Mar. 2nd, 2009 11:48 am
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Yahoo! He arrived at 9am, and he's was a hot asian so I let it slide.... :3 Plus he worked effeciently. Grandma's house isn't exactly easy... lol. The gate gave us trouble, for example. I'll get my iced coffee on my way to work, my eyes are still hurting from getting up so early. And while he was here I was so very proud of my dogs. They were pretty quiet, got a little excited but calmed down fast. I'll post again when I get home from night class. Right now I'm forced to use the sewing room until I get a wireless router. I'm not spending that money until I pay all my major bills, I don't know if my Uncle is gonna call for me to pay the electric and water bill right now since I just moved in, I hope not. He called last night, the home insurance is due, I need to pay almost $300 just for half of it. -sighs- Atleast its only once every sice months....
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Well I no longer have my broad band internet and neither does my house-mate. WHY? Because we had internet with Time Warner, and my landlord had gotten a one year promotion for phone, internet and basic TV for $99 plus taxes a month. It just jumped $60 with the year up, so the internet has but cut. My landlord isn't willing to pay it anymore that expensive because my house-mate isn't making enough right now to pay her half (as if she ever was paying her half). All I know is I warned my house-mate about this and my landlord too. BUT NO, no one listens to me. Bleh.

So now I'm buming off someone else's unsecured wireless. Meaning I can't do much without risking my info getting seen by someone else, joy. -.-' And I got gift certificates I got to order for friend's birthdays, damn it. OI. No to mention school. I'm gonna talk to the landlord tomorrow, and if she looks to not be getting internet again I'll go see AT&T who I have my cell with and what their internet is, how much it is, and what it will cost to get it installed, because it will be in my room ONLY, ha. 

But thats just talk right now, I got to see what's gonna happen and do figures, joy... x.x


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