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I apparently have a 'rear distribution', or something like that, problem with my car. Its a Honda CRV, all wheel drive. I'm taking it in on Monday but I worry what could be wrong. It makes a bumb,bumb,bumb noise when I make tight turns, the tighter the turn the harder it sound and vibration. I thought it was my front because it happens when I turn but the body shop where my car was repaired said its the rear.

Any idea?


EDIT: Ehehe, Mouse nailed what the guy called it, the problem looks to be a rear distrubution thingy or something, or so said the shop dude.
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I'm finally feeling strong enough, coughing aside, that I should be able to make it classes this week. I did not go to any of my classes last week and I am very upset about it. First I had a test in my math course I was suppose to do two Fridays ago but was unable because of the bronchitis (that I wasn't sure that's what it was at the time) and my teacher will not let me make it up. She says she'll apply my final's grade to it but it upsets me because I feel like I was sure to make an A on that chapter. Second it the unknown factor in English, I was suppose to turn a paper in Tues but had no way to print it nor sent it to school in its folder with all the research and drafts as required. -sighs- I emailed my English professor explaining my situation and also express my willingness to obtain a letter from my doctor to prove in fact I DID have bronchitis (the stories she has on people trying to get OUT of their paper or other redicolious notions are amazing) and hope she will let me hand it to her Tues in class. I am hoping she will consider it and if she does really go through my papers and drafts she will see I haven't been to the writing center since the original agreed date nor made any huge fundemntal changes from all the drafts to suggest I overhauled it and I'm being true to my word. Japanese... I'm going to sit with my teacher and try to catch up. We've already agreed long before this with my struggling that I will most likely will have to take an Incomplete at the end of the semester have two months to work towards passing the final by Feb or fail the course.

I have the bookwork for math that was assigned during my absents, however I won't be able to turn it in for a grade. I have a list of things I know I was suppose to have done to turn in also in English but not for this past week, my contact in that class seems willing to speak to me on face book but not give any info of my class. Very... annoying.

I would be in a panic if not for two things: 1) seeing a new doctor (finally) in follow up on the Bronchitis (I saw a PA on that Monday) and finally get a script on my ADHD medication, and 2) with the medication well into my system last night I nearly completed one of the two sections HW in math given in class during my absents, without any notes or help from my friend who is a math major  who sat next to me the entire time doing her HW if she was needed. My contact in my math class has been kind in texting me the sections and bookwork given the few days I've missed class. She also gave me the password to slip past the locked out assignments so I can go back and do the online hw, I'm saving that for when I have 3 hours or more free and my math major friend with me to work on it. The program online is a pain in entering the answer correct and then second guessing myself when I did in fact had the correct answer. 

I want to thank [ profile] mmouse15 again, who was a huge help on my paper. She gave me more info and edits on  just one edit of one draft of my paper than the two sessions at the writing center with two different tutors combined. Those people were seriously NO help. And thank [ profile] autobotmosquito and [ profile] vermilionbird for their wonderful support.

Sorry if this spammed anyone's friends list.

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I called the group where my Doctor used to practice to make an appointment for my cough and get a new script for my meds. Guess what they said; I have to make TWO appointments because they are un related. WTF!!! Its NOT a new med for crying out loud damn it!! That was just stupid person #1 today. #2 was at the DSS office for people who have disablities. My questions was wether or not my test from Friday was still here or when I talk to my teacher she knows to resend it back over. The idiots reply? You have to discuss it with your teacher, we can't let you take the test unless we have instructions. Um, hello, that wasn't my question!!!!  This does not bold well for the day, does it? Oi. I repeated my question THREE FREAKING TIMES and she was like a mindless but rude freaking robot. Does the fact my voice is raw and I'm coughing not clue you in, you idiot?
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Okay, my teacher looked at me (coughing fits here and there), looked at the edits and suggestions (or lack of) by the writing center, and took into account I've been seeking her out for the past three weeks for opinions and guidance and gave me till Tues to tune up my paper.

Problem is, I have a Metaphor assignment, a Sense Poem, Short Story terms, and pick a story all on Tues too. English heavy weekend. I have to some how get to my math tonight, I was able to get my math test scheduled for tomorrow at the DSS office which gives me an extra night to go over the review. It won't help me point wise but at least it gets me to go over the material. I got half way through it with my friend last night so I hope to finish it tonight.

I am seriously thinking about going to the clinic tomorrow morning but I'm not sure...
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Thanks to a classmate I have the review for my Math test. I'm inclined to get it done because I get 5 extra points on my test if I complete it. That with the amount of editing and adding I need to put to my paper with my brain wanting to shut down on the subject looks to be a very, very long night.

McD's! Keep the Ice Coffee ready!
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What have I been up to the last week? A whole lot of something that feels like its adding up to nothing.

I have an extension on my poem explication paper (I was far from the only one having trouble) and I've 'sorta' been lazy on it. I finally found a book that talks about the summer palace, however its very little in detail (which pisses me off), and need to re-write a good portion of my paper but then I get into the citation mess. I'm always at a loss how to do them and I'm gonna be half guessing. I know what she expects now for the appendix though. I'm just so tired all the time. I've been working my butt of studying, trying to get assignments done, and get Japanese in order with no luck. I've had on average 3-4 hours of sleep a night the past two weeks with the exception of two days. How I'm even functioning I am not sure. 

