Mar. 2nd, 2009 11:48 am
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Yahoo! He arrived at 9am, and he's was a hot asian so I let it slide.... :3 Plus he worked effeciently. Grandma's house isn't exactly easy... lol. The gate gave us trouble, for example. I'll get my iced coffee on my way to work, my eyes are still hurting from getting up so early. And while he was here I was so very proud of my dogs. They were pretty quiet, got a little excited but calmed down fast. I'll post again when I get home from night class. Right now I'm forced to use the sewing room until I get a wireless router. I'm not spending that money until I pay all my major bills, I don't know if my Uncle is gonna call for me to pay the electric and water bill right now since I just moved in, I hope not. He called last night, the home insurance is due, I need to pay almost $300 just for half of it. -sighs- Atleast its only once every sice months....
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Well, I'm packed. Just about everything and anything is either boxed here or already at grandmom's house. The only stuff that is mine and not in my room are a fold up kennel in the backyard, dog hamock in the backyard, Yoko's cage in the kitchen, four boxes in the front room of books and mags, and an a plastic owl. Yes Owl. I was gonna try and put him somewhere in the front to keep the stupid birds from pooping on my car. I'll put him in a tree next to the drive way at grandmother's house.

The last stuff are my laptop, alarm clock, cell charger, bedding, and laundry sorter that isn't packed in some way or ready to go. I've got two large trash bags with moving tape all over them so they won't be mistaken as trash to carry all the bedding in, I'm washing all the blankets before I bring them into the house, they're covered in filth of dust from packing and 'attempting' to clean this room. My poor sinuses they hurt so badly.

I'm very nervous. My friend who said he's help and possibly bring his brother(s) hasn't called me all week and I've left several messages at his family's house, plus I gave a note to my Japanese teacher to pass onto him since he's taking another one of her classes also. And my housemate actually put dishes in the dishwasher and took all the trash out today, although I doubt she took it out in time to get picked up. She was doing it about 10am, so its most likely sitting in the alley. What does all that mean? Someone from her family is most likely showing up tomorrow. Oi. Thankfully if its the Aunt she has to leave me the hell alone, I'll have not only my relatives but two friends and a co-worker who said they'd be coming for sure.

Whatever the case, I will most likely be only able to get the net when my phone can get access at grandmom's till sometime monday when its installed at the house. I'll be getting up, shower, strip the bed, and pack the laptop before going to get the truck. If I'm lucky I'll have time to run by McDonalds for a quick breakfast and get iced carmal coffee, god I love that carmal ice coffee.
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You know, I really hope that two of my friends who are suppose to show Saturday drive trucks... Because even though I've reserved a 14 foot truck... I'm still scared we're not going to be able to get everything in with all the furinature... After all, being forced to live almost solely out of my room I've had to use every bit of space I had in creative ways.... I am seeing the end of the tunnel however,at least somewhat. I'm going to go by Uhual to get three more 'small' boxes just to be safe as I box down to the wire tonight and tomorrow. They buy back whatever I don't use box wise so extra is okay. I just don't want to be boxing tomorrow and realize what I got left doesn't fit into ex-small of boxes or too mall for my medium boxes I got left and if I need those medium boxes might be needed for other things...

Plus, Friday night the co-owner and I have to re-arrange her stuff to make room for everything to pass by Sat.

I am glad I've arrange to board Yoko and Lucky.

Its still hard to believe, two more days. Just two!
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She is a life saver!!! I still have so much to box up, and because she's letting me take the mid-term a later date I can box and clean my room!!! Because OMG, I have so much... I'm not 'cleaning, cleaning'. That's impossible because of the dust from the floors. But I'm gonna work on paper trash from nooks and crannies and such. I hope, cross fingers, I'll be able to box everything that can be boxed outside the my drawers. I hope I can, because I would really love to just spend friday more laid back before the big move. Right now the only thing I got planned beyond boxing and packing up is boarding Yoko and Lucky Friday so they're out of the way for the move Sat morning.
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I left my transformers jacket over at grandma's and its getting into the upper 30's tonight! It will be in the low 50's (so it says online) tomorrow when I go to the dentist but cold for me! And I took my case of jackets over to the other house too.. oi. Me gonna be COLD tomorrow... oh dear...
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Internet to my laptop is so WONDERFUL!!!

