Oct. 9th, 2010

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Sorry in advances about no LJ cut, my computer and live journal not liking each other...

I sucked, lol, and I didn't die immediately and 'somewhat' held my own by pure luck. The reason I'm so interested it the guