Jun. 27th, 2010

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I am exhausted. I'm saddle sore, tired, drained and staring at a pile of laundry from last week and this weekend and wondering if I can get away with waiting till tomorrow to do them. -sighs- I'll have to be sure I have the clothes needed for my two jobs to find out but I don't want to move from where I sit. I'm also exhausted because Lucky was absolutely filthy, more so than normal, when I picked up him. He had dry pee and poop on him because I didn't tell them to bath him. Normally he'll have a little pee on him because he can't pee in the right direction, he always gets his rear legs, and dust from laying on the cool concrete floor. So I yank him into the tube and give him a good hard scrub and he was pissy about it. Yoko wasn't happy with me either when I went an dragged her into the tube after Lucky, since I was bathing one and all the dog towels were clean I said why not do both.

I'll post details of my trip later or sometime this week when I have the energy. Right now I just want to collapse into bed but I need to see if I need to do laundry, feed/medicate the dogs, and dry my hair.



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