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For the second time I have had this job I've had to help evacuate a school. First time was 3 years ago when CPS neglected to tell the area they would be safely releasing natural gas from a pipeline at construction near by and set the school and area into a panic. Today we actually had a real emergency at the new site I'm at. There has been road work directly in front of the school for three weeks and today that actually did hit the gas line and the gas made it into the school and we had to evacuate. We weren't allowed back into the building until 6pm, long after we had called parents one by one and they were picked up. It was exhausting, no supplies and no way to occupy the students for 3 hours before they were eventually picked up. I didn't get home until an hour after my normal time and I'm going to bed early. Other than 4 students in my group the class behaved well through the mini-crisis.
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Am I the only one who hates the new My Little Ponies? I had no clue the ugly things were "my little ponies" when I saw screen caps by chance. Ew. I loved the image of the original, even if they were boring. These things make me shudder.
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He's dead?

I don't doubt President Obama, he has the highest respect from me, but its hard for me to wrap my head around.

Why, you ask?

Well, how many times has the fucker escaped?

I was asleep when it all when down and BOOM look what I woke up to this morning. I'm not kidding, I had only just shut down my computer and crashed to bed some 20 minutes or so before the big announcement.

But that's not the only reason.

For all the harped its getting on TV, online, ect, NO ONE IS FREAKING TALKING ABOUT IT!!

I see people at school with the laptops open and reading the news, but NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT. All day, I waited for it to get started. Its like I'm walking between worlds. Its bizarre and nearly impossible to explain. No one, not even my government teacher who comments on the goings on every class, said anything!!! ALL DAY!!!!!

Most likely its gonna sink in and hit me like a ton of bricks in the morning. LOL.
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Is it just me, or is Live Journal malfunctioning. I've recently noticed that I am not getting e-mail notification when people reply to my comments. Also, I can't post using live journal mobile.


Feb. 2nd, 2011 07:31 pm
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Its in the 20s right now, that's cold for south Texas. Poor Yoko, I'm so glad I got booties few months back. She was footies dancing trying to tolerate the cold to get near the grass from the porch yesterday when hauled her in and put them on. She wasn't happy until she realize that her paws weren't hitting the freezing ground. Today was just as good, even if it was colder. ZOOM!!!

We might get a little bit of snow Friday, if we do school should close and I'll do my best to get photos of it and hopefully a running Yoko.


Jan. 26th, 2011 08:43 pm
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My throat started hurting on the way home school and has continued to get worse. Now my ears are starting to hurt... ugh. I've taken my vitamins, nasal spray, and all that lovely stuff. Hopefully I won't wake up any worse in the morning if not a little bit better. I've made several posts on my Shambhala blog today. A few in catching up with events before this past weekend and bits from this weekend. I'm not a very good blogger though, I can't seem to remember what people said as much as I like. I wish I had this all set up this past weekend, oh well. If you're interested I recommend becoming a follower or check up on it every few days right now. I'll try to post here to alert when I've updated it as best I can. Even though I think I'm sucking at writing stuff that have happened I like the layout and images I've got so far. Like my fish! I have Shambhala fish at the bottom of my blog, one in each color of the Shambhala flag! Hehe.
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I am still sick enough that beyond moving slowly I start to quezzy and now my uncle is thinking about coming sometime during the holiday, and not telling me exactly when but he's on full swing to do it spur of the moment and I'm trying not to panic that the place is a mess. I haven't put anything away since Halloween, the house is a mess, I haven't tidied the garage and I could go ON AND ON!!!

I don't wanna cry over stuff so stupid but I'm damn close to it!!


Nov. 21st, 2010 04:31 am
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Why is it food I find tasting digusting are foods I need to eat? I hate peaches and I hate yogurt!

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For the past week I've been dealing with nausea, abdomen pain, and constapation. My doctor thinks that the bad bacteria might be out of control in my digestive system. All I known is I am sick of these coming and going pains, lack of sleep, and bananas. Ugh.

