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Well, I'm almost in tears. I never though I'd hear a speech that would be close to greatness of JFK's "Race to the Moon" or Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream", but Obamas's inauguration speech was of that stuff.
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I watched the election as it happened and felt a bit detached from it all. There is so much hate and racism in my country, though denied, I feared that hope would be in vain. But as I watched Obama gain ground I felt in awe. Everyone who is not my age, with the exception of my housemate who is close to it, are Republican threw and threw and more than one is racist. Their relatives in general were the same and so on. So to see that my county voted Obama in the end was amazing, but even more than that the numbers from the first ballots from early voting had Obama ahead STATE WIDE IN TEXAS. Eventually it went to McCain but not by much, only 6% in the end.

I watched as state by state came in. Feeling detached even though I realize what was happening when Pennsylvania, and then Ohio were announced. I still can't emotionally grasph that its actually happened, as happy as I am. I am not Dem or Rep, I am American and vote only for those I believe the country, state, or county needs.
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My state of Texas is a red blood state, meaning its hugely Republican. But shocker beyond shocker is the numbers from the early voting was Obama at 54%. Granted that will go down, down, down, but the fact he did have a lead at one point at all is amazing, it truly is.
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I was the first one in line, apparently the early voting site I choose isn't one of the ones that the news has been saying 'extremely long lines', ha. Oh and I'm wearing 'Optimus Prime for President' from Hot Topic. XD

There were two main reasons I wanted to vote. Obviously was the presidential vote, and there was a proposition that I wanted to kill. Right now my city limits city council members to two two-year terms. The proposition was for them to be allowed up to four terms. So if they went back to back, that would be a total of eight years. NO THANK YOU. If it was three terms, yeah I could possibly go for that, but not four. So i voted against that sucker. May voting is when the ballots are filled to the brim of proposition city and school districts wise, and unless its something that I feel needs to pass or fail I don't head to the polls usually.  Like environmental, our water source  for our city of one million is literally in our back door so I'm for strict zoning laws, nothing is too strict to protect it, because if something got into it we have no way to clean it because its under ground. Recently there has been way too much development in the recharge area's in my opinion. Ironically the military is on the environmental side because there is a massive training base for night opps in that area and they don't want development to get to close for simulation reasons and so forth.

-steps off soap box-

Okay, i'm done now

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Ow, ow, ow. I think my butt and feet still hurt! ;.; I was suppose to arrive at 8:30 am yesterday for the convention, but I didn't arrive till 11 because of my earlier state problem in previous posts. I had been told that was okay, as long as I was there by 1. The place we were to meet at was "Alamo Convention Center". Convention center my butt, or really the poor seniors in there, it was a basketball court with wooden bleachers!

The convention couldn't begin till everyone got in and got registured. Then the convention was suppose to start at 2, it didn't get moving till 4. And even then there was a problem. The lists were incomplete. A ton of people were missing, including me! That created another whole set of problems. We couldn't begin till all delegates were present, and those who were missing on the list but present, had to get credentials. Basically saying yes, I was at the precint caucus and all that jazz. Long story short nearly 2 hours later they were getting no where with the system they had in places.  So they made all delegates with provisions, those who were no on the list, automatically delegate because the numbers added up. Still precints were short. Mine was suppose to have 16, only 3 showed up with one alternate. So now they had to make Alternates delegates in those precints. That couldn't be done auto and they had to go through credentials. That took almost took 2 hours, but considering there were hundreds of people that had to do that, not a big deal. Then came selecting chair and secretary. That took another hour. Then we finally were getting to the big reason we were all there. Selecting delegate and alternates for the State Convention in June. Well the alternate left, fed up with everything just looking at the line with credentials earlier. So that left me, and two other ladies. We totaled 2 Clinton and 1 Obama. The way it goes it you do one vote. Who ever has the most votes gets the Delegate seat. Who ever gets the second number gets the alternate. 

I got the delegate seat. XD

The Obama lady got the alternate because the other Clinton woman put her vote for me to give me 2 votes and the higher number. Now we could have all nominated ourselves. If that had happened we would have gone to the official to draw cards because there were was a 3 way tie. Whoever would draw the highest card from a single set of Ace to King would be the delegate. The person with the next drawn highest card would have been alternate. If its a tie between two people it can be done with a flip of a coin. So that done the chair chosen for the day because the one elected at the precint never showed up took a paper and got in line to give it to the secretary. No offical document for US to put the info on. WEIRD, en? So officals made a little boo boo. They didn't ask for those delegates chosen to remain because there were still 4 votes left. And they didn't realise it till the line was nearing an end for the delegate and alternate info being submitted. By the time the chair asked, only 200-300 people were left out of the original 3,000-4,000 estimated to be present originally. And they were not all delegates chosen. I stuck around because I knew there was more. But by then it was past 10pm. Between 10 and midnight we only got through the resolutions. 

