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For some odd reason for the past 4 days (until this morning) I would wake up bright and early way before my alarm clock. Not today, nope. I woke up like hell, brain stuff and wanting more sleep, to get my butt to classes. On a good note my teacher doesn't need the book and told us to return it (yea, $160 back to me!) and on the bad note she does have an accent but I hope with the fact my notetaker is in in the class I can just focus and get used to it (its not really bad, just when she goes FAST).

Work was... chaotic from beginning to end but I didn't have that overwhelmed feeling since I was moved to 1st grade and half my class are my kinders from last year (and not a single kid who misbehaves every day!). We were thrown off our grove because my boss has to take 5th grade, we're still short a person, but everything was fine until the last half hour the parents showed up. WAY TO FREAKING EARLY and they went to my door first... ei.... and my boss was outside with the 5th graders... -sighs-

Pick up was a mess. They've been doing construction all summer and not finished with one of the two teacher parking lots being used for storage of equipment the teachers were parking in the field and parents in the second teacher's parking lot. (I need to get a picture, this is only till Wed, ehehe). But anyways so parents start arrived at 4:30 instead of 5:00!!! I got mobbed by nearly ten parents trying to move my kids to the temporary (or might be semi-permanent since we don't know about that main parking lot) for the pick up. -sighs-

It was a wreck trying to get kids to their cars, keep the cars moving, keeping the kids where they were suppose to be (and they weren't staying there!!!), keeping an eye on the wandering kids, getting them back in place, getting parents to sign out their kids AND CHECKING THEIR IDs with the pickup list!!!! Gah!!! I'm suprised I didn' get a dizzy spell and collapse now that I think of it. it was 101 today too.

And oh... I have to repeat this for the next three weeks until the bus schedule starts.... x.x


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