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My boss is generally really laid back when it comes to stuff outside of work. So when she starts talking to all us girls in the room about a bachelorette party before her wedding in July I said the name of the only strip club in town for women.

Everyone acted like I was dead serious and 'addicted' to that kind of thing.

This happened a few days back but it still nags at me. I mean seriously, come on.


I should just give up trying to be myself.

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I've been up 21 hours. Yep. My tummy wouldn't settle until after 2am, when exactly not ture. I decided to try to read my book around midnight waiting for the pain in my belly to subside, which it didn't for several more hours. When I finished my book, what is suppose to be third and final book of the Eragon Trilogy, Brisingr, I discover it not so as I had begun to suspect earlier this afternoon with a 1/3 to go. The Trilogy has become a 'cycle' and suppose to end in four books. In some ways I'm angry because I've been waiting for so long and it was set three, but in other ways I'm happy because this means more the characters I've grown to love and hope the story does not end in more tragedy. I am not naive, and thus I know more characters will die before it all ends, the question is who.

I finished my book literally a few minutes after 5am, I didn't realise the time had passed nor my pain was gone, so engrossed in the book. I haven't been like that since the last and final Harry Potter book, The Deathly Hallows.

So why am I still awake instead of going to bed? What is the point? Well, I don't exactly have a long break from school, let alone work, so I kinda need to keep my sleeping schedule close. So I'll be going to bed around 5-7 tonight, I normally don't go to bed till 9-11. Its gonna be a struggle staying awake, I know. I need to push toward 36 hours since I woke up just after 8am on Christmas morning.

I'm already starting to wonder if my sleep deprived brain is playing tricks on me, I swear I'm hearing a dog park  that is similair to Lucky's, but not sure... I'm pretty sure my period won't be helping my mood either. I need to dig my headphones out of my overnight bag from Christmas Eve.


Dec. 3rd, 2008 10:38 pm
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Why am I suddently feeling like crap? My stomache is going flippy and yucky and my nerves are running all over the place.

Odd.... o.O

Jun. 1st, 2008 04:29 pm
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What is it with this weekend? Its like everything has slowed to a crawl in all of the fanfiction posts, live journal communities, and forums. Even those who usually pop online on my instand messenger have been missing for the past two days. o.O Its very odd. I expected it to happen somewhat last weekend, being Memorial Day weekend, but not this weekend.


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