I went home after that. I had my dogs in my room, I was forced to lock them in there when I left for safety. Because if they got into a fight with the other dog because of my house-mate I would have still gotten the blame even though I wasn't there. My dogs are 40 and 60 pounds. The little shit is only 10. They still have to vote on At-Large-Delegates. What the hell that is exactly I have no idea. All I know a friend was running for it, and he would be a good delegate. He was pretty much getting his name out to the remaining delegates present so I didn't feel needed. I'm sure he got in. The two other votes were for Chair and Secretary for our district up at State. Confused? I didn't stick around so I have not way to explain. ^.^' 

Overall for as crazy and disorganized as it was the event was surprising good mannered. While people were getting cranky during the day they didn't lash out at other people and there was no heated feeling between Clinton and Obama camps execpt during the selection of delegates. The one thing that was amazing and is completely left out in the new is the people who are democrates, or people who feel that one of these two people are what the country needs right now and not McCain, is that bottom line is either one could get the nomination and it wouldn't matter as long as both Clinton and Obama are on the ticket.

Clinton supports, I was shocked to learn, didn't think she should go for more than one term. Then Obama having gain experience as Vice could take the baton and go for two terms.

The Obama supports love him, but like Hillary for her experience and love the idea of a female Vice President. 

So it was a very good, though long, day.
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 What a week indeed! Monday was mostly okay, until I learn I had a Japanese vocab quiz on Friday (which I bombed-.-). Tuesday was the Texas primary and caucus. I had voted early so I didn't have to attend the main run to vote and went to the cacaus. The cacaus was a mess! 

This is how it went down. I arrived at my precint about 6:45 in the evening, its suppose to start at 7pm. However the cut of time for regular voting is also at 7pm. There were over 100 people in line at the cut off time and we couldn't start until they had voted. So we didn't start till near 8pm. That made people grumpy but it wasn't really so bad. There were three precints at my caucus location, mine would be the largest >.<. The smallest was only 4 people! So that one and another one with maybe 20-30 people went first. Mine had over 100 people. Now this is what is suppose to happen, from what I read up on before going. We come in, nominate and then vote on a permanent chairman and secretary. At this point we then go sign in on the sheets and prove we have voted already, either by early voting or by regular. Then we sit down and go about voting on any resolutions and selecting delegates and alternates for the convention (regional and state, national selection in later, and I don't know how that goes about [yet]). Then we go home. 

This is what happened. A lady who was temporary chairman nominated a dude from the Obama side. So where like okay, whatever and he took it. Then a woman from the Hillary side took the Secretary. I'm sitting up front with a group of seniors who kept asking me if I'd be a delegate since I had arrived and I said sure. Note though whatI find funny is while I had a Hillary sticker on my shirt my shirt said "Optimus Prime for President" XD. Did anyone notice? NOPE. So the dude had been talking to the temporary chairman for a few minutes before hashing out a plan of action, the guy was literally lost. He gets on the speakers and directs everyone to the sheets and instructions them on filling out the info yada yada, need your id, yada, you can come home, yada yaday- WHAT? Not one word is spoken about delegates, which is why we are there. The seniors around me are upset, some of them were from around when the last Texas cacuas was held in 1968 and one had infact been a delegate. I get up go to them a few yards away and say, "Wait, what about delegates." The temporary interupts me as say, oh no we don't choose them. I didn't believe that for a minute and while pretty much everyone else in my precint was going to the sheets I went over to a Hillary lady (I assume captain) and questioned her. Then I went to the Chairman dude and pressed him to make an announce about delegates because that was infact what we were there for. He throws a fuss, well I've never done this before, yada yada. I get at him saying too bad you need to do this, people are starting to leave. I go over to the Hillary lady to say thank you, only to turn around and see him talking to the temporary lady, no where near the mic. Ugh. I go over there and tell her that is what I was asking her when I came to her. She like, oh well I thought you meant something else. Bullshit. There is not variation to the word delegate in a caucus. I didn't say that out aloud but again pressed that the Chairman needs to make an announcement and do it now, people are leaving. What does she do, she puts her hand up in my face and say, enough, I don't need to hear that from you. I pretty much want to hit her right and very very hard. It takes me bugging the Chairman more and also some bugging from the Obama captain as well before he makes the announcement, in which 10 more minutes have passed. >.< I am so fit to be tied I signed up to be a delegate before getting in line to cast my vote. But by the end of the night when I get through only a few people are still in the room and only 14 people signed up to be a delegate before I left, with no alternates. We were suppose to get 17 each.

Wensday was pretty much exhaustion, I didn't get home till late because of the caucus. Thursday I didn't get home till late yet again because I had mandatory training at work for 2 1/3 hours after I usually get out. That wasn't too bad other than I didn't get to study at all that night for my quiz in Japanese the following morning. That is what my week was like in a nut shell. Of course a lot more happened but that was the major even of the week.


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