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I made mashed potatoes (you'll never see me eat the crap from a box), green peas, wild rice, and chicken fried chicken. I got the chicken from the store, its a pre-made pack I just heat up for about 20 minutes in the oven and the wild rice came in a box took, just boil, yada yada. But still, it was a whole meal I made on my own! It feels good to cook again, but trying to get used to the kitchen is hard. Nearly made myself dizzy because I was literally spinning in circles.

Also, the work is finally done in the house!!! I am having hell cleaning the mess and dust but its finally over. They guys doing the work were great but I couldn't study and I had to stay home instead of going to school on Tues or Thurs to see teachers or take tests. -sighs-
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In the chaos of work beginning a new last week for the new year, sleeping off the stress of my uncle and family, and now this week trying to adjust to school and work again I kinda... let the place get into a mess... Not like slob slob, but I haven't taken the Christmas decorations off the front door (there are no lights, just bows and garland kinds of stuff)!! I hadn't put up the wrapping paper, sew the holes in my work jeans from wear and owning them for like.. 3+ years, among a lot of stuff laying about. Really haven't done dishes in two weeks, rinsed but never washed, just kinda let them pile in the sink... oi. It would be so much easier if I could actually use both kitchen sinks, one to soap and then one to rinse before let dry. -sighs-  But I don't feel too guilty, I made a 90 (I think) on my first biology quiz today. They're done weekly and with no heads up (so he says...).

But the good news is the contractor should be coming tomorrow, my Uncle's checks came late, today, instead of Wednesday. I left a message on the contractor's phone line since I couldn't call till I got home to give a go. I hope things go well so they get done by Sunday so I have Monday to snooze and study in peace. Then I hope on Tues I can convince my uncle to call the water company (the bills is in his name) and with a receipt from the plumber and contractor prove it was a leak and knock off a good chunk of the water bill, people keep telling me it can be done, so I'm hopeful. Maybe then I can also get around to making that letter!!!! OI!!!!

Right now, I need sleeps. Storms last night kept me up and I was up at 6am today, ei.
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Success! The Drano worked, somewhat. Doesn't drain super well but the tub won't be taking over an hour to drain from a quick 10 minute shower. Plus my entry for mech_erotica is at 1,400 words (and I just started working on it after I got home from night class tonight) , and just getting to the hot stuff. Yeow, hehe.

Now I need to get to bed, and hope tomorrow goes well.

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For the weekend. I'm going to my grandma's again, because there is a good chance that the aunt will be showing up again. I'll take my computer this time too, maybe I can finish chapter 4 of Influence to send to my beta when I get back Monday evening. My usual weekend buddy left for Austin early so I'm buddless. Alas, the pull of love. His girlfriend isn't gonna be there but he's braving the city he hates to wait. I had kids out off and on all week, so I'm slightly worried about catching something from the little buggers. I need to study my japanese vocab for a quiz a week from monday and look over the next chapter in the other text on Tues class I'm skipping to see if I can make heads or tails. Beyone that and laundry, I'll go through the junk stacked in my mom's room and closet, pick what I want and put what I don't in another room to go through with my cousin if she wants it or not.

On a bad note, I talked to my said cousin yesterday, and she says my Uncle hasn't made up his mind. Argh. Next Sat is the estate sale damn it. I need to KNOW; Or I'm gonna start having nervous break downs again. I can't live like this with no end in sight.
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Well, the majority of my stuff that isn't in my room is moved. The last of it either can't be moved because it is currently needed, like the kennel Mika sleeps in the kitchen on cold nights, her litter box, and bed, so on. There are a few things I forgot about but I think I can move them without a problem this week before work since school doesn't start for another work. The dogs took the night back home then back to grandma's without a problem and already crashed to sleep in my room.

There are mummers of questions by my housemate and the aunt if I'm moving and I'm telling the co-owner to deny it, simply say I'm helping with getting my grandmother's house ready for estate sale. The more my actual move (if it happens, depending on my uncle) is a surprise the better. Revenge, yes. I apparently do have a bit of Decepticon in me afterall.

