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I feel like I'm back in California even though I talk to my friends more often than when I was stuck over there. And that I just hung out with one yestrday for half the day... I'm just feeling so cute off and isolated, my phone my only link to them and even then I'm not able to get a hold of them that often.

I got a lot done house chore wise, but I didn't do any homework. I just wanted to relax while I could, but I could hear this hum that is hard to explain all day. I first heard it when I woke up to a horrible cramp in my leg, it was so loud. I tracked down to my housemate's room, loud and clear over her fan. This was at 4:30am. I waited until 5:30 before calling the Aunt, I just couldn't take it anymore, it was so strong. Lets just say someone wasn't happy. She left the house before 7am, and hasn't returned as I write this.

I got my laundry and cleaning of the house done and just tried to relax, but that was hard to do with the hum. My housemate turned things off, but I'm not sure if she turned everything off, or if its coming from her room. I think I can hear it in the backyard, but I can't tell from where, but also her room is in the back of the house with most of the windows to the backyard. So while I had the day to relax, I couldn't completely. And since I can't go into her room, I can't try to find the noise. Can I deal with this noise another week before her aunt comes?`
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Well I made some progress made today... not a lot in the grand scale of things. I emptied out my container of winter clothes into just one cube bag, the smallest of the three(Large). I have another one, the largest (jumbo), started for blankets. Only one could be cleaned at my house, I have to drag the rest of my blankets, 5 in all (not including the ones going to be donated), to the wash house. I have about 4-5 jackets I need to clean too. I'm going to use one of the Ex-Large space bags to put the sheets, blanket, matress pad, and all I use for my blow up matress for guests into a single container. I can only put the matress pad in it by itself otherwise, but that blanket has to be washed too, so that will wait for another day. But in all, I now have two containers that fit under my bed free to be filled of other stuff. It would take all three to hold the guest supplies, space bag should allow me to get that down to one.

So now I have to figure out what goes where, if I am keeping it. Things I will most likely go looking for several times a year will go under my bed. Stuff, like Halloween costumes, will go in the container in the closet. I hope to have the ten boxes I have in my room gone by the end of the week. If that can be done I will have a huge weight taken off my back. I talked with my second mom, she doesn't know when my house-mate will be returning, but suspects she'll be gone at least a week, most likely longer, considering my house-mate mom had to fork up the cash when she's in such trouble finacially right now somewhat. The longer the break,from her, the better. I am not making huge progress, but I'm not forced to hide in my room and there by able to get things done.

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I just posted to TF2007fun about my Optimus Prime pillow before leaving my room to put my plate away from my snack and I find WATER ALL OVER THE FLOOR!!!! The water line behind the fridge that had been capped apparently became uncapped! I HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN HOME 20 MINUTES!!! I'm freaking out, where is the shut off vaule?! I can't move the fridge! I call my house-mate's Aunt and she tells me to shut the vaule off under the sink... and it works. oO YEAH, it worked, weird. So she calls her brother who Ironicly lives only a few blocks away. He comes, moves the fridge, and takes a look. Before he arrived and after I got off the phone my house-mate arrives. What she do? Complain, does she help? NO. So I clean up the water using every single dog towel, her dirty towel she's left in the garage for nearly 2 months (I put gloves on at this point, ew), and try to get the water up before the drywall sucks it up! When he gets back he caps it, it looks like its snug but I'm on edge, good grief. Its gonna be hard sleeping tonight, and I haven't gotten a lick on my homework done either! x.x Oi....

ER Trip.

Feb. 8th, 2008 07:03 am
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Not for me though. I got a call early this morning from my landlord. Asking me if I could take her daughter to the Emergency Room. The words "Emergency Room" woke me right up. I was like, what the hell? Apparently my house-mate had been throwing up all night and was now coughing up blood. Makes me wonder the couple of time during the night something woke me up, no idea what, then nodded off back to sleep... anyways I said okay, what hospital do you want me to take her too. So I get dressed, and get the dogs all set and get my house-mate. I have to badger her to take the freaking cleaning bucket, our only bucket minus the one used for the dogs, to the car. I was not going to let her into my car, no matter what she said, until she brought it with her and kept it in her lap. Ugh... Thank God I did, ew, is all I have to say. So we get to the hopsital, she checks in, with the bucket. I go about getting the phone number for the place for the mom, and waiting till my house-mate it checked in and sitting down before I leave.

So I'm home and cleaned like hell in the bathroom around the toliet, sink, door nobs and light switches. Wouldn't you in my position with an unsanitary a person as she is? I cleaned the main areas where she would 'touch' in the kitchen too. I'll go over a complete clean haul later, I'm tired, need to crash. I can use this day to catch up on laundry when I get to the over haul and then catch up on homework too from math. Ugh. I'm missing my Japanese class, yet again. I e-mailed my professor though, so she knows what is going on, partly. I "could" still go to school... but I wouldn't be able to clean everything that I need to. I think I'll go for cleaning, I really do not want to chance getting sick again within a month, you know?

So I'm gonna take about a 2 or 3 hour power nap then get to work cleaning. I'm doing every surface in the bathroom and kitchen, you can bet on that. Every light switch and door nob in the house too. And I need to do my car... almost for got about that. Thankfully my interior is fine, its just the germies I'm after.


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