Also, there seems to be a stream of spamage posting of that annoying drug, Viagra. Ugh.

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Today I found 2 girls in my class had lice, one I found live bugs on her too. -sighs- the hiBbi jibbies have begun and I am already trying find way to put my hair up in a bun in some way that doesn't make me look stupid and I can do under 5 min that doesn't require loads of hair spray. Hopefully both parents are put their poor heads through treatment. It doesn't help I have a few kids who don't mind their business so I am worried about bullying, I have more than one bossy kid that boarders bullying.

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still sick

Nov. 12th, 2010 08:15 pm
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I'm still dealing with nausea and now another symptom that looks like its going to cause hell if things don't get better fast. I'm feeling so crappy I didn't go to friday night magic like usual. I'm waiting for my phone to finish charging, the charger gets extremely hot so I don't leave it plugged in over night, and listening to the raccons romping around my roof again. They've made several visits in the last month while before I only heard them once the entire previous year.

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I especially hate it when i'm forced to vomit. And especially when I'm vomting the very little food I've had all day. I had a taco at 8am yesterday, a coke in the afternoon, and a few bites of cereal that tasted like cardboard to me almost 5 hours ago. My stomach hurts, I'm bloated like never before, and now vomiting. But I have no fever, I've checked several times. I can't sleep either.

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I finally has my new phone, the black berry torch. And so far, its making me giddy as hell. I'll have a full report on pros and cons I might find in about a week, once I figure out how to use it completely and give it a brutal test run.

Vote time!

Nov. 2nd, 2010 10:39 am
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Turns out I did a boo boo on my vote reg, forgot to do it when I move a year and a half ago. In theory they said I can vote where I was previously living I just need my ID card or my Driver License, and I thankfully found my old Drivers License diving into my draws. It paid off not to toss stuff out this time, lol. Thankfully where I need to go is on the way where I'm meeting my cousin for lunch, her treat. Only big annoyance is I'm super congested, woke up that way. I've been feeling icky with different symptoms since Thursday, bleh.
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Sorry in advances about no LJ cut, my computer and live journal not liking each other...

I sucked, lol, and I didn't die immediately and 'somewhat' held my own by pure luck. The reason I'm so interested it the guys have no problem teaching me while kicking my ass so I'm not feeling completely hopeless and its fun as hell when I finally get something and play it right, though that was like in one or two turns and not really giving me an edge at any point at all. Once the store allows dogs again (they've ban them since they put in new floors apparently) I will be happy as hell. I'll be able to rush home, feed Yoko, make her do business, and she'll get some social outing. She desperately needs them and I don't like going to places where I'm gonna be tempted to buy a lot of stuff and hardly spend an hour. At the comic store we're there playing for a solid 2 hours, usually hanging out waiting for everyone to arrive a half hour to an hour depending who gets there first, ect. I'm so far the only girl to have shown up, but I've already been added into the 'crew' by the guys apparently on facebook groups and they're are one or two other girls listed in the 'crew'. I will not deny I'm not spending money, I have spent a pretty penny for cards but I stare at the amount the others have and I'm like, lol. Oh, and the deck I'm playing apparently just came out Oct 1st, so the fact I have around 1/2 to a 1/4 the number of cards they have... I'm hardly spending compared to them card wise. I've had to spend around $20 getting supplies, protector sleeves, storage boxes, a storage folder for my rares/mystic rares, and different dices. I'm about done on the supplies end, I need a few things but I'm getting them gradually to my playing style as I learn and feel to what fits me. Its all very fun. Monday is the day we meet up for casual play, Friday we meet up for tournament style and our results are actually put into an official data base for ranking. So far, I have 2 losses and 1 win; that one win is because I guy left after the first game and I got it by default. LOL. My friends caution me on spending money, but since I'm getting established I know I'm gonna have to spend a bit in the beginning, as I look at the amount of card they guys are getting compared to me, regardless of they're previous supplies they're well out spending me. I also take heart in my Irish luck, I've been pulling some really good cards from what I've bought and they guys are kind like, WTF since I'm a beginner and have so little. Hehehe. Since they release cards all the time I'm buying a few boosters each visit on Monday, about $10 worth, at the comic store only. I'm comfortable where I'm at so I'm not out actively trying to booster up my numbers. Friday it depends what we're doing, I have to pay to play the tournament style, but its usually between $5-15 depending what we're doing and we get card promos (rares and such) or such things so I do get something in return for getting my ass kicked and learning as I go.
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My class was reasonably well behaved. The only hick-up to an almost perfect day was one student refusing to do his homework. He apparently thought his biological dad was picking him up today, and dad wasn't gonna make him do his homework. Lets just say I haven't seen a kid so dejected at him mom picking him up, lol. They have a firm rule, which I think all parents should have, there is no fun until the homework is done. Other than that, they ran me into the ground. Where the hell do they get the energy, especially for a monday?
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My birthday and Christmas are within a month of each other, I'm hoping between me saving money, money sent to me for those holidays, and possible deals around that time I can score these three things this coming holiday season

