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I am still sick enough that beyond moving slowly I start to quezzy and now my uncle is thinking about coming sometime during the holiday, and not telling me exactly when but he's on full swing to do it spur of the moment and I'm trying not to panic that the place is a mess. I haven't put anything away since Halloween, the house is a mess, I haven't tidied the garage and I could go ON AND ON!!!

I don't wanna cry over stuff so stupid but I'm damn close to it!!
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I missed my classes yesterday due to complications to my meds. I guess they caught up with me from everything I'm on at the moment and woke to horrible abdomen pain, nausea, belching, and such. I was told to no longer take the pain medicine prescribed to me, even though I was already taking it sparingly as needed. -sighs- I slept most of today from a constant migraine that I recently woke free up. My uncle says he wants to come next weekend, which I am horrified to hear. I'm so tired, I'm so busy, and I'm on certain limitations physically. I'm currently asking friends to see who could go grocery shopping with me in the next few days because of that. Oi. I need to clean and organize and I don't have a clue when I can with how I've been feeling.... Oi. I was having a good week, now I dread this next one will be a horrible week.
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In the chaos of work beginning a new last week for the new year, sleeping off the stress of my uncle and family, and now this week trying to adjust to school and work again I kinda... let the place get into a mess... Not like slob slob, but I haven't taken the Christmas decorations off the front door (there are no lights, just bows and garland kinds of stuff)!! I hadn't put up the wrapping paper, sew the holes in my work jeans from wear and owning them for like.. 3+ years, among a lot of stuff laying about. Really haven't done dishes in two weeks, rinsed but never washed, just kinda let them pile in the sink... oi. It would be so much easier if I could actually use both kitchen sinks, one to soap and then one to rinse before let dry. -sighs-  But I don't feel too guilty, I made a 90 (I think) on my first biology quiz today. They're done weekly and with no heads up (so he says...).

But the good news is the contractor should be coming tomorrow, my Uncle's checks came late, today, instead of Wednesday. I left a message on the contractor's phone line since I couldn't call till I got home to give a go. I hope things go well so they get done by Sunday so I have Monday to snooze and study in peace. Then I hope on Tues I can convince my uncle to call the water company (the bills is in his name) and with a receipt from the plumber and contractor prove it was a leak and knock off a good chunk of the water bill, people keep telling me it can be done, so I'm hopeful. Maybe then I can also get around to making that letter!!!! OI!!!!

Right now, I need sleeps. Storms last night kept me up and I was up at 6am today, ei.
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Stressed? Yes. My Uncle and my cousin have royally pissed me off. They say I'm pushing the blame when I tell them how the pest company trouble I've been having. WTF?! And again my asshole uncle is treatening to put me out on the street. If only my damn estate was multimillion then I could afford to waste a few thousand to kick his sorry ass and be free of him on a lawyer and courts. -sighs- ;.; my life sucks. If this wasn't enough now we're looking at $1,200 worth of repairs on plumbing on the two showers and the kitchen sink. All can be pointed to the age of the house and the maintenance, or lack of any way, of the past few years. I'm sick with now with upset stomach from stress on top of the start of my period. Double trouble and triple pain, oi. At least he's gone, when he will return I don't know, but with this repair stuff its seriously gonna put me behind on studying for these damn finals I need to get out of the way.
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First I sleep in and now I'm hardly cleaning. My uncle is suppose to be arriving about noon tomorrow and I have NO motivation and yet I'm freaking out. I feel like I'm being pulled in different directions around the house, I just can't sit still and do one room at a time! Oi.
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My cousin is throwing a luncheon that is basically a copy-cat of thanksgiving, all I demand is there be ham, good glaze, and mash potatoes and I'll be happy. I'm fed up with turkey. I"m currently waiting for my uncle to get his butt back from curch, I have no doubt we'll be late, he's always late when its on his time. Oi. Not being allowed to drive bites.

