Sep. 5th, 2010

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Lucky is not doing so well. And how this all started is beyond bizarre.

I woke up to find him stuck in a laundry basket. Seriously. He was unable to get out of it, as it was right side up, and stressing out. I got him out and he appeared fine. A few hours later he started to have trouble walking and then began to behave abnormally. I rushed him to the Emergency Pet Clinic and lets just say I had an emotional hell. The pet clinic is much more expensive than Becker's, but Becker's been getting some heat and I don't want to go near there until they've long established themselves in more reputable terms. I had them do a blood work, even though I feel he aggravated his spine (he had an injury in March), because he's on medication that can over per-long use can cause his liver to fail. It came back just within the normal limits, which was surprising with how much he gets but he does take milk thistle to help his liver. A few things may 'possibly' indicate other diseases or cancers but they were low enough not to really draw flags. His kidneys were also doing fine, just a bit high on levels. He was dehydrated so they put him on fluids for 4 hours and gave him a steroid shot. If he does not do better I am frightened of what I might have to decide.


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