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After two+ 13 gallon trash bags, moving in a stack of stack-able container, and reaching under my bed and dresser, officially 1/3 of my room is clean and dust bunny free!  x.x And Semi-organized....

Oh, and I found poor Movie Deluxe Bumblebee hidden underneath some books... ^.^' poor thing...

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Well I made some progress made today... not a lot in the grand scale of things. I emptied out my container of winter clothes into just one cube bag, the smallest of the three(Large). I have another one, the largest (jumbo), started for blankets. Only one could be cleaned at my house, I have to drag the rest of my blankets, 5 in all (not including the ones going to be donated), to the wash house. I have about 4-5 jackets I need to clean too. I'm going to use one of the Ex-Large space bags to put the sheets, blanket, matress pad, and all I use for my blow up matress for guests into a single container. I can only put the matress pad in it by itself otherwise, but that blanket has to be washed too, so that will wait for another day. But in all, I now have two containers that fit under my bed free to be filled of other stuff. It would take all three to hold the guest supplies, space bag should allow me to get that down to one.

So now I have to figure out what goes where, if I am keeping it. Things I will most likely go looking for several times a year will go under my bed. Stuff, like Halloween costumes, will go in the container in the closet. I hope to have the ten boxes I have in my room gone by the end of the week. If that can be done I will have a huge weight taken off my back. I talked with my second mom, she doesn't know when my house-mate will be returning, but suspects she'll be gone at least a week, most likely longer, considering my house-mate mom had to fork up the cash when she's in such trouble finacially right now somewhat. The longer the break,from her, the better. I am not making huge progress, but I'm not forced to hide in my room and there by able to get things done.

Count Down

Jul. 15th, 2008 08:25 pm
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Well, I don't know when but today my landlord will be arriving by airplane (I think). She might already be in town, just hasn't visited today. I'm still fighting my body, so I'm not getting -a lot- done. I got a small corner of my room organized and cleaned somewhat. Its hard to get all the little stuff when the broom is missing. Don't take a genius to figure out where. I talked to my health insurance guy, think we might have figured out the problem. Did laundry, scrubbed the hell out of the tub, cleaned the bathroom counter and sink, then took a well deserved bath, and ordered the The Dark Knight IMAX tickets for my group. I really wished I had focused on buying those tickets this past weekend, the evening showings were sold out for Friday. Only ones left were for early in the day and 1:45am late showing, we lost a person because of work issues to keep another, oh well. I don't know why but the back of my calves are killing me. I feel like I pulled them, but that's not possible. Read some fan fiction, posted a drabble, worked on another. That about rounds up my day.

I'm gonna hit my paper mess of a dresser tomorrow along with three things I have to do outside the house. If my house-mate is gone when I get home I'll clean the counters, stove top, and sink. I usually only clean on the weekends because by habit I don't have time otherwise from school, work, and studying every day during the school year.

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The plastic containers I bought to fit under my bed, DON'T FIT! Is my been sinking or something? Good god, now I have plenty of containers for my closet, but I need to put certain things under my bed, oi. I only got a little work done, my insides protesting most of the day. It feels like itsw 5 or 6 in the evening, thats how worn out I am. I'll take another crack at my closet in a while, if my stomach doesn't feel flippy. I'll try to get the boxes that wouldn't fit under my bed onto the shelf in my closet, but that's gonna be tricky.

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Well, I'm in deep shit. My friend Lythe is sick, majorly. So I'm on my own from here on out until she's well again. I'm gonna drag the boxes in the front room meant for my room, they're too heavy to carry. But I have to make room under my bed, the boxes under there already need to be shifted around. Plus there is my bike... I got that in the front room because I've been planning on getting back to riding, but with my stomache things haven't gone as plan at all. 

Yoko and Lucky are doing okay, appart from being locked in my room, with or without me, as usual. It looks like I'm back to my three week plan of cleaning and sorting as far as my room is concerned, landlord be damned.
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Two months ago, with the help of my friends, I bought a bunch of plastic storage containers. Over a dozen and ranging in size... only to find the ones I thought would fit under my bed, DON'T. x.x crap. I was counting on that... I really don't want to put certain things in the garage. >/  I'm working on cleaning my room.... I got a long way to go. I barely got one side done and thats when I discovered my problem. Oi, where am I gonna put them now?


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