed to the theater for Aliens Vs Predator Requiem. So much better than the first AVP, and paid homaged to the original Alien and Predator movies. Another to add to my buy list when its on DVD. I love predators, they're so cooL! 

So my Christmas started on the 24th, ended on the 26th. There were a few big let downs, among my friend stationed in Germany didn't get his present in time. But over all I think it went great for all the chaos. 
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Yea! Today was my last day of finals. All the grades should be entered Friday night and I'll know what I made for the semester on Sat when I'm able to log in. I'm thinking 2 Bs and 2 As, there is a chance that I might have a C instead but its hard to say. I do know I'm passing everything though.

I am actually going to miss classes a little bit, only because almost everyone is going to scattered over the holidays. We literally have an entire month off! I'll be able to see most of everyone over the next week then they'll be heading out of town. Only two people will still be here because this is where their familys are. Mine is heading all the way up to Kentucky and I'm stuck here. ;.; Thankfully this is my hometown, so its not so bad. The two friends I mentioned I've known since high school and they'll make things easier. And the good news if my slob of a housemate is going be out of town for over a week, including Christmas! So I can actually cook and have a clean kitchen! XD

Only bad part is I'll be heading out of town at the end of the month and she's coming back the day after I leave. I shudder just thinking of the disgusting mess I'll find when I get back, oi. She actually had the nerve to ask me if I was done being moody the last few days. I've been pretty much ignoring her existence except when I'm leaving for study group and leaving my dogs in her care. She's wondering what she's done wrong. I point blank tell her nothing new is wrong, I'm just sick of the same old junk. "No one likes living in a pig sty" If she hadn't been 'trying' to act all innocent I most likely wouldn't have said something that harsh, but she was trying to pull tricks on me I've seen her pull on her family. Sorry, ain't going to work.


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