Post from mobile portal
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Apparently my doctor's office is closed until Monday for the Thanksgiving Holiday, now I know why all the nurses kept saying we'll be getting calls Monday and not today to see how I'd be doing after the surgery. I feel like I am enternally banned from my glasses, -sighs-. I wasn't expecting this when figuring out my study schedule, I have a math test Tuesday and unless I have the paper right up to my nose its not a 100% in focus. Oi. My uncle flies in today.. not thrilled with it.I'm grumpy and miserable off and on right now so its not looking to be a pleasant weekend. -sighs-
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Sometime tonight he'll arrive and as far as I care right now I'm not cleaning to please him. I have SO much shit on my shoulders, I'm so tired, my body aches, and I'm just plain strung out. Its not truly messy but he's an ass. He has not right to jab at me, he has a freaking maid and I don't. I have so many things to do but I don't get a full paycheck until Oct. -sighs- I hope to be in bed by the time he arrives and prays he leaves me the hell alone to my rest.
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I'm sick and I don't want to deal with him. Starting from 1am my stomach did the crazy pain, cramps, bloating, and noises for no reason. Between last night and this morning I got collectively three hours of sleep. I'm eating crackers and water, that' all I can stomach. Its getting better, so I should be able to sleep tonight. Tomorrow I'll meet with my cousin, maybe for lunch, get the garden info and head to work cause we're gonna start packing. I'm bring over as many spare boxes from my move as I can. What we wouldn't give for several heavy duty metal cabinets with locks right now, we're force to take stuff back to the stage Monday and no closet or room to lock up anything that isn't locked up in a cabinet we already have.... we're really worried. All the my stuff I was thinking about taking I'm leaving at the house for right now. Maybe I'll store my stuff in my car once we get settled and do it that way each day... We're going in early each day we don't have classes, which is Monday and Wed for me, at ten am and staying till about 8pm. We have to have everything moved by mid-week.
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I do believe my Uncle broke or nearly broke the garage door. It looks like someone used signal to try to pull up the right door when it was locked. I'm not sure I want to mess with it but at the same time I worry its going to mess up the door, which is wood, or the opener even more. I just noticed it but I KNOW it wasn't there when I left for Japan... and My uncle is the only one with the electronic keypad in his car anyways. I'll get pictures of it later, its just so... unblievable...
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He yelled at me over the phone not one hour ago about me having a scan tomorrow. Calling it a waste of money and a cancer risk.

1) He's not my doctor!

2) I've had TWO doctors tell me I need to do this.

3) We've already done blood, urine, and normal x-rays with everything normal and no answers.

It pissed me off! On top of that, he says any 'responsible' doctor would have checked my down under 'felt around' extensively first before even suggesting this. Are you kidding me?! The pain is no where that area!! Or my where my reproductive organs are!!!!

I've been trying to drink my first bottle of barium. 1/3 of it in an hour. I don't think my stomach can take me chugging it... oi... x.x  It doesn't taste as nasty as I was worried about. But it does feel... wrong drinking it. I want to gag. I'm not sure if its the texture or what but I don't like it!

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So yesterday at work I start to have pain in my left abdomen. I ignore it but 20 minutes later it got bad, real bad. Needless to say I was ordered by my boss to seek medical help. I went to the clinic downtown and after nearly 7 hours I was almost pain free for the time being. They think I had spazams in my colon. They had taken x-rays, blood, and even urine. The doctor on duty was seriously thinking about ordering a scan before the pain finally started to easy. I had been given a shot three hours into my visit and then a nasty medicine cocktail an hour before my pain started to ease. I almost didn't take the offered day off in the doctors note, I'm glad I did. I was so sore this morning, there was no way in hell I could go to class. And I'm still sore but I'm wondering it this isn't something more, my chest has been hurting for almost two hours. Not sevre, but uncomfortably so.

Other bad news, I get a call from my Uncle. Apparently my estate account made $400 even with the money I'd been taking out for tution during the year and he think its suppose to go on my taxes.


Needless to day I need to call my CPA in the morning. After all, I already got my tax return! x.x

I am so not typing whats on my mind, I'll jinx myself. Oi.
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My Uncle is on his way. Oi. Thankfully I shouldn't have to deal with him beyond 30 hours (I think). -sighs- I just realized something really bad... I don't know if any of my black pants fit since I lost weight and which ones have been altered (I hate having short legs...) Whoops. My Uncle wants me to go to church with him tomorrow, that is a given... BUT, we're suppose to have some pretty bad weather and I hope it is bad. I hate going to church, especially with family, argh. Plus we need the rain, we hit stage one drought restrictions yesterday. The only reason we didn't earlier was a mild summer before and okay winter, plus two years ago it almost rained every day for 8 months straight which is like... insane for this area. It filled the aquafier to much springs that hadn't sprouted water in nearly 100 years were flowing for a while.