1) Blackberry Torch, I seriously need a new smart phone that actually works right.
2) Netbook, seriously need a laptop for school that I can slip into my backpack...oi
3) Bluray dvd player, I have an HD TV (bought used, score) and now the best extras are only coming out on bluray dvds... so...

Frankly, there isn't anything else I'd want for my birthday or Christmas than a little bit of $$ left over to spoil Yoko and Mika rotten. But I did list the three in order of which I actually really need and can use... I can receive emails on my current smart phone but the piece of crap won't send them out, for instance, and there are times I'm like shit I need to reply asap to an email either from a teacher or relative (like my uncle, gah). A netbook with Word would have helped my poor ass last fall semester when I failed English Comp 2, oi, writing 3 research papers in a semester on top of other course with without a computer in front every bit of free time me killed me. All in All, I think if I get $600 between me and any cash I get (I hope) for my birthday I'll be able to get all three in a splurge on day after thanksgiving sales, and only in my adult age am I happy that my birthday is right before Thanksgiving, lol. I hated it as a kid.

Right now I guess I'm trying to keep my mind off of Lucky too, buts its damn difficult.
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Its hard to sleep, I am apparently used to Lucky breathing, snoring, and bumping my bed in the night and wake up or unable to easily fall asleep because he is gone. I called the vet office yesterday, they said I'll either be getting a call tomorrow or Wed when his ashes arrive for me to pick them up. To make things frustrating for me, I want to take Yoko with me to eat out but the city decided to recently enforce an ordinance that was on the books that forces restaurants to buy permits in order for dogs to simply be on their patios again. Its going to be weeks before any of the established pet-friendly places will be able to allow dogs again. I missed class Friday and I hope I'll be able to wake up tomorrow morning. I have a test in a week from tomorrow and I'm no where near ready....


Sep. 9th, 2010 11:04 pm
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At about 10:20 tonight Lucky was put to rest.

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Lucky day 4

Sep. 8th, 2010 11:43 pm
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In some ways Lucky is better, he's more willing to eat but I still have to feed him with a turkey baster until the antibiotics do their work. In other ways he's worse; he's lost weight, I don't need a scale to see it. I've come up with a new mixture to feed him via the turkey baster but it waters down his canned food a lot, taking up a lot of room in his stomach and there by not giving him as much calories or nutrients he needs. He's looking as miserable as he was on Sunday, the only difference is he's able to walk, eat, and drink but looks absolutely miserable. His tummy obviously doesn't like what its being put through but so far no vomiting so I just have to pace things as best I can. The sooner he can eat on his own the better he'll feel. He wants to eat, the poor thing. I'm currently waiting for his towels to finish drying. Because of the insane rain from Hermine the last 3 days I've had to use all the dog towels to dry them and get mud of their feet and now he doesn't have a towel for his bed, hence the wash. On the good news I was able to finally get a high calorie can food to add into the mix, this should help him but he can only have it for a few days and it must be mixed with his other food.


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