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In the chaos of work beginning a new last week for the new year, sleeping off the stress of my uncle and family, and now this week trying to adjust to school and work again I kinda... let the place get into a mess... Not like slob slob, but I haven't taken the Christmas decorations off the front door (there are no lights, just bows and garland kinds of stuff)!! I hadn't put up the wrapping paper, sew the holes in my work jeans from wear and owning them for like.. 3+ years, among a lot of stuff laying about. Really haven't done dishes in two weeks, rinsed but never washed, just kinda let them pile in the sink... oi. It would be so much easier if I could actually use both kitchen sinks, one to soap and then one to rinse before let dry. -sighs-  But I don't feel too guilty, I made a 90 (I think) on my first biology quiz today. They're done weekly and with no heads up (so he says...).

But the good news is the contractor should be coming tomorrow, my Uncle's checks came late, today, instead of Wednesday. I left a message on the contractor's phone line since I couldn't call till I got home to give a go. I hope things go well so they get done by Sunday so I have Monday to snooze and study in peace. Then I hope on Tues I can convince my uncle to call the water company (the bills is in his name) and with a receipt from the plumber and contractor prove it was a leak and knock off a good chunk of the water bill, people keep telling me it can be done, so I'm hopeful. Maybe then I can also get around to making that letter!!!! OI!!!!

Right now, I need sleeps. Storms last night kept me up and I was up at 6am today, ei.


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