Lucky day 4

Sep. 8th, 2010 11:43 pm
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In some ways Lucky is better, he's more willing to eat but I still have to feed him with a turkey baster until the antibiotics do their work. In other ways he's worse; he's lost weight, I don't need a scale to see it. I've come up with a new mixture to feed him via the turkey baster but it waters down his canned food a lot, taking up a lot of room in his stomach and there by not giving him as much calories or nutrients he needs. He's looking as miserable as he was on Sunday, the only difference is he's able to walk, eat, and drink but looks absolutely miserable. His tummy obviously doesn't like what its being put through but so far no vomiting so I just have to pace things as best I can. The sooner he can eat on his own the better he'll feel. He wants to eat, the poor thing. I'm currently waiting for his towels to finish drying. Because of the insane rain from Hermine the last 3 days I've had to use all the dog towels to dry them and get mud of their feet and now he doesn't have a towel for his bed, hence the wash. On the good news I was able to finally get a high calorie can food to add into the mix, this should help him but he can only have it for a few days and it must be mixed with his other food.


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