Vote time!

Nov. 2nd, 2010 10:39 am
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Turns out I did a boo boo on my vote reg, forgot to do it when I move a year and a half ago. In theory they said I can vote where I was previously living I just need my ID card or my Driver License, and I thankfully found my old Drivers License diving into my draws. It paid off not to toss stuff out this time, lol. Thankfully where I need to go is on the way where I'm meeting my cousin for lunch, her treat. Only big annoyance is I'm super congested, woke up that way. I've been feeling icky with different symptoms since Thursday, bleh.
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I was the first one in line, apparently the early voting site I choose isn't one of the ones that the news has been saying 'extremely long lines', ha. Oh and I'm wearing 'Optimus Prime for President' from Hot Topic. XD

There were two main reasons I wanted to vote. Obviously was the presidential vote, and there was a proposition that I wanted to kill. Right now my city limits city council members to two two-year terms. The proposition was for them to be allowed up to four terms. So if they went back to back, that would be a total of eight years. NO THANK YOU. If it was three terms, yeah I could possibly go for that, but not four. So i voted against that sucker. May voting is when the ballots are filled to the brim of proposition city and school districts wise, and unless its something that I feel needs to pass or fail I don't head to the polls usually.  Like environmental, our water source  for our city of one million is literally in our back door so I'm for strict zoning laws, nothing is too strict to protect it, because if something got into it we have no way to clean it because its under ground. Recently there has been way too much development in the recharge area's in my opinion. Ironically the military is on the environmental side because there is a massive training base for night opps in that area and they don't want development to get to close for simulation reasons and so forth.

-steps off soap box-

Okay, i'm done now



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