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I AM SO ENRAGED!!!!! I HAVE TO VENT!!!! The utter bullshit from the republican and right wing fake news of "Fox News" have annoyed the hell out of me with their two faced lies all year. Sarah Palin's is a tripple face, she showed one during her so called 'speeches' during the 08 elections, second in her interviews and resignation of her of job as Govenor, another for the book tour that contradicts her own words, the spewing lies of the health care debate with false 'death panels' and this so called correspondence with Fox News as a contributor.

But oh Rush Limbaugh, you take the cake of being a cold heart bastard. Forever in your 'controversial' truth in fact in goal of money and fame you've out done all of the other media falsifiers, quitter as no longer governor, and bought out right wing politicians on capital hill combined. Taking the unfolding tradegy of Haiti and politically twisting it to your hate agenda. You are inhuman, unmoral, and down right evil. People, most likely in the thousands and possibly tens of thousands ARE DYING from an Earthquake and you're trying to score points against Obama!?!

Instead of speaking to your listeners and ask for hope and prayer for the souls of the lost and those left living in a virtual nightmare you're attacking our President when it hasn't been two days since the earthquake hit, with over 30 after shocks, people crushed or dying within buildings and rubble?!?!


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