Having tv to see the oscars is gonna be fun to, I hope Hugh does a good job hosting (he's such a hunk). I was bad and took out some of my TF family from their packages, only Blue, Sunny, and Sides are left to put into the case and the shelf has room to spare! Transforming these toys is hard for me, poor prowl~ his doorwings kept popping off...

-runs from Veji for harming prowl(s)-

Relax! Ratchet(s) came to the rescue! They're fine!


Here they are!!! )


Here they are!!! )

The move is not going to be easy for me, I'm stressing already, but if just the few certain people I need help the most from show and show on time I can deal. If they don't... its not going to be a good day... 

So much to do, and so little time. I just wanted to stay in the near empty room and play with my Transformers and my digital camera.


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Well, the majority of my stuff that isn't in my room is moved. The last of it either can't be moved because it is currently needed, like the kennel Mika sleeps in the kitchen on cold nights, her litter box, and bed, so on. There are a few things I forgot about but I think I can move them without a problem this week before work since school doesn't start for another work. The dogs took the night back home then back to grandma's without a problem and already crashed to sleep in my room.

There are mummers of questions by my housemate and the aunt if I'm moving and I'm telling the co-owner to deny it, simply say I'm helping with getting my grandmother's house ready for estate sale. The more my actual move (if it happens, depending on my uncle) is a surprise the better. Revenge, yes. I apparently do have a bit of Decepticon in me afterall.

I'd love to post more detail but at the moment' I'm suffering for a pretty good headache.
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It took them FOUR days to build a shed that came in a box, they finished it yesterday but didn't show or move any of their shit. Tomorrow at 9am I meeting with my god father and his girlfriend who are helping me move. Its gonna take about an half an hour atleast just moving shit out of the way and into the front yard to get to my stuff. I'm nervous about the aunt showing her ass while they're here or after we get the stuff out and to my grandma's. I'm estimating its gonna take us three hours from when we start moving shit around before we'll have the truck loaded with my things. If they don't show by the time we leave for grandma's I'm not taking it for chance either way, I'm putting the dogs in my car and taking them with us. I'll stay at grandma's untill late to avoid them. If they don't show, for some bizzare reason, I'll just pack a quick overnight bag and spend another night at grandma's. This should end come Sunday evening. Schools start again and I'll only have to worry for the following weekend, the bitch aunt most likely won't make the hour plus here after work.

My time at my grandmother's house was extremely dull, dealing with what I was facing. I read the first three books of the Twlight saga from start to finish, I'm working on the final book now, and cracked a few short stories in a Star Trek Analog. I'm tired, and the dogs are glad to be back in their own beds. Did my laundry once I found out why the washer wouldn't work, the stupid thing was unplug but I couldn't see it behind the mass of cobwebs, yeck. The first three days my dogs hardly touched any food, the finally started eating full meals yesterday.

So right now I'm uneasy. My ears have been doing their funky noises and louder than normal, so blocking it out as been expectionally hard. I'm feeling overwhelmed from what I'm facing with the landlord, this shit of a move, and trying to convince my uncle in the upcoming days. I'm not even uncluding my school or work into my anxiety equation.

I don't know how many more days I can go before I crack in one way or another. My uncle returned from his trip Thursday morning, early about 1am. He went to work that same day about noon and won't have a day off till Sunday. So I'm stuck waiting till he's not a grumpy pissed off man from jet lag and lack of proper rest. -sighs-  Even with all my relatives behind me in moving into my grandmother's house I am truelly terrified he'll say no.
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Just missing in action. The Aunt has still not put the shed up, parts are in the back only. So I'm spending the night at my Grandmother's house on a old fashion fold up bed. Not going to be comfortable but I am not willing to even think about sleeping in my Grandmother's or Uncle's beds. I'm at a friend's right now, having finally gotten my Christmas present from her. My poor dogs are in the car, I can't leave them at my Grandmother's. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but it appears my stress is getting to them. No one else would notice but me, but its effecting them, Yoko most of all. The stress and back and forth between my current residence and my grandmother's house is confusing them. I'm going back one more time tonight to get my mp3 player and pillow, the only two things I'm missing.

