Jun. 16th, 2010

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Yesterday at work while walking behind kinder and first grade toward the art rooms I felt an odd... sensation. It felt like someone had pressed an icecube directly to my skin on my left leg about 8 inches above my ankle. It startled me so much that I stopped mid stride and looked down to see if my jeans were wet even though I was in the middle of the hall way with the nearest kid about two meters in front of me and my jeans were dry. A co-worker going down the hall way about twenty feet behind me asked if I was okay and I was still so dumbfounded I simply told the truth. This co-work primarly works at this site during the normal school year and I'm only here for another two weeks for the summer program. She said it was the ghost and she'd tell me about it later. I simply stared at her. I didn't even think of it again as twenty kids demanded my attention for the next 30 minutes until two more co-workers and 10+ more kids showed up late from another campus. I also didn't think about it again until today when I arrived for work and I asked her what she meant. Apparently for about 17 or so more years there have been stories and 'sightnings' by the janitors who clean up the school late at night. This school is like a prision. It holds nearly 800 kids from grades k-5 and the only windows are in the office, there are NO WINDOWS TO ANY CLASSROOM. I'm NOT kidding. This ghost is named Sally, and describe as a kinder sized little girl with long black hair past her waist. I'm not really spooked but amazed because it was so startling what happened I can't help but believe. It wasn't a draft but literally like ice touching my skin in an area of about a nickle on my leg!!


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