I'd love to post more detail but at the moment' I'm suffering for a pretty good headache.
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It took them FOUR days to build a shed that came in a box, they finished it yesterday but didn't show or move any of their shit. Tomorrow at 9am I meeting with my god father and his girlfriend who are helping me move. Its gonna take about an half an hour atleast just moving shit out of the way and into the front yard to get to my stuff. I'm nervous about the aunt showing her ass while they're here or after we get the stuff out and to my grandma's. I'm estimating its gonna take us three hours from when we start moving shit around before we'll have the truck loaded with my things. If they don't show by the time we leave for grandma's I'm not taking it for chance either way, I'm putting the dogs in my car and taking them with us. I'll stay at grandma's untill late to avoid them. If they don't show, for some bizzare reason, I'll just pack a quick overnight bag and spend another night at grandma's. This should end come Sunday evening. Schools start again and I'll only have to worry for the following weekend, the bitch aunt most likely won't make the hour plus here after work.

My time at my grandmother's house was extremely dull, dealing with what I was facing. I read the first three books of the Twlight saga from start to finish, I'm working on the final book now, and cracked a few short stories in a Star Trek Analog. I'm tired, and the dogs are glad to be back in their own beds. Did my laundry once I found out why the washer wouldn't work, the stupid thing was unplug but I couldn't see it behind the mass of cobwebs, yeck. The first three days my dogs hardly touched any food, the finally started eating full meals yesterday.

So right now I'm uneasy. My ears have been doing their funky noises and louder than normal, so blocking it out as been expectionally hard. I'm feeling overwhelmed from what I'm facing with the landlord, this shit of a move, and trying to convince my uncle in the upcoming days. I'm not even uncluding my school or work into my anxiety equation.

I don't know how many more days I can go before I crack in one way or another. My uncle returned from his trip Thursday morning, early about 1am. He went to work that same day about noon and won't have a day off till Sunday. So I'm stuck waiting till he's not a grumpy pissed off man from jet lag and lack of proper rest. -sighs-  Even with all my relatives behind me in moving into my grandmother's house I am truelly terrified he'll say no.
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Just missing in action. The Aunt has still not put the shed up, parts are in the back only. So I'm spending the night at my Grandmother's house on a old fashion fold up bed. Not going to be comfortable but I am not willing to even think about sleeping in my Grandmother's or Uncle's beds. I'm at a friend's right now, having finally gotten my Christmas present from her. My poor dogs are in the car, I can't leave them at my Grandmother's. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but it appears my stress is getting to them. No one else would notice but me, but its effecting them, Yoko most of all. The stress and back and forth between my current residence and my grandmother's house is confusing them. I'm going back one more time tonight to get my mp3 player and pillow, the only two things I'm missing.

I made the calls and everything is set s far as the move, its when. My cousin and friend are going to help, I just need to give them a heads up the day before and rent the truck. But I am helpless about packing my books and getting things ready until the aunt moves her stuff out of the way. There is literally no room to shift things around in it, things need to be taken out.

Tomorrow I'll be doing laundry and moving things around my grandmother's house. Its going to be long and boring day. It may bleed into two days spending the night at my grandmother's if they only build the stupid thing and not move their shit into it. But I will not get caught in a situation of their making, no way no how. They always start fights and it always ends badly for me.

So if this bleeds into two nights at my grandmother's know I'm alive, lol.

I am certainly providing the neighborhood with a bit of juicy gossip, needless to say. I ran into Jeff as I was packing my car earlier tonight, assuming I had everything. His sister or girlfriend, I can't never tell because I always run into them at night, was with him as they were leaving too.
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I spent half my day at my grandmother's house and I was damn lucky. If I had left the house any later I would have run into the Aunt. She's gonna be here tomorrow, didn't get shit done. So tomorrow I'm gonna wake up, take my dogs, a backpack full of books, my bag with clothes and toltries, and leave. I'm not gonna get stuck. I already put my car in the street again just incase she arrives fucking early, like 8am early. She's also wanting me to 'replace' a container my dog apparently chewed. What I find hiliarious is this 'container' is bigger than my dog. I know what she's talking about. Her 'containers' that she left on the back proch, empty I might had, got thrown all over the yard with just about every front we've had. Still, I'm not paying for it. She shouldn't have left them in the backyard, too bad, so sad.

