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 Well I got home from Hillsboro just after midnight. I would have like for my house-mate to be asleep and just not have had to deal with her. Because just as I expected, the place was a mess. Half the dishes I had washed the night before I left were  dirty and filling the sink. She had used 4 pots and one pan, only a few were in the sink. The counters were covered with stuff, joy. Its Easter, I'm not going spend the day cleaning! I loaded up the dishwasher as much as it would hold but it wouldn't hold everything. I'll clean the counters tomorrow before work. I did the bathroom at least. Hell I needed a soak, bad. Thankfully my house-mate left just before noon so I didn't have to deal with her for today. The bad part is everyone who I call friend is either working, out of town, or with their families. Also on the plus side, my relatives didn't push me to spend Easter with them. So while its been a dull day, its been one I could relax a little and be completely lazy. My entire Spring Break I spent parts of the days working on something and having only a few real lazy hours, today was my only real complete lazy day.


Mar. 21st, 2008 01:48 pm
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Well I'm in Hillsboro. The drive up was a little bit difficult. My dog Yoko was a wreck the entire way. I had to keep her buckled up in the front seat because if she was loose she'd sit behind me and pant in my ear the whole way. If I tried to buckle her up in the back she would have chewed the seat belt attached to her harness. Lucky thankfully was content to just stay where he was and sleep. Usually he tries to turn around or something and gets tangled.

My friend's little sister grew so much, I just can't believe it. I've missed them so much; its not fair I have to leave tomorrow night. ;.; I feel a little awkward most of the time, and babble like Bluestreak just trying to make conversation. I'm really not good at playing catch up. -.- Other than that I fell back into the old routine okay. Knew where things were in the kitchen once I had a chance to pause and literally rewind my mind to how it was before I moved. Makes me homesick for this place, I miss how easy and stress free it is to be up here compared to down in San Antonio.

Trip delay

Mar. 20th, 2008 11:26 am
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 Well my road trip has been delayed yet again. Now from a three day trip, two day trip, to now an over night trip. >...<  I'll be leaving in the super early hours tomorrow and making the drive then, hopefully I'll avoid the traffic of people that have to go to work and others heading toward their Easter weekend destination. I'll be coming back late Saturday night, lovely. ;.; Oi. Its a little over 24 hours with those who I consider my family so I'll take it. I most likely won't be able to see them again till Christmas break. Man I would SO love to actually know Optimus. I could crash in his cab the 5+ hour drive up, he'd be able to see family interaction and stretch his legs at night. I know my friends mom would instantly get over the whole alien robot thing if he accidentally stepped on a few rattlesnakes. Don't get me wrong, I'm opposed to their slaughter, but she would love it. She was bitten by one as a child and she has a 8 year running around so, eh.
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Damn, am I ever going to have peace during this Spring Break? My house-mate, who apparently had hours cut yet again to where she's off all week, arrived today from who knows where with her niece. I'm like, okay I can deal, I can deal. Only not a minute after I get my dogs into my room her door goes slamming. Again, and again, and again! She's been slamming it every time she leaves the room or goes into it... I annoyed but more at the fact, hello, you got a 6 or 7 year old in there! WTF are you doing slamming doors so hard I can hear it with headphones on!!! Good grief. I feel sorry for the kid, seriously. I don't think my house-mate has washed her bed linens in over six months and the kid has to share the bed with her. ::shivers:: Gross. 

Oh and remember the new dog who could possibly 'arrive' at any time? It bit the kid. For no reason according to the girl. I didn't have to ask or anything, she came into the kitchen as I was cooking dinner and started talking. She obviously just wanted attention, real attention. But I was cutting stuff up and its either focus on her or focus on the really sharp knife in my hand. -.-; So after a few minutes, where she brought up the dog bite, which looks only like a scratch, she went back to the my house-mate's room. I have the feeling its going to be a long night. 

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Well my Spring Break is going to be rather dull. All, but one, of my friends are going to be out of town for the entire week! I'll be going up to North Texas for 2 days to visit some friends who will be moving to another state soon. ;.; My whole paycheck this week I get friday will go toward paying my credit card for gas and boarding my dogs. I don't trust my house-mate to watch my dogs like she 'says she does'. (I get home last night to find my dog throwing up in the backyard... ) Beyond that my list of stuff I have to do is clean my room on the top. Shift, sort, rebox all my stuff left from my move from almost exactly one year ago. That is a lot, no small measure either. And that's just my stuff. I also have crap to do around this shit place because of miss lazy I house with. -.- She tells her mom that she still has her job... I seriously wonder because if she has work starting at 11am... how does she home by 6pm when she rides the bus system for nearly an hour? She's be having to have only a 4 hour shift. I worked at McDonalds before when I first moved here... they don't do four hour shifts unless its for major overpack at the mall and they need more people, but even that its the wrong season. She's only gone to work yetrsday and today, the hours don't add up though, seriously... before that she last worked on Fri, Sat, Sun last week...   And on those days she was gone the correct amount of time.  Also I got a call last night from her mom asking me if I had $25 to lend my houst-mate because her wallet got stolen (I said no)... again... Things really don't add up lately. Hopefully even with all this crap I got to go I'll be able to get my energy reserves I lost from the flu back in Jan.


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