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My life, College life, get it yet? :p

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Birthdate:Nov 21
Location:United States of America
Born and raised in Texas and live there to this day.
Beware I'm half parts Irish and Scorpio to your dismay.
Entice my fury and there will be hell to pay!

If there is a Transformer I fit it would be Bluestreak, and people who know me know just WHY I fit that Transformer.

Interests (33):

aliens vs. predator, appleseed, avp, avpr, beauty and the beast, blue seed, cardcaptor sakura, deunan x briareos, draco/hermione, dragon ball z, fan art, fan fiction, full metal panic, gargoyles, gto, harry potter, ironhide/chromia, ironhide/ratchet, japan, jazz/prowl, labrynith, m*a*s*h, mikeala/barricade, mikeala/boncrusher, predator, sam/bee, spiderman/venom, star trek enterprise, startrek deep space nine, startrek next generation, sunstreaker/bluestreak/sideswipe, temeraire, transformers
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