I made the calls and everything is set s far as the move, its when. My cousin and friend are going to help, I just need to give them a heads up the day before and rent the truck. But I am helpless about packing my books and getting things ready until the aunt moves her stuff out of the way. There is literally no room to shift things around in it, things need to be taken out.

Tomorrow I'll be doing laundry and moving things around my grandmother's house. Its going to be long and boring day. It may bleed into two days spending the night at my grandmother's if they only build the stupid thing and not move their shit into it. But I will not get caught in a situation of their making, no way no how. They always start fights and it always ends badly for me.

So if this bleeds into two nights at my grandmother's know I'm alive, lol.

I am certainly providing the neighborhood with a bit of juicy gossip, needless to say. I ran into Jeff as I was packing my car earlier tonight, assuming I had everything. His sister or girlfriend, I can't never tell because I always run into them at night, was with him as they were leaving too.
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I spent half my day at my grandmother's house and I was damn lucky. If I had left the house any later I would have run into the Aunt. She's gonna be here tomorrow, didn't get shit done. So tomorrow I'm gonna wake up, take my dogs, a backpack full of books, my bag with clothes and toltries, and leave. I'm not gonna get stuck. I already put my car in the street again just incase she arrives fucking early, like 8am early. She's also wanting me to 'replace' a container my dog apparently chewed. What I find hiliarious is this 'container' is bigger than my dog. I know what she's talking about. Her 'containers' that she left on the back proch, empty I might had, got thrown all over the yard with just about every front we've had. Still, I'm not paying for it. She shouldn't have left them in the backyard, too bad, so sad.

But I have till the end of this weekend to get my stuff out of the garage and front room. -sighs- So tomorrow I'm gonna be making calls. I can't drive the truck needed to move everything, but I can't even get to my stuff it the 'aunt' moves her shit. My stuff is pushed into corners and walls. I'm moving it all over to my Grandmother's house. I'll be calling friends and hopefully I can get someone, I just need one, who can help me pack, lift, and drive the stupid truck.

Hell begins

Jun. 4th, 2008 11:09 am
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She lost her job. She's been fired, and now I'm stuck in this limbo that has been going on for almost a month where she's here all day. Her aunt is still making visits, she's here now, and from them talking is how I found out. I can only imagion what this is going to do with my rent situation. Her mom will now be paying for everything, including food. I know she's not making an effort to job hunt. She can say she is online wise but that is bull, you still got to go out and make the effort or it isn't going to work. 

I know I said that I'd find another place to live come hell and high water but that was before the mess in the economy, before gas prices, food prices, and just about everything shot up to hell. I'm suck here, plain and simple unless a few key things happen. It upsets me I'm trapped and can't do anything about it.

It upsets me when my friends don't understand what I mean by that, and think its not that hard to find another place to live, when it its with the requirements I need. A friend of mine who just moved into her own apartment is now beginning to freak out. She had bought a used car, but didn't listen to me, and instead of sticking to a small car like she was already driving got a SUV. Its a good model and for its size gets good milage, but not great. She goes one of the major Universitys, and even though she gets financial aid is doesn't cover all of it and it comes out of her pocket. It looks like she might have to move back in with her dad, which I know will drive her buggie as well.

All in all, my life is slowly getting more stressful, even if it is getting more uneventful. School is out, and come July I will be completely free of work and school for more than a month until training starts in for the new school year and my classes begin. 

I am going to be stuck in a house with my house-mate because gas will make it too expensive to even go to a friend's house regularly to escape, and the bus system here is not that efficient. 

Its a ticking time bomb waiting to go off as far as the nit wit is concerned, oi. How the hell I can keep from going into depressed/anxiety fits and keep a somewhat of a positive out look boggles me.

Because even as I type this, angry, upset, and of mix emotions, I'm mostly calm. Not in a detached sort of way or anything like that. 

I would probrably have more in my mind to type, but I got to get ready for work. I have to be there early, its the last day of the regular school year and we have inventory to do, joy.


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