I seriously just want to stay in my area of the house and not come out. I have enough Japanese I need to study anyways. Pooh. Also bummer my best friend's birthday is today but due to work and her family I can't even see her, much less give her a gift. Argh.
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Why does my uncle do this? He finally said he wasn't coming but I don't believe him until Sunday tolls. I'm an emotional wreck. He keeps saying he's gonna sale the house, no matter what I feel. Even though I'm in it and have no where to go!

If the economy was different I'd consider it and look at the possibilities. But its not.

If my stand on my career and life was different I'd might consider it, but its not. I'm still years away from getting my degree and having a job.

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My Uncle might be coming in today. He told my cusion late tonight, but I wouldn't put it past him to not tell her he's, for once, leaving early. So my laptop is gonna be locked up in the filing cabinet when I'm not home and physically on it.

I don't trust the jerk, plan and simply, to respect my privacy.
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I sure as hell am now if my body has anything to say about it. -sighs.

If my second cousin who acts like a go-between me and my Uncle doesn't even listen and at least GET why I want to go on this trip now, I don't know what I'm gonna do. I found out today that any students who join the tour from the University will be paying almost $2,000 more than any student at my community college.

If I have to I'll see if my friend who goes to it can track down a flyer that is surely around there with the price tag posted.

I know this is my one chance. They usually do they these trips every other year if at all. The larger departments, like the french and especially spanish do a trip every year for one its cheaper and have much larger student numbers. The english department and  other departments go on different trips every year too, but designed to their departments areas. There is no way I can afford to go once I go to the university, their fees alone will be in the thousand dollar rang where my college is in the hundreds.

So anyways, with the help of the co-owner I've loaded up 5 plastic containers from my closet into my car. Tomorrow I'll go to school for tutoring and finish my test, then go to grandmother's house to unload and meet up with my cousin at 10am. I'll take the updated packet my teacher gave me to her and try to explain it. Hopefully she'll hear what I'm saying and get it.

Another thing I need to do it go to the post office with her and get mail going to my grandmother's house again, because I need to put my grandmother's address onto the application and I have to registure and put money down tomorrow night or I'll miss out. Not that I'm telling her that, my other reason is I need to start forwarding mail soon and doing address changes, SOON.

Santa Fe

Jan. 1st, 2008 05:49 pm
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Well my trip could have gone better. -.- My Uncle was doing okay until he started to get into subjects he knows I want nothing to do with. I'm not going to go over every little thing that went wrong, just the big things that were a pain and focus on the main events. 

The first day, Dec 29th, I picked him up at my Grandmother's house and we went to a Budget Airport parking for $4 a day. Took the shuttle to the terminal and all that Jazz. He kept complaining about me wanting to get there 2 hours before the flight. I simply had to drag him to where the TSA check bags and show him the growing huge pile they had to go through. Its not just us that has to get through security.  That shut him up for a few hours on that subject, why the hell he brought it up again and again during the trip I will never know. Thats not what ticked me off. Bring up a man by the name of Walter is what did it. 

This man name Walter comes across as an intelligent man, gived the air of a school physiologist professional. He's not, he lives off connections and tried to sink his claws into me. And when that failed he tried to do that to my friend. It didn't last before she got away from him too, but he blames me. But this man who has so many connections and plays the game so well can ruin your reputation and lay down false trails to those who don't know the parties he's trying to lay the trails to. I want nothing to do with the man or to even speak of him. But he continued to bring him up during the trip every few hours. I know Walter is using my Uncle to fish for information about my friend. He gets everything my Uncles hears about me, I have no one to stop the information flow for me. 

Our first flight was to DFW to switch to a flight to Albuquerque. My Uncle had a rental waiting for us and I was shocked to learn he didn't reserve an small SUV considering we would be going into the mountains. Great. We stopped in Old Town to have lunch, very good, I can't remember the restaurant's name. Only bad thing about New Mexico is that just about everything pretty much has Chile in it I found out. I can't tolerate even mild spicy due to a surgery when I was in Middle school so finding food during our trip was a narrowed selection. We drove an hour to Santa Fe. The drive was horrible for me. I apparently learned a new driving habit of my Uncle's; he has an 'infatuation' with lines on the right side of the car!!!! My side of the car! I had to snap at him through out the drive so the right tire wasn't on the line and that he didn't start to straddle it. Scary as hell when you're in a multilane highway and in the center lane!!! x.x Needless to say he wasn't happy with me snapping at him the entire way... oi And no, its not just on the highway, he did it in the city too...

