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That even though I've left two messages in the past month the person in charge of the other driver's claim in my accident has not called me back.... They've been out twice, for over a week at each time. I'm calling tomorrow and if I get another please leave a message I'm calling my insurance people and letting them know I've called but never was called back. Because the other insurance people don't have my side of the story  so they don't have the whole story, just the dude who hit me side of what happened.
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The pics of the damage to my car, final amount of damage was just under $4,000.
Pics hidden here. )

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I'm home, I've been home for less than half an hour. Got my rental car and everything but that's not why I'm posting. About ten minutes after I got home I get a text, I'm assuming its my friend Ghazal. Nope. Its the tow truck driver who hauled my car in to the body shop.

He's freaking hitting on me!

The dam of shock that's kept me from being a bubbly mess of panic cracked and I had an attack of WTH!?!?!? for a few minutes.

If he texts me again, I'm calling the company. If he shows the fuck up at my door, I'm calling the police, I'm not opening the door damn it!

Freaked am I? Damn right I am. I don't need this shit right now.

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I turned down driving a new dodge charger, x.x I'm just to rattled to drive something like that...

I turned down a chance to drive Prowl!



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