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I got an extra package surprise. My friend Mei Mei sent me a birthday present that didn't arrive until today after dark, the fool who delivered didn't even ring the door bell, blah.  But Me HAPPY!

I got a Cami, PJ pants, and slippers from Forever21. All of it the right size and not irritating to my skin. WAY TO GO MEI MEI. She's pulled off what my family has failed to do since I was born, yea. And they fit ME in personality~!!!!

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So I went by to give Mei Mei my snow jacket since I'm not going to need it and she can put it to go use. I was surprised and invited to go to the Mall with Mei Mei while her host mom had a pedicure. We had just an hour to do some window shopping. I ended up getting this sweater from Express because I had a coupon for 20% off, yea. I'm glad I pressed her to go into A'gaci, she found a little black dress and it was cheap too. She needed something for formal wear fridays or something like that at school.

We had lunch in the food court with both her parents before split ways, they were taking her to the airport after one more stop. Again, I really didn't get a chance to see how she's been over the last 5 years in detail and see how she was truely doing.
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It was a good day. I didn't get her to myself at all and we didn't really get a chance to catch up like I wanted because of that but it was good. I met up with her at the Mall, did a little shopping before hand (I know bad me, but I actually found a sweater and nice party shirt cheap). We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, never been there before. Had Chicken Picata, I couldn't resist, I love it when its made right with capers. I found I didn't dislike cheesecake like i thought I did if its the good stuff.

We left and went shoe hunting for Mei Mei because she'll be working part time in the school kitchen. I ended up finding the most comfortable black sneakers (score). I told her I was jealous, they have a lot of padding. Then we went to her host mom's house for a while before we all went to go see Babalyon AD, which was cool. It was hard to really get into it because I wanted to talk to Mei Mei, lol, and had to resist a lot.

I'll either meet up with them again tomorrow or Monday before her flight back. If its tomorrow I hope its in the afternoon again, I'm totally out of towels and I need to laundry bad. XD
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The first weekend of my third semester of schoo is as follows: 44 new japanese vocab words to study for a quiz Tues, figuring out how time is said and numbers between 1-100 in Japanese, action noun and verbs in japanese, two sections of math hw with 30+ questions each, and at min two chapters of history (app 10 pages in each ch). Granted this bulk is because of the vet rush with Lucky early in the week but even if you cut that in half its a lot to do, since I'm not fully back into the game.

I still have not heard from Mei Mei, my friend from China, since last week. She should be either arrived or on a flight into town. I hope to hear from tomorrow. I want to have a good two hours if I can to catch up with her. Five years is a long time.

On a good note I got my new shoes, they're not Nike though. Nothing fit right, but then again finding shoes in my size was hard. I have small feet and the size sales out fast. I got Addius again. These do fit better than my old shoes fit when I first put them on. Hopefully they'll stand up to the challenge. I'll wear them to school then switch at home till they broken in enough for work.
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-Screams, jumps, and bounces all around- OMG, my day has just been made. I get an email notification my friend in china through facebook, who I haven't seen in 7 years, is in her dorm room  and gives me the number and I call her. She was an exchange student at my high school oh so long ago and now she's back in the US getting ready to start toward her Masters Degree. I called her right away and we talked for half an hour. If that wasn't enough, she's going to be back in my home city at the end of the month during the Labor Day weekend!!!

I am so freaky wide awake now, I've on an energy high I haven't felt like since last fall when I literally ran into a friend I hadn't seen or heard from in four years at that time. I knew she was coming and starting at a school in the north this fall, but I didn't expect to hear so soon, let alone talk to her, and know she's going to be here in a matter of weeks. I'll see and hug her for the first time in so long. We've kept in touch through e-mails, letters, and talked once over the phone after my mom passed away. Facebook has been huge help in keeping in touch with each other's lives in the last year, and now it will do more so and I will be able to talk to her. 

I am on a high of emotion that has lifted my spirits, it is so hard to describe. 

Mei Mei, my dear friend, is coming to her second home.


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