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My birthday and Christmas are within a month of each other, I'm hoping between me saving money, money sent to me for those holidays, and possible deals around that time I can score these three things this coming holiday season

1) Blackberry Torch, I seriously need a new smart phone that actually works right.
2) Netbook, seriously need a laptop for school that I can slip into my backpack...oi
3) Bluray dvd player, I have an HD TV (bought used, score) and now the best extras are only coming out on bluray dvds... so...

Frankly, there isn't anything else I'd want for my birthday or Christmas than a little bit of $$ left over to spoil Yoko and Mika rotten. But I did list the three in order of which I actually really need and can use... I can receive emails on my current smart phone but the piece of crap won't send them out, for instance, and there are times I'm like shit I need to reply asap to an email either from a teacher or relative (like my uncle, gah). A netbook with Word would have helped my poor ass last fall semester when I failed English Comp 2, oi, writing 3 research papers in a semester on top of other course with without a computer in front every bit of free time me killed me. All in All, I think if I get $600 between me and any cash I get (I hope) for my birthday I'll be able to get all three in a splurge on day after thanksgiving sales, and only in my adult age am I happy that my birthday is right before Thanksgiving, lol. I hated it as a kid.

Right now I guess I'm trying to keep my mind off of Lucky too, buts its damn difficult.
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Its hard to sleep, I am apparently used to Lucky breathing, snoring, and bumping my bed in the night and wake up or unable to easily fall asleep because he is gone. I called the vet office yesterday, they said I'll either be getting a call tomorrow or Wed when his ashes arrive for me to pick them up. To make things frustrating for me, I want to take Yoko with me to eat out but the city decided to recently enforce an ordinance that was on the books that forces restaurants to buy permits in order for dogs to simply be on their patios again. Its going to be weeks before any of the established pet-friendly places will be able to allow dogs again. I missed class Friday and I hope I'll be able to wake up tomorrow morning. I have a test in a week from tomorrow and I'm no where near ready....
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I missed my classes yesterday due to complications to my meds. I guess they caught up with me from everything I'm on at the moment and woke to horrible abdomen pain, nausea, belching, and such. I was told to no longer take the pain medicine prescribed to me, even though I was already taking it sparingly as needed. -sighs- I slept most of today from a constant migraine that I recently woke free up. My uncle says he wants to come next weekend, which I am horrified to hear. I'm so tired, I'm so busy, and I'm on certain limitations physically. I'm currently asking friends to see who could go grocery shopping with me in the next few days because of that. Oi. I need to clean and organize and I don't have a clue when I can with how I've been feeling.... Oi. I was having a good week, now I dread this next one will be a horrible week.
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For some odd reason for the past 4 days (until this morning) I would wake up bright and early way before my alarm clock. Not today, nope. I woke up like hell, brain stuff and wanting more sleep, to get my butt to classes. On a good note my teacher doesn't need the book and told us to return it (yea, $160 back to me!) and on the bad note she does have an accent but I hope with the fact my notetaker is in in the class I can just focus and get used to it (its not really bad, just when she goes FAST).

Work was... chaotic from beginning to end but I didn't have that overwhelmed feeling since I was moved to 1st grade and half my class are my kinders from last year (and not a single kid who misbehaves every day!). We were thrown off our grove because my boss has to take 5th grade, we're still short a person, but everything was fine until the last half hour the parents showed up. WAY TO FREAKING EARLY and they went to my door first... ei.... and my boss was outside with the 5th graders... -sighs-

Pick up was a mess. They've been doing construction all summer and not finished with one of the two teacher parking lots being used for storage of equipment the teachers were parking in the field and parents in the second teacher's parking lot. (I need to get a picture, this is only till Wed, ehehe). But anyways so parents start arrived at 4:30 instead of 5:00!!! I got mobbed by nearly ten parents trying to move my kids to the temporary (or might be semi-permanent since we don't know about that main parking lot) for the pick up. -sighs-

It was a wreck trying to get kids to their cars, keep the cars moving, keeping the kids where they were suppose to be (and they weren't staying there!!!), keeping an eye on the wandering kids, getting them back in place, getting parents to sign out their kids AND CHECKING THEIR IDs with the pickup list!!!! Gah!!! I'm suprised I didn' get a dizzy spell and collapse now that I think of it. it was 101 today too.

