Feb. 2nd, 2011 07:31 pm
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Its in the 20s right now, that's cold for south Texas. Poor Yoko, I'm so glad I got booties few months back. She was footies dancing trying to tolerate the cold to get near the grass from the porch yesterday when hauled her in and put them on. She wasn't happy until she realize that her paws weren't hitting the freezing ground. Today was just as good, even if it was colder. ZOOM!!!

We might get a little bit of snow Friday, if we do school should close and I'll do my best to get photos of it and hopefully a running Yoko.
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A few days ago I had to go get my car washed, birds decided to take an epic crap fall on it. Since I also had to get pet food I took Yoko with me and TADA, fun times! WARNING: YOKO MAY MAKE YOU DIZZY!!!

In other news a guy should be here in a few hours to fix the water heater (I hope).
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I hate gas! I have no hot water, I'm not even sure for how long! I didn't take a shower like I planned Wed night because I felt like crap, then I woke up late yesterday and literally had to throw clothes on and run to school for an exam, which I was still late to. So when I finally tried to take a bath because my knee started to ache like hell there was NOT HOT WATER!!! I didn't feel like I could stand in the shower of cold water so I had to take pain meds and take said freaking shower this morning. I don't know and really don't want to mess with the gas water heater. My reliable neighbor isn't home and I have a meeting and doctors appointment so I can't wait for relatives.

I don't have work, Just school, COULD LIFE CALM DOWN?!

EI!!! I and I just discovered Yoko has rolled in poop again for the third time in two weeks!
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I ran out of kitty food yesterday and Miss Mika was not a happy little shit. She got half of her normal dinner and no breakfast until I ran to the pet store with Yoko at 1pm. Oi.

Yoko's foot is doing great, and the past two days I've allowed her free run of the backyard for the first time since her accident. She's not gonna be happy with me though, I GOT HER BOOTIES!!! LOL, the ground gets so hot even now when we haven't hit summer temps that I didn't resist getting her booties to take her for walks when it starts to get dark. Texas heat sucks and she's going to give pitiful looks for some time to come but she needs to loose some pounds and I need to start walking at least a few miles a couple times a week now that I don't have my racquetball class to exercise.

Work is getting beyond hectic. We found out which one of my kinders has been peeing all over the bathroom and he got busted good. The custodian had just cleaned the boy's bathroom in the cafeteria and he was the first one in and he even dropped poop on the floor. oi. Also this week on Thursday is our water field day, and for the next few days to come I'll be filling water balloons in a cooler for work. 1-5th will have massive water balloon fights, my kinders will be paying in a sprinkler set.

I'm currently waiting for it to cool down in about 5 hours to go clean out my car. Till then I'm doing laundry and the normal lazy cleaning (when I should really be overhaul cleaning).
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Bleh, yoko and I been at the vets fir two houts waiting to get her bandages off and a look at her stiches.

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After $500 Yoko is home, has a bandage foot and meds with two vet visits in the future in followups. Hopefully she'll behave or I'll have to take her back to get new bandages to cover her surgery stuff. There is a constant prediction, change as to when, suppose to rain in the next 72 hours, so she's going to be walking with a bag around her foot, hahaha, I am so taking a video of that.

My weekend is of cleaning, yoko, and a paper. Joy. Thank god its a long weekend.
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Today is wasn't Lucky to the Emergency Vet. I got home at 12 today and put Yoko and Lucky outside, twenty min later I went to bring them in. This time though when I called Yoko from the rear of the yard running the fence line with the neighboor's dog her right paw was bleeding. After work I found the cause, she had sliced open the top of her paw to the bone on a rebar that had become exposed from the recent rain we had last week, or so I guess. I found them after searching the yard after work, they're right on the fence line, just tossed rebars from who knows how long ago as my grandmother's houseis 60 years old.

I am currently at the vet waiting to be shown back to where she is, she'll be having surgery tonight in a few hours and going home tomorrow night.

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Yoko was facing behind me and did a doggie shake, and as result I got hit by her tail three times in quick, bang, bang, bang like a whip under my arm on my ribs. Ow.
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Argh, I just can't get a break!!! My vet decided to start a new policy. And say's I'm the inspiration. argh. $5 for every new prescription order called in to an another pharmacy, the net in my case. $3 for every refill. The reason I'm doing it only so I can save up to $50 a month on the stupid shit so that $50 goes toward the pet insurance for all three of my pets. Damn it.

-head hits desk-

Am I going to have to switch vets that I use to order meds now?

I go there as is for single does of their heartworm and flea protects every month, I can't afford to get a six month pack for them right now. That's like... almost $60. Isn't my $60 to them that way enough? jeez. thanks dude.

Its just... so freaking annoying. If the meds weren't cheaper where I order them now I wouldn't be going it.

14 days...

Jun. 2nd, 2009 10:56 pm
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Can you believe its just 14 days? I'm so trying NOT to freak out. My to do list tomorrow includes paying fixed bills a head of time and all bills that have come in so far. The sooner I get that out of my bank account the better I know just how much spending money I can take with me to Japan. 

I wonder how many emails I'll have in my mail box when I get back if I'm unable to check it while overseas for two weeks. I thought I'd make this a game, the person close to the number when I get back wins a sparkling ficlet of their choice of characters. :)

On a side note... I think Yoko's favorite toy is going to have to be trashed soon... its so sad since its a teddy bear.


