May. 23rd, 2010

nova_myth: (ORLY?)
I ran out of kitty food yesterday and Miss Mika was not a happy little shit. She got half of her normal dinner and no breakfast until I ran to the pet store with Yoko at 1pm. Oi.

Yoko's foot is doing great, and the past two days I've allowed her free run of the backyard for the first time since her accident. She's not gonna be happy with me though, I GOT HER BOOTIES!!! LOL, the ground gets so hot even now when we haven't hit summer temps that I didn't resist getting her booties to take her for walks when it starts to get dark. Texas heat sucks and she's going to give pitiful looks for some time to come but she needs to loose some pounds and I need to start walking at least a few miles a couple times a week now that I don't have my racquetball class to exercise.

Work is getting beyond hectic. We found out which one of my kinders has been peeing all over the bathroom and he got busted good. The custodian had just cleaned the boy's bathroom in the cafeteria and he was the first one in and he even dropped poop on the floor. oi. Also this week on Thursday is our water field day, and for the next few days to come I'll be filling water balloons in a cooler for work. 1-5th will have massive water balloon fights, my kinders will be paying in a sprinkler set.

I'm currently waiting for it to cool down in about 5 hours to go clean out my car. Till then I'm doing laundry and the normal lazy cleaning (when I should really be overhaul cleaning).


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