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People keep posting and saying crap about I could see what they meant, somewhat, but not to the extreme thet said. Now I'm forced to admit, the shit there is a TON of crap . Just scrowling through with a few modifiers to take out junk I still get a ton of listings of fan girl crap, and its a weird noticable trend. Not 'after egypt' but 'fan girl falls into war' bs. Original character that has no real following of any establish plot or history. Its disgusting. Normally they fall out when I put the 5,000 word min limit, but I got half a listing of of the bull crap.

I've written my own stuff with a slew of original chracters but they follow what has already been established and their creation is for a purpose in the story that is for the creation of events needed to support the real main character: Sam, Optimus, Bee, ect. I don't and never will create 'me' in the damn story.
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I am REALLY hating following doctor's orders right now. Its freaking COLD and I can't wear hats or wear my headphones for music. I miss becoming one with the music in my mind. My character Mia is created from that. -sighs- I have an incling to writing or possibly re-write really my Influence fic for the first time in about a year and I can't do it. I just can't without the music and everything else blocked out. -sighs-
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To do V-day drabbles. I got one already for Appleseed, but I want to do something with sparklings in another one, hm...

There is also the things about TIME and the fact I won't have net on Saturday due to being at my Grandmother's.

What to do, what to do.
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In almost exactly one month from today will be the last day of the semester.

Meaning I can sleep in! Meaning I can WRITE MY STORIES!! I got a Transformers one on the table already started and I'll get a chapter up before dabbling into trying to either start my Appleseed fic (depending if I can get something figured out for a beginning) and my Predator fic. My Predator fic is just about ready to go, but its hard because its totally of original characters and it begins very fast. Plus I got to get a beta for that.... On my Appleseed fic [profile] poptartofdoom has graciously volunteered for the job. 

I hope, don't quote me on this, to get a chapter for each up each month during the summer.  That is my goal, but I got work still and I got a lot on my plate. I won't be taking classes the first summer semester, I need a break damn it. I will be taking classes in the second half of the summer, but hopefully I'll get a job in the summer school program from the School District where I work at and that its self if only half the summer too. So it kinda balances, if I can get the job,... I need to have a talk with my boss about that...


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