But I have till the end of this weekend to get my stuff out of the garage and front room. -sighs- So tomorrow I'm gonna be making calls. I can't drive the truck needed to move everything, but I can't even get to my stuff it the 'aunt' moves her shit. My stuff is pushed into corners and walls. I'm moving it all over to my Grandmother's house. I'll be calling friends and hopefully I can get someone, I just need one, who can help me pack, lift, and drive the stupid truck.
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The water has been turned off.

Go figure.

Landlord claims she paid it, but I don't know about that. Then again, there have been problems with the water company with the city for some time on the news, so its a toss. Either way, the soonest the water will be turned on is tomorrow. I have my water bottles and my the dogs' water bowl is pretty full so we'll be okay.

Only one concern at the moment: Toliet

How are we gonna flush?

Beyond that, tomorrow I have work, how am I gonna shower? I have a few ideas to solve that, just not gonna be fun.
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Yep Me went to the doctor. And what did I get?

A Shot.

Of Steroids.

Raised eyebrows anyone?

My throat feels better at least but I didn't go to work, nor get my laundry done. My nose still hurts, inside and out. I'm trying not to stress out, all I see is that January deadline now, I don't even think of Christmas anymore. Go figure. Thanks alot Landlord. You ruined the Holiday, no surprise there.
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It may be a week or two weeks before I see what my grades and if I passed my classes for the semester. Work is coming to a close too, next week the last year for this semester too. I wonder if I'm heading for trouble health wise again. I haven't eating much in the last few days. I didn't even notice till late last night as I was trying to fall asleep. I've been getting dry throat at work the last few days too and it was somewhat sore today. I am dreading the fight I am going to have with my landlord over 'storage' and my things. I am not putting them in storage. Hell NO. The agreement when I moved in was to allow me to get my stuff OUT of storage, I'm not putting it back it in, and I'm not going to let her do this without a fight.  She's also accused me of not paying full rent so I have to go to the bank tomorrow to get this settled because my account shows it going out and the check is to her.

My energy is down low and I have a full day tomorrow. I need to call my vet to make sure I can bring in Lucky for a quick blood draw for his liver and then I drop them off at Camp Bow Wow for bathing for Sat, they're getting pictures taken with Santa at Camp Bow Wow.
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First I get up late to find out my friend was wrong when his family was going to have their dinner. Then I find out that my tuition check went to someone else's house and they OPENed the envelop with my money but thankfully didn't mess with the check and brought my letter. If that wasn't enough my friend who was going to go with me to an event I promised my teacher I had someone coming with me pulled out (this I can understand and if it was the only thing to go wrong today I wouldn't be in my bad mood). And even that wasn't enough. I go to the bathroom to find FECAL MATTER on the toliet seat, and THE FLUSH HANDLE.

And I can't go pointing fingers, so guess what, I got to clean it. Thank good for heavy duty gloves and the half dozen cleaners I have in the house.


And to top it all off, my period started. So I am really NOT in a good mood.

And the day isn't even half way over.

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That apparently the dryer broke yesterday? Yep. And guess who was 'using it'? My housemate.

So the solution? My housemate getting a clothes line.