And oh... I have to repeat this for the next three weeks until the bus schedule starts.... x.x
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I hate gas! I have no hot water, I'm not even sure for how long! I didn't take a shower like I planned Wed night because I felt like crap, then I woke up late yesterday and literally had to throw clothes on and run to school for an exam, which I was still late to. So when I finally tried to take a bath because my knee started to ache like hell there was NOT HOT WATER!!! I didn't feel like I could stand in the shower of cold water so I had to take pain meds and take said freaking shower this morning. I don't know and really don't want to mess with the gas water heater. My reliable neighbor isn't home and I have a meeting and doctors appointment so I can't wait for relatives.

I don't have work, Just school, COULD LIFE CALM DOWN?!

EI!!! I and I just discovered Yoko has rolled in poop again for the third time in two weeks!
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I really hope karma swings my way real soon. For the past two weeks I've been helping out a friend whose family really shitsvilled her and from herself. Her family wasn't helping at all in many ways, mainly such as money for her to get by and around to APPLY for a job. She needs a job to go to school this fall, she has to pay, in order to keep her health insurance under her dad. I've been saving her ass from herself in dragging her butt to the joblink at the college and helping her change some of the wording in her applications. Once we've hit the apply in store locations tomorrow we will have applied at thirty stores in the past week, literally. We have ten places we have to apply tomorrow and then she heads home. She's stuck riding bus because her dad has her car, he promised to fixed the breaks (they gave out) over a year and a half ago. She's been at my place for the past week. I have about $200 until payday friday, but I am not sure what exactly this paycheck will be. I'm just hoping past $400 because I still have $320 bills to pay before months end.
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I still can believe I haven't been online for over a week. I've been that run down between 9 hours of baby sitting, fighting allergies thanks to air pressure, and Lucky falling ill to arthritist. I basically collapsed within two hours of coming home and up again before dawn with only my phone to check email. I hardly know what has happened news wide. I know a few major events but thats it, I'm so out of the loop on a lot of things. I need to go to the cybertronian newsletter for the past two weeks worth of updates, oi. -sighs- But I have a summer session class tomorrow and I haven't even bought the book, thankfully I'll have a few hours to get it. I just have to get my butt up. -sighs-. Hopefully given a few days things can calm down, finally.

On the cool news, I was able to attend the annual anime convention San-Japan (if for Sat only), and it was GREAT!!!
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My Uncle is suppose to be visiting the coming weekend, my cousin will be bring maids that work for one of her neighbors to clean the master bath and bedroom because of the dusk and grim from the repairs over a month ago. I pretty much gave up on trying to clean that room, oi. Anyways so I came home and lucky fell flat on his butt outside when he was trying to poop and when I lifted him up and tried to clean him up with a huge bundle of wet paper towels I found something on his butt hole. A dime size abscess was my guess and promptly took him to the ER vet I took him to last time, they don't card extra and they're open 24/7. Turns out it was a cyst right on the wall inside is butt hole and only part of it was poking out. They have to lance it and clear it up -cringes- poor Lucky. So basically I didn't get home again till near 9pm. I ate and then bit by bit got to sorta straightening things out for the maids and when my cousin comes. At this point the kitchen is still a wreck but as I told my cousin, they're coming over for the master bath and bedroom, if there is time before I have to leave for work maybe the kitchen and den. I am not even sure I want to try to go to bed, I have to get to campus by 8am to see about summer classes.
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I jammed my left middle finger during racquetball class today. I was running across the court to catch/hit a ball during a three-player game. I got the ball, I don't remember if my hit was any good or not, but I ran straight into the wall. I was expecting to and meant to put my left arm infront of my chest only I didn't have fast enough reflex and my hand, ultimately my middle finger, took the worst of it. I don't think its broken, it doesn't hurt that much I suppose, but its swollen a little bit around the middle knuckle. I've iced it twice after class and my co-worker who is working on passing his nursing exam splinted and wrapped it, I really didn't think about it till later it was a good idea, else people might have assumed I was 'giving them the finger' because I don't make it bend as it hurts too much. I can bend it, but it hurts. If its like this or worse in the morning I might go to the clinic before a meeting I have at campus.

