Aug. 20th, 2010

nova_myth: (Lost of Self Control!)
I can't really tell but if I go off my past surgeries I am in for a very good kind of hell.

How the hell can there be a good kind of hell?

I think I have a cork stitched in my left ear. Last time I had a cork stitched in an ear my hearing went from 40% to 90% when they removed it. It was frightening in a way I can't describe to have everything so loud and unable to turn the volume down. I could hear the freaking AIR move and the rustle of fabric from people breathing!! I was pleading with them to put the freaking thing back IN!!This was about ten years ago and its an experience I would rather not have to go through again but if this surgery was successful then this is what is coming Tuesday in the follow up. I'm absolutely terrified and I'm considering asking a friend and her mom to take me because if it is... I don't think I'll be able to drive for a few hours.... I know this friend is having friends over this weekend so I'm debating on broaching the subject but.. oi. I'm scared, REALLY FREAKING SCARED.

At the same time my hear is off before what little hearing I had is gone in my left side because there is a cork in it. (I think)


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