Jan. 30th, 2009 08:28 pm
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Yoko's new toy has survived but it not spot free. The spike on the top on his back been chewed a bit, but it doesn't look anymore than like a pair a sissors snipped it, not chewed.

I leave soon for Grandma's house for the weekend, 48 hours of no net, boo. There is the Asian Festival is tomorrow and I'm needing to get up at 6:30 so I can wash and deal with my hair and let Yoko exercise good before leaving for half the day. I'll be helping my current neighboor with his group's booth. I won't be working right off the back, I'm gonna go snoop out the selling boths before the crowds claim the top goodies. XD That happened last year and I didn't get what I was looking for.

I also didn't have my camera and I will be taking photos, yahoo!

Getting the strength to pack up my stuff is a chore right now, I am truelly tired. Getting up at 6:30 and pretty much running around for most of the day. I had a large number of kinders out today, which made things easier but I'm still exhausted since I've got this cold/congestion sticking to me bad. Oi.
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Yoko new toy has finally gotten a good chewing, and so far it hasn't lost an ear, nose, tail, wing, or spike off its little draggon body.

And its so damn cute!!!!! XD

Am I spamming ya'lls friend list too much?
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Yoko and Lucky are at Camp Bow Wow for the day, you can see them LIVE!!!

Just go here and go through the different cameras.

They're going to be there until about 6pm, so they can have a full day of fun. XD

Note: The High Resolution cams have never seem to work for me, but the regular work good.
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Well this weekend was good and bad. Sat was good because I got some of my Japanese homework done, bad because I didn't get it all done like I wanted. I was able to hang out with my friend Patrick for the rest of the day. Sunday I was sick and fuzzy brained all day, and all I got that was productive was laundry.

Today I over slept because my alarm malfunctioned and thus missed class. I'm kinda glad, I don't need to be stressed in any shape or form. I'm getting two students today, one is austic, and the other is severly hearing impaired with a implant. I'm going to have to be winging it the entire time with how to handle them and keeping the others from poking fun. I don't know if they have regular classes or not during the day, if they do the teachers would have addressed that somewhat already...

On the Cute note, this is what I found when I came back from my shower....


Aug. 24th, 2008 02:39 pm
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 x.x the yard was mowed yesterday and my dog Yoko decided to go roll in a mixture of grass, mud, and pooh, blah. So I had to do an unexpected bath day, I was going to wait because we've forecasted for more rain. But I had to not only wash the dogs but I had to wash their beds so they had a clean place to sleep. Oi. I'm tired. Little bugger -glares at yoko- Just can't stay out of trouble.
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I caught Yoko and Mika in an adorable moment!  Usually if I try to capture this they move or stop, but not this time! >:D

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I actually woke up before my alarm today (YES!) thanks to Yoko who had to go outside for business and a Starbucks Frapuccino from the fridge. The key will to have a repeat tomorrow. I spent the morning fighting to stay away, check e-mail, and be a normal lazy college student, with the exception of not being asleep. 

So eventually I got ready, took care of the dogs, locked up, and went to the bus stop at the end of street. Why is this mentionable? My bus was actually on time! And my bus arrive at just the right moment for me to hop on another bus heading toward school instead of the normal 15 minute walk from my stop. It was already over 90 degrees so I got on the bus instead of getting exercise, lol. My city's bus system may be pathetic, but they are smart enough not to skimp on the Air Conditioning! Even with a full bus its usual very cool (that can't be said for other people's body odor sometimes).

Anyways, I get to campus and get in line at the admissions and records line to get my class schedule. What I find really messed up is when you walk in there is "Information Center" on the sign pointing down the hall but you can't find it... like it disappears after that, maybe its like Platform 9 and 3/4 and you got to know what wall to walk through to find it. So I get my class schedule, and head to the bookstore. They change the layout some what again... oi. With a few minutes being ignored I found the only book I need, my history book, and checked out. I had originally thought the time from arriving on campus to getting the book would take an extra half hour... it didn't and I walked to the campus radio station, KSYM 90.1, to meet up with my friend Patrick. 

So I walk in and at first I thought there was a mistake, it looked empty. I hesitantly go into the office and then I see him through the studio door. I knock, having no clue but assuming I'm not allowed into the studio but he brings me in and I sit down. After a few times he goes on the air he comes up with the idea of me being a 'guest' from high school and putting me on the air. Its a while before he goes on again, and we're talking and I was going through bands. KSYM only plays Alternative music, so I start to list off artist I could remember (which is a miracle) and hit one that is. He goes to the library and pulls out the disks of Muse. I selected Knight of Cynodia, which I missed pronounced, on the air because I had no idea how to say it >.< Patrick found it funny and made a nice joke of it (glad to be of service :p ). So we're talking and he comes up with the idea  again, he has to broadcast the current weather conditions before the end of his time on the air waves and drafts me into. I was to give the current and projected temps, so I said, "Hello again, its currently 97 at the KSYM studio with a projected high of 99." We bantered slightly on that and when he introduced the next song by a japanese artist. 

Afterwards we went out for lunch and hung out before he drove me home considering I had taken the bus and we weren't anywhere near my route in the end of things. So it was an interesting and fun day, I'm thinking about going down to campus again but earlier to hang out with Patrick, even if I don't go on air again. The question if I wake up early and can get my butt in gear to get to campus, lol.

I went to the wash house, finally washed my blankets and jackets and that chore is over. So in all, I say a good day. At the moment Mika is being...

Odd )

... Yoko is doing her best to ignore her and nap...


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