After we got our stuff to the house we went around looking at rental deals and getting the last of the stuff I'd need so I wouldn't freeze my butt off. I needed googles that allowed me to wear my glasses, a thermal shirt, and a face mask. I had pretty much everything else. However it cost just over $100 for those three things... We found out that the Ski mountain had a great deal on rental and lessons on snowboarding. Rental for board and boots plus two two hour lessons at $80. I had already bought the rest of my snow gear in my hometown... which sucked. Because while it was cheap and the right kind of clothes... the only sizes they had that were mine were all WHITE! I looked like a freaking astronaut..... oi.....

Soon it was time to go to dinner. My Uncle had had reservations at a Gourment restaurant.... I'm there in a pink long sleeve shirt with a purple Inu-Yasha shirt over it.... great my dear Uncle, couldn't have warned me we'd be going to such a swazzy joint. They took our COATS! Thats how swazzy it was. Other than feeling under dressed and sourly out of place the food was great! No just pretty but GOOD. I had the lobster bistro and had some of my Uncle's Elk while I tried the hen.... I much perfered the Elk. Expensive, I'm sure just my half of the meal cost $30-40. But oh it was so good. The restaurant;s name was the Coyote Cafe. Its very discreet. You enter the door under the sign and go up about twenty steps on the left before you step onto the actual floor the resturant is on.

After that my Uncle wanted to go on a walk to the town's square... I'm still in jeans and freezing my butt off. He thankfully took us to the Saint Franic hotel, I think. Its a really grand but simple. They had a real grand staircase and fireplace. They served us hot Chocolate that was really good right there by the fireplace. After about 20 minutes I resoluted that if I was going to get my butt up the next day early to get to the mountain base on time to signed up for lessons we needed to get back. So even though my butt was still thawing we set out again into the cold and this time trying to find the car.  We got back to the rental arguing over the plans for the day. What time to leave, and all that stuff after my lessons. I got him to settle for just 7, I think... o.O I'm not a morning person and since its been a few days I didn't keep a diary... I don't remember.

So next morning I get up and get ready. And... get scared again. A little bit of ice stars froze over the windshield. Instead of scraping them off and letting the car warm up he starts driving! The glass starts foging and he stars to strattle the middle of the road this time because he can't see! Does he stop? NO. x.x Ei. Even when it does start to clear he starts his little love dance with right lines as we go up the mountain... and he's goes right onto the slushy parts on the right, can I say rant? Cause I did. The right side of the road up was mostly clear but the left side,... scary.... they needed to salt it again, BADLY. x.x So we get there and find out where everything is and I wrangle a $20 out of him for food and anything else I might need... This ass tried to fill himself as my guardian on both the rental forms and the lesson forms. I'm well past legal age idiot. His excuse, "We'll I'm paying for everything." I say, "Are you my legal guardain?" He won't answer and I take the forms from him and start new ones.Good grief. -.-' oi. 

So I get my board, which is an LTR (they just started coming out with this kind of board for beginnings in the last two years) and my boots. Switch boots and put my snow boots in a locker. Thankfully my jacket has good pockets and I can stick my wallet, papers, and my friend's camera that she so graciously let me borrow into them. My first lessons didn't go to well. First we had to mess with the boot setting on the board because apparently they can't be set up as a normal for those learning to ride, they were killing my ankels. At this point I'm really starting to feel altitude sickness. I fight is until we get to the top and I get off the lift, I fall and my left ankle flares in pain. I have to stuggle to not hyper venalate. I call it quits for that lesson and walk down the slope. I go to the cafe they got and get some food and water and struggle. I go the shop to get some chapstick and then go back up to the cafe. By the time the first half of the lessons has ended and I ran into a father and son who were in my group. The mom and another son who were taking Ski lessons were there too. She offered me some alieve, bless her. That, hot cocoa with a bit of coffee cream, and another hour to sit out did the trick. I wasn't supper better but I would manager. So we go down to get our boards and wait for the next lesson. We get a different intructor who help me a lot. We found out I'm goofy footed. Meaning I lead with my right foot, not my left. And that was why I was having so much trouble, I was being taught to go with my left. Also my board was set up for a regular footed person, which made it even harder!!! By the end of the lesson I was finally starting to get the hang of it and beginning to brake right. 

