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 OW! It Burns! Today was the field water day at work. We had slip and slides, water ballons, indoor games, frito pies, and nachos for the kids. I had a supersoaker for a while too. But I forgot one important thing, sunscreen. I was too busy layering the kids up. I didn't get burned in the usual areas, nope. I got burn on the back calfs. I don't think I've ever been burned there!!! I didn't even know I was burned until I got home late from a japanese concert, Budo Grape, an hour ago and took off my pants. I thought it was just sore muscles. OW. I've put the sunscreen lotion from plant extract on three times in the last ten minutes. Oi. And I have work tommorrow , meaning I can't lounge in shorts for a day or anything, ow ow ow. I'm white and I don't tan, so I burn easily. I even got blisters on my ears from not putting sunscreen on them (didn't even think of it) when I went on a boat for a day.
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EI!!!! Last night I was finally able to attend a Blue Man Group concert! XD I bought the tickets as soon as they came on sale, though I was little worried on where I'd be sitting. I was in section 10, which put me on the left side from the stage; row seven, I was just above stage level, I got a GREAT view; seat 11, I was a little bit on the far side of the middle seats from the stage so my view wasn't blocked! How close was eye? I could see the white of their eyes! Granted their blue face paint really does help but still. It was great, I can't say it enough.

 I would attend another one if they come through my city again. And that's saying something for me. XD I only saw Nsync twice because I was in middle school and they were the group all the girls were raving about and I didn't want to be picked on. They were okay, but not really something I'd go to a concert if it wasn't for peer pressure. I've seen CATS, something that is a must, and it was great too, but I wouldn't want to go see it again. I've seen Lion King on Broadway, now that I would like to see again! I was in the upper sections and didn't I have a great view was great too. 

It was a good thing I wore regular clothes, they do get the audience to get into it. Several times they held up a cell phone and got hundreds of people waving theirs to the beat, including. They went out into the audience on the floor level, it was so cool! Picked a few people and used them on stage. At the end they asked for everyone up and out of their seats and to do the rock concert movements, it was fun! The talent they had in the band and in vocals behind them were great too.


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