Where the hell is she gonna hang it? Our back porch is cover with shit and containers from the Aunt. Landry mat it is for me, I don't want bug crud thank you. If anything I'm hoping the b*tch falls and breaks her fat ass tail bone, sweet retrobution for her lazy, lying, ass when they 'tries' to put it up. And will I help? Nope. She can break all the chairs she has from her weight for all I care. Because you know what, if she had actually TRIED to get a job and got one the landlord could be convinced to go get a new one from a clearence store. But can she? Nope. 
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Last night I go to bed right after the 10 o'clock news. Thing is I keep waking up to my co-owners TV. I give up at midnight and go to the front room, which is in darkness minus to things. The TV and front door wide open. You read right, the front door OPEN! She's a sleep on the couch! So I turn on one of the lights and go to turn the TV off, but what do I find infront of the tv? Her boyfriend!!! He's not suppose to be in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to wake her up to get her to turn the TV off and I shut and lock the door, which is right next to the couch she sleeps on. I don't say anything else, and I didn't say anything else when I just came home, to find them both in the front room watching tv. Cold shoulder it is, for now until the guy is gone. And if my hunches are right my housemate is ranting and raving but not telling dear old mom the true extreme things are going, as always.

And I am also extreme pissed at a friend. Her sister was pregnant and I only found out today that the baby was born! She was suppose to call me for the baby shower, the birth, and all, but NOOOOO. The baby was born on the 8th!!!! Me really pissed.
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Is everyone tired of hearing me talk? Seems like all my friends are tired of hearing my problems here at home.
I went over to a family member's house who knows what I'm going through to get away from everything. And then they bring it up on whats going on, bugging me on what's happening now. Then I start getting lectured, lectured,  that I need to 'get off my butt' and help my Uncle with my Grandmother's house. WTF?! HELLO! I work, and I have school. I literally just walked out of the house, I had enough.

And as far as the drama here and at work, I am being more and more pulled into the middle of the problems and I don't want to one bit!

My friend Ghazal had another surgery and she wants me to come over and keep her company and help her, but tomorrow is my only day I can do laundry and her place doesn't have a washer or dryer. What to do, what to do.

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Yesterday I had to drive two hours to Austin just to see my friend who tutors me in japanese. He had to stay for class projects instead of heading back to SA on the weekend like he usually does. Everything was fine, I got some work done and progress made in understanding some of the grammar. So progress made we went to hang out before I would leave, to let go of the stress and catch up what had happened during the week and upcoming events.  Everything went find until I was driving back to my friend's apartment to drop him off before heading out of town.

I get a call from my landlord. I assume its about my rent, since I hadn't been able to get a hold of her for two weeks and I only paid half rent. Nope. She's raving at me about my dogs. She accuses me of treating them inhumanely for locking them in my room. Excuse me? I don't have a choice which refused to listen. Her daughter won't listen to me on how to properly watch after them, particularly Lucky with his arthritis. The Aunt has demanded me to lock them in my room when I leave the house for any amount of time. Her replay? "I'm sorry you can't trust my daughter." .

It infuriated me. How DARE she accuse me of such. I 'could' possibly get by and go to school full time and not have a part time job. But that amount of money would not and will not cover the normal vet visits, let alone the meds and rush vet visits. An average 1/4 of all my pay checks during the year go to my  three pets. And we had just eating and my stomach went into loco mood. I became nauseous, running to the bathroom for several reasons, and cramping in my stomach too. I left hours later than I had planned because I couldn't chance not finding a bathroom while on a the road. I'm still in pain this morning and feeling the need to 'go' almost constantly and angry for many reasons.

1) My housemate knows my landlord is mad at me and sall smug about it, the bitch.
2) Guess who was in the living room when I finally got home at midnight? My co-owner's boyfriend/fiance who isn't suppose to be in the house let alone stay over night!
3) Not getting a solid sleep I get up to find my co-owner's boyfriend using the washer and drying on MY WASH DAY! The only day in the entire week I can do laundry! And Guess what, its leaking. Still usable, but water leaks from the tub. They over filled it, how do I know? Because I'm smart and do tests, the idiots. I know how much to put in and how much not to. I have the washer and dryer now, but for how long? I have 4 loads total to do. Towels, jeans, clothes, and bedsheets.

My week looks to be like hell.

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Finally! The computers wouldn't load livejournal yesterday.