But our lessons were over and I would be leaving the next day, bummer. I was SO SO SO SORE!!! I was looking forward to the Japanese Spa down the mountain pass to soak. Only to find my Uncle waiting at the base of the slope angry. I apparently was 40 minutes late. He apparently assumed I was illresposable and went on another slope or something, got injured and was freaking out. He had bugged the ski patrol, first aid, and the site manager even though he was told they don't end exactly on the same time. I was angry becasue I actually started to get the hang of it, so what if I was late. And how dare he think I would do something stupid as that! He rushed me and harrassed me to hurry up and get my stuff and return my rental which only made me moodier. I couldn't find and thank that kid's parent again either. And to punish me he wouldn't take me to the Japanese spa to get a 20 minute soak in the women's bath. He said that we didn't have time, lair. By the time we got to house and sat around for another 45 minutes before leaving to go out of town a hour drive to another restauranthe made reservations at. This place didn't take our coats and was most tradidtional mexican food I've ever had. It was GOOD but modestly priced. I was still upset with him, I was in pain and I knew what I was feeling was dull in comaprison to what pain I was really in because I was given alieve, which last 12 hours. So we have dinner and leave, and I am in a royal mood.  

The next day when I woke up I hurt in places I didn't think I could ever hurt. Muscles on my chest, neck, legs, even my butt with everything I expected would hurt. I was hard getting out of bed and into the shower. It did little to sooth my poor muscles. Packing was awful. My Uncle didn't seem to notice or care. We ate a pastery shop downtown and were snippy with each other. We split ways for about half an hour and meet up at the La Fonda hotel. It was a pretty place. Out in the square near it there was an ice sculpture set of raindeers and a sleigh. There were only seven though, one of them had apparently fallen and broken into many pieces. They were pretty though. I swear my uncle likes to try my patience. "So there are always eight?" "Unless Rodolph is there, then its nine." I walked away from him toward to direction I knew the car was, though not which street. 

We got the car and I put my headphones on, pointly ignoring him and trying to ignore my pain. An hour or so later we were back in Albaquerque with a little over an hour to spare. So we went to the Pheblo Culture center and musuem and then to the restaurant. The traditional fried bread is over 7,000 calories a piece! They're huge pieces though, I are only a 1/5 of it... my uncle are the rest.... o.O and he's a doctor... and not a very fit one either...

So we leave and stop at old town for him to get coffee from a shop he promised a lady to buy from and then off to the airport. Returned our rental and got on the suttle. Same old, same old. We got through security quickly, and my uncle grumbled again and spit off the same answer and he shut up. Ugh. When we were leaving with the rental car the lady though I was his wife, EW!!! Difference of 30 years! GROSS! Ugh. What I did find out is my uncle as a cougar after him back home in his city! ROFL!!!

Anyways back on topic, so we sit around for about another hour. I mail off some postcards. Our gate was changed and I saved my uncle from going to the wrong one. Our flight was a little late. Oh I wish I had been thinking and pulled out my camera, the carts infront of me by the gate door had stickers on them. One said R2D2 and the other C3PO. I am not kidding! XD Sadly my uncle didn't get the joke or anything for that matter... and its sad because its his generation and all... so sad. Well on the flight to DFW I sat next to an Army dude heading to Virginia for training. On the flight home from DFW I saw between two Airforce dudes with a few more around after I gave my seat up so a couple and their two kids would all be sitting in the same row. It was an interesting trip.... a little boy, perhaps 2 and his mother sat behind me. He got up out of his seat and began to run up and down the walkway. Not in a bad way, he was doing just for the sake of moving and not making a racket or bugging anyone. Then when his mom finally got him back to seat.... he crawled undermine! Everyone who could see him was trying to hold their laughs, his legs were in the walkway and he was tugging on my jeans! So Kawaii!!  The Airforce dude really found it funny. 

So its the 31st with 2 hours till midnight and already people are, illegally, setting fireworks off in the city. They don't go high be we can see them from the windows. Kinda funny, as the air force dude next to me pointed out that we could see a cop car just one street over. So we land, get our bags, get on the suttle to the car, and leave. I drop him off, still annoyed with him for SO many reasons, I am not going to put them all in here. I go to my friends house, give her the camera and gets something to eat with her. Then midnight hits and the day if over.

I know there are errors, I'll get them later, I'm too tired for right now.


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