I've never had a broken bone before, so I'm kinda clueless....


Feb. 19th, 2010 11:18 am
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I think my courses are catching up with me and I'm about to hang myself academically. Crap.
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I made mashed potatoes (you'll never see me eat the crap from a box), green peas, wild rice, and chicken fried chicken. I got the chicken from the store, its a pre-made pack I just heat up for about 20 minutes in the oven and the wild rice came in a box took, just boil, yada yada. But still, it was a whole meal I made on my own! It feels good to cook again, but trying to get used to the kitchen is hard. Nearly made myself dizzy because I was literally spinning in circles.

Also, the work is finally done in the house!!! I am having hell cleaning the mess and dust but its finally over. They guys doing the work were great but I couldn't study and I had to stay home instead of going to school on Tues or Thurs to see teachers or take tests. -sighs-
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Almost every day, doesn't matter what time, I hear some dog cry out like its dying. But the way it cries is almost a dead give away its not being beaten up (and the fact its alive) or being abused. Its just non-stop screaming in a 'pattern' that... I can't really describe. I don't know where this dog is in the neighborhood but its seriously must have separation issues or the screaming.

On the off note, I can finally cook, the sinks are draining and the dishwasher is working fine (now that it too can drain). By the end of the week I should have all the leaks fixed, tile replaces where it was removed, ect. The only thing that won't be done by the end of the week is cleaning. There is just SO MUCH FREAKING DUST. Its going to take me WEEKS of cleaning to get rid of it!
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In the chaos of work beginning a new last week for the new year, sleeping off the stress of my uncle and family, and now this week trying to adjust to school and work again I kinda... let the place get into a mess... Not like slob slob, but I haven't taken the Christmas decorations off the front door (there are no lights, just bows and garland kinds of stuff)!! I hadn't put up the wrapping paper, sew the holes in my work jeans from wear and owning them for like.. 3+ years, among a lot of stuff laying about. Really haven't done dishes in two weeks, rinsed but never washed, just kinda let them pile in the sink... oi. It would be so much easier if I could actually use both kitchen sinks, one to soap and then one to rinse before let dry. -sighs-  But I don't feel too guilty, I made a 90 (I think) on my first biology quiz today. They're done weekly and with no heads up (so he says...).

But the good news is the contractor should be coming tomorrow, my Uncle's checks came late, today, instead of Wednesday. I left a message on the contractor's phone line since I couldn't call till I got home to give a go. I hope things go well so they get done by Sunday so I have Monday to snooze and study in peace. Then I hope on Tues I can convince my uncle to call the water company (the bills is in his name) and with a receipt from the plumber and contractor prove it was a leak and knock off a good chunk of the water bill, people keep telling me it can be done, so I'm hopeful. Maybe then I can also get around to making that letter!!!! OI!!!!