So far this week has been not a 'bad' week but a week where you keep forgetting little things that added together make a huge headache. Like yestrday I meant to go online and renew my books I checked out from the school for my history paper. Now they're over due and I have to physically carry them in and recheck them out, that's an extra ten pounds I'd have to carry in my backpack. Need I remind that I ride the bus and walk 5 to 10 minutes from my stops to campus or home?


And last night I accidently left the hot dogs I use to give my dogs their meds out and hence that got thrown out and now I have nothing to get them to take their meds. Oi. and Lucky gives me the most trouble and he takes the most pills!

So yeah, little things add up. And I'm gonna have to have a talk with my co-owner. She just can not use the tv in the front room. It kept me up and I had to go in there and turn it off because she was passed out on the couch and it woke me up this morning when she turn it back on and turned it up. Me do not like being woken up at 4:30 IN THE MORNING.

On the good note I got an idea to do with the kids at work for Halloween, Treasure Hunt. I'll make two sets of clues and split the class up into two groups. My partner will take one set and I'll take the other. The sets will be Pumpkins and Ghost. On the back of each picture they find is a drawing of the next clue to find the treasure which will be a bin of bagged goodies from the dollar store.
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Sorry for the long post, but the computers at my college don't like journal cuts I found out....

As of ten minutes ago I have officially dropped my math class. I have some paperwork to give my doctor when I see her the first week of November. Hopefully this paperwork will allow this drop not to be held against me or my GPA in the future as I work toward my BA. So I have almost two hours until my History class from now to focus on waking up and study for my Japanese vocab quiz and work on sentences to memorize to write to finish my japanese test for tomorrow. I'll get to that once I've checked mail, posted this, and have woken up my brain.

This weekend was a mess as far as me being organized. I locked myself out of my room and had to wait an hour for my friend to come by with the spare key I gave her so I could get my keys and head downtown. There was a Matsuri (Japanese Festival) going on Sat and I wanted and had volunteered to help. As it turns out my class mates (who are asses) apparently stayed longer than their shifts and so I wasn't needed. Fine by me. I got to see a performer play a Koto, a Japanese Harp, and that was awesome. I got photos on my friend's camera but I'll have to wait for her to load them onto her computer and send them to me before I can post them. I also got to attend a presentation by a worker from the Japanese Consulet about the JET program. The rest was okay, but not terribly exciting or interesting to me. I want hard core Japanese, not non-natives dressed in kimono. There was a woman who was said to be speaking about how to get into the anime industry, and when I go there I found out it was only on the art basis, not voice acting which I'd like to try for the hell of it. I get stage fright but put me in box and give me a microphone I think I could do well.

Sunday was as always chore day. Six loads of laundry, and cleaning the bathroom. I might have done more, but I retreated to my room because the co-owner suddenly had guys over hauling in stuff. A LOT OF STUFF. Lets just say there is a 'foot path' from the kitchen to the front door now...  What she's thinking I don't know because she didn't spend the night, she only came by to change before work... She better not be staying somewhere with her 'buea' and using our place as a storage and cat house. But I'm pushing the pressure on my housemate to deal with her and she'll most likely push that onto her mom. I don't want to be the go between I got enough to worry about and I know eventually her mom is gonna yell 'deal with it yourself' eventually and I don't want that at me, thank you very much.

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Well, she's here. The co-owner plus four cats are here to stay for how long remains to be scene. I'm feeling overwhelmed school wise at the moment personally. I'm doing better health but I've fallen seriously behind on my studies. I have a graded math assignment due, Jap vocab quiz, and History test tomorrow. Plus a Japanese chapter test Tues. I'm really hating my test book and notes, I'm looking at the problem and obviously seeing where they're jumping and assuming I'm to know what's between this line that made it to the next line. That pisses me off, because my teacher has started doing that this semester too. Oi.

So now I'm waiting for her to go to bed and turn off the tv in the living room so I can go to sleep. I don't want to push her too much right now.

Odd Note: I hate the Lazy Boy Commercials with those big leather seats, because I know they're actually well padded and sometimes I really wish I had one in my room to do my homework, a desk or on my bed....


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