I have the paper due Thurs, a math test Thurs, and to try to finish my Japanese test tomorrow. I don't think I'll be able to add much on the Japanese test. There is just such a huge gap between material I do remember and that which is on the test it is of little to no help. -sighs- I've talk to my teacher, she wants me to tough it out and if at worst give me an incomplete and till mid-Feb to study up, tutor up, and test up to passing. If it goes that way and I still can't do it... I've effectively killed my GPA standing. BUT, my classes are MWF next semester and if I have to I'll sit in on the Japanese classes the first few weeks on top of playing catch up studying with my teacher because those classes are on TR. I can't do that this semester because all my classes are already on TR.

I feel internet deprived, other than checking my mail on my phone I haven't been physically on the internet on a computer in 4 days.

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That's right, in a sense. No work today and copying an improntu study sessions last week plus drinking has bleed into more...

Originally was everyone meet up one way or another at 8pm at IHOP for eat/study for 3-4 hours then travel to the other side of the interstate to Fox and the Hound bar. Only 21 and up can enter so its a bummer for a few friends... me sorries... but anyways then when I suggested this I didn't know I had Friday off. And now I'm rushing to clean house, laundry, ect before an improtu movie afternoon while we wait for 8pm to roll around.

Its really becoming an improntu day, yes? Go away Yoda.
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Why the FUCK did my teacher have to give us 3 freaking assignments due at once online. The fucking program is making me so PISSED OFF!! I get the right answer but can never seem to input it fucking right and kills me score! i can't even get through the fucking mess without a minefield of "wrongs" when on my paper they come out right. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't even gotten through HALF OF ONE AISSIGNMENT!!!

I have a Japanese test tomorrow too god damn it!!!!!!! and because of this shit I haven't studied for it!!!!! I'm getting so pissed off I want to slam my fist into my computer!!!
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Well, apparently I'm not the only one struggling with the Poetry paper so it was moved to Tues as for being Due (YEAH!). I'm still gonna work on getting it done and out by Friday (I want it to be over...) I have to take my poetry test tomorrow morning (I get extended time, yahoo) and study for my Japanese Test Thurs, and a math Test next Thurs. Hm.... am I ever going to be allowed to get back to regular sleep? I'm running right now but I won't be surprised if my energy gets to a walk then a crawl soon with average of 4 hours of sleep each night. I usually don't do this except during finals, not mid-terms.
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I'm almost done with my paper, I just need to make it transition from paragraph to paragraph, make it to the 3rd page, get the cited stuff right, and its done. The guts of it is there, just needed to be tuned. I sent it off to [ profile] mmouse15 who is being so kind in proof reading it for me. Its due Thurs but I want to get it done by Tues night because I have a Japanese test to worry about for Thurs. I have my Poetry test Tues morning. I'll have also 3 online assignments due Wednesday night too.

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I'm pushing... what 16 hours awake.. at least... oh dear do my eye sting, but I need to get my math book hw done or I' will be in trouble for Thurs class. -sighs- My grade is pummeled already and the online deadlines are going to be harsh she said from here on out.
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I hope I'm not entering the classroom to be chewed out... My paper that is suppose to be 3-5 pages long is only 1 page. x.x Part in case that I have questions for my teacher and I'm not very good at asking questions over email and I didn't get a chance to find my teacher yesterday while on campus because I found out I had a meeting before work... lovely. She said on the handout to use encyclopedia and dictionaries for second source, and since I high doubt an encyclopedia has many pictures of the Summer Palace, Stone Boat, and the lake (which I figured out last night is misspelled... either by the author or all us westerners [my bet us]) I'm unsure where I should tread. That's just one of my questions.

I'm not panicing because its just the rough draft due today and the fact the final paper is not due for two weeks. If I'm giving permission to use a photography book I'll be happy, although I am not sure I can reach the 3 page min. I have a few more questions to ask her in that regard.
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My first paragraph is coming along, but I am stuck with the second because of lack of info. Its maddening that the only references I find either are of limited details or only have reference to the poem I'm working on and I have to stay away from looking at other peoples rendering of the poem! But here is, tell me what you think?

In Li-Young Lee’s “I Ask My Mother to Sing” the speaker is reflecting back to when he would listen to his mother and his grandmother sing of a China he has never seen. The tone is one of remembrance, the song has been sung so many times. In lines 3 and 4 you learn that even though the father has passed he was once part of this song, “If my father were alive, he would play--/his accordion and sway like a boat” (Lee 627). The reader can feel the sorrow and nostalgic of the memory as he begins to describe his mother’s song.