Right now, I need sleeps. Storms last night kept me up and I was up at 6am today, ei.
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I've been up since about... 9am yesterday. You do the math, lol. I spent the whole night studying after studying with my friend for the past 3 days for my math final, only it wasn't at the testing office like it was suppose to be. Its my teacher's fault but I'm on a happy cloud right now. I went in early to take a placement test so in case she failed me due to the hw grades on top of one bad test and not only did I past for this level, but the following level, I can skip the last remedial and get straight to college algebra, FINALLY!!!! This has kept me from trying to write a certain letter I have asked help for. I'll work on it this weekend, I'm like a walking ditzy right now. But I'm estatic, even if she fails me its a remedial, it won't be part of my transfer GPA to UTSA. So while I'm at 3.0 and most likely dropping below that at SAC, my transfer GPA might end up being around a 3.5 or higher if I do well on the coming college level courses. Wowzers, yes? I'm not sharing this latest news with my relatives. I'd rather leave things are now instead of them pressuring me more to hurry up. What has me on OMG is if I'm able to get into a class for college algebra this semester and my two 'teaching math' courses are offered during the summer there is a real chance I can transfer spring or fall of 2011. I'm hoping for the fall of 2011 because its a specialize course and I doubt it will be offered in the summer but I can hope, yes? I still have speech, a few more science credits, two PE credits, and art credits to do (as far as I can remember at the top of my head). I already finished language requirements and if I pass on the English incomplete I have right now I'll be done with English and History credits too.
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Stressed? Yes. My Uncle and my cousin have royally pissed me off. They say I'm pushing the blame when I tell them how the pest company trouble I've been having. WTF?! And again my asshole uncle is treatening to put me out on the street. If only my damn estate was multimillion then I could afford to waste a few thousand to kick his sorry ass and be free of him on a lawyer and courts. -sighs- ;.; my life sucks. If this wasn't enough now we're looking at $1,200 worth of repairs on plumbing on the two showers and the kitchen sink. All can be pointed to the age of the house and the maintenance, or lack of any way, of the past few years. I'm sick with now with upset stomach from stress on top of the start of my period. Double trouble and triple pain, oi. At least he's gone, when he will return I don't know, but with this repair stuff its seriously gonna put me behind on studying for these damn finals I need to get out of the way.
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I should have known better than to watch the latest trailer of Avatar when I can't go see it in IMAX for another week.

I should have known better that a $10 cat bed from World Market was too good to be true, it 'fell apart' in the wash and I was  pulling out fuzz from the bottom of the washer.
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completely unexpected and hilarious! What I'm laughing my butt off at happened today at school. I had to type up a handout for my English class (and it sucked, oi) so I needed to go to the SLAC Lab to print it out. When I check in to the lab I have to give my ID to be checked I'm an active student this semester. I was reaching for my wallet in my purse when the guy over the high counter said something, I looked up and the girl behind him whispered idiot and slapped him on the head. Replaying the word in my head I realized, or rather assumed, he thought I was Muslim and said hello or something in Arabic (but not at a native speaker). I had my long coat on and my scarf wrapped completely around my head and neck because it was in the high 30s this morning and I can't wear a hat for a while.

I had to fight to act like I didn't hear what he said and calmly find a computer. My co-workers and the librarians at work found it a hoot, the librarian actually was almost doubled over. I think I made her day end well, yes?
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Why the hell would I be so excited? Because it would be a sleepless night and one I would probrably be running to the ER for relief for the near screw up at the pharamcy if not for my doctor and nurse. I still need some pain pills but not something as strong as vicodin, makes me dizzy in good bits of time so I can't drive with it. Pharmacy 'lost' the first fax my doctor sent over when I called and left a message in the morning for the nurse that I needed something for pain. When I arrived at 1:30pm they didn't have it, so I was freaking out the doctor had send the script to the wrong pharmacy. So I called again, gave the number for the pharmacy again and rushed to work (in and out of pain mind you). Well I got a call at work, I had given the correct number the first time and my doctor's nurse not only faxed but followed up with a personal call to make sure the pharmacy got on it FAST. I was getting STRONG bits of pain by the end of work and rush to get me pills. I'm happy to say I'm pain free and not dizzy with the new meds.

Now I need to get to bed, got an 8am follow up and a 10am math test, yuck.
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Two months ago I pre-ordered a signed book by one of my favorite authors. Well, I kinda forgot about it with my continuing marathon on catch up with school work and making arrangements for my upcoming surgeries. So when I got an e-mail from paypal that my package had shipped I was WTF??! and freaked on possibly someone hacking my account or something like it. Thankfully I checked paypal and saw it was just the book.. ehehehe ^.^


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