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I went to the Half Price Books in the same shopping center as BestBuy. I went in to see if/when I have to renew my card as an educator for 10% discount. Normally I wouldn't bother with a 10% off most places but Half Price really as its name, everything is 50% off retail value in the store if not more so its like getting anything I buy (and I do mean anything) for 60% of retail value. DVDs, manga, books, CDs, even stuff on clearance, auto extra 10% off. So I went in, look in the kids area for Magic School Bus or Reading Rainbow DVDs or tapes, and wandered over to Reference section that also had the foreign language with it. I found the first three Latin textbooks we used at my highschool. I already have Units 1, 2, and 4. I didn't remember exactly  which units I had right then and there- except Unit 4- so I bought them all. I'll take back Units 1 and 2 for a full refund tomorrow. I just have this giggling insanity though  looking at them all on my selves. I never got to Unit 4, I barely touched Unit 3. All I'm missing truly is a teachers manual so I can check translations. Mahahaha. I completely believe that its because of latin I scored high on tests that were to see where my reading level was, because I can tell you I was guessing a LOT back then. Thank you roots! LOL. I bought AVPR Unrated DVD for like $6 or $7 too. Hehehe. I found a copy of the Black Stallion. I'm debating on reading that to the kinders. I'll read it again, god its been a LONG time, and decide about approaching my boss like I did last year with treasure Island and the muppets movie version. I bought a romance novel... and I just realized I don't know if that's still in the car or in what... whoops. Need to hunt that down and put it on my 'to read' shelf. Yes, I have a freaking to read shelf, and I need bigger bookcase!!! I stayed away from the children's of floppy books. They may only be a $1 each but it takes over and hour flippy through them and I end up spending over $20 each time I do that... I think I did enough damage to my bank account (even if Fri was payday) for right now....


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