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I finished it! Mahahah! 

... Well sorta... 

I have a few tiny things that I have questions on before I can deem it 100% done. Luckily the writing center opens at 8:30am and my class isn't until 10am so I have an hour and a half to get those little kinks out and TA DA! 


Now the hard part is actually getting my ass UP in the morning... I'm not a morning person period. 


P.S.  My personality and zodiac are so like my Icon its SCARY! >:)

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Monday I have this Essay that is due that counts more than anything else for my grade this semester. I've stopped fretting over if I have the right info and enough sources but that was just the first big step stone. Others were little things I had to get done in a correct format as steps toward knowing how to do it right, each one of those steps counted 20 points of the Essay grade. I got those so I am guaranteed at least a 60 if my paper was to come out crap, which it won't! But oi. It has to be 1800+ words and I have to follow a certain format exactly. I'm just over 1000 right now on its final rough draft. I needed a break, hence I'm typing this, ... funny, I'm doing more writing.. o.O(?)


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