The rough draft is due Tues, I'm going to the Library tomorrow for more research. If I don't find what I need... I'll just write what I can at the moment, what can I do? I'm emailing my friend who is from China and see if she can imput me any info on the places mentioned in the poem so I can have an image that isn't drawn from someone else's rendering.
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So I go to Best Buy to buy a new TV antenna, long story short, it don't work. WTF is with the digital signal. Seriously, I could get certain stations, even with the converter box for stations that had gone digital, but when the date rolled around this June, nada. I couldn't get the stations I could get before, even those that had already gone digital. -sighs- So I'm taking that back, plus the stupid cord they said I needed but there was one already in the box. Thank you, I get $90 back. I'll be leaving in an hour or so. And that's not all, I went to the store and forgot one of the things that was a main reason I went. ARGH!!! And I'm still in trouble on my paper, I'm going to have to wing it with no sourcing and go by sole memory. If my teacher tries to chew me out... oh well, its only a freaking ruff draft that she wants turned in anyways! I'll go to school Monday to try and find a book that has what I'm looking for.
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Who would have thought that finding information on a piece of history when you know the country, you know the time period and know other details but not the info you need and needing to source such info would be so HARD? Seriously. I am not finding the info I need stated to support, or give me more insight, the peom I have to have a ruff draft to turn in Tues in completed form with cited works. Its pissing me off. I've found the so called movements but not the nitty gritty details that I can use to support. I never would have thought that a detailed but summarized of a 100 years nations history would have been so fucking hard.

Confused? One word: CHINA.

Thank god I have Friday off of work, I'm spending that day doing research and online hw for math. I need the weekend to either go over Japanese for my test or write that ruff draft. I have to have at least five paragraphs. (and I get the feeling I'll have more than that for sure by the time I'm done, done, and turn in the finished paper in two weeks).

Off Note: I got the flu shot yesterday, why the hell is my arm throbbing where I got the needle?
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I'm kinda freaked out that I don't have a regular doctor anymore since she left practice last month. I'm going to go talk to my math teacher in the morning and pray we can come up with some kind or compromise, I'm just feeling overwhelmed and freaked out about my grades, or lack there for of... oi. I haven't had any panic attacks but I have noticed dear tummy is becoming sensitive and thats where my freak out about my doctor, I don't have anyone to go to if I need to see someone!! I've been looking since I found out but not really sure what road to take... School has only been in for a few weeks but I am already feeling failure is on the horizon and I fight it every day so many times a day. I need to talk to my teachers. The only one I'm not totally freaking out (yet) on is English because we haven't done much outside of class and I don't have that pressure on me too (yet)...

My boss was getting after me (in a good way), "Stop freaking out!", l when I told her everything after work.
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Okay, I am at the end of my ropes. The work load my teachers are thrusting on me make me dizzy without even work into the equation. I missed classes Thurs and I'm waiting for someone in my English class to actually have the decency to reply back to my inquire what exactly is due Tues. Also, I think I need to talk to my math teacher. Its just becoming next to impossible turning everything in on time, both in the classroom and online. I can't make it do classes on MWF mornings to turn the assignments in. I need to see if I can have till 9am on the following class day. I don't like it but with so man assignments from her alone its difficult with the restrictions at work.

Training today was okay, long but actually worth the time in general. I ran into two past co-workers and a few other contacts and it was good to see them. It seriously almost felt like a family reunion for the first thirty minutes while we're waiting for everyone to arrive from all the schools.
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I skipped classes today. I felt like crap, was getting pain in the same spot I did in April when the Cyst on my ovary ruptured, and just in general didn't leave the bathroom for an hour. I am not thrilled because I was suppose to take Japanese test today (that I haven't studied for, NO FREAKING TIME!) and my english teacher would have been going over the paper stuff. Rough draft is due sometime next week and I can't find the guy's number who talk to in class. I emailed him once but I need to call him and meet up during the weekend if possible. -sighs- I'm in deep shit right now. I've only turned in ONE math assignment out of life... 6. Half of those are online. I don't know what to do. Its starting to freak me out. I have that little of free time when I'm coherent because of the fuck ups at work. So I spent this morning trying to figure out a new doctor to do see and get a Gyn since my original doctor is no longer practicing at the moment.. I didn't have much luck.

Thank you

Sep. 8th, 2009 06:49 pm
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I talked to my Japanese teacher and while everything isn't fine I do feel a little better but not much, I got blindsided with a test Thurs. I have two bookwork assignments, two online assignments, and two online quizzes to complete in math before tomorrow night. Thankfully all is quiet in the English area but my brain is still smarting from the poetry term headache from earlier today. I totally need to redo those stupid terms and put them in alphabetical order (no, they weren't in order when given to me!) and I have to research places in china for my poem (I'll explain later!).

Everyone is right, me is stressed!
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But still like crap. How the heck I'm not running a fever when I feel like I should be running one confuses me. I've felt like this since I first started feeling ill like my temp should be in the 99s near 100 and its freaking smack dab normal. I have but two loads of laundry to do and cleaned up the dog hair from the rooms and hallway. But I have not done a single but of homework. I actually just got up from an nap. Period cramps hit me hard even though I took midol when I realized the red was coming. I have to leave the house to head to costco in an hour or so. I hate having to leave the house on my first period day when I 'could' just stay home. But I'm low on bottle water and tomorrow is a holiday, bleh, and I have to get stuff. -sighs- My Labor Day is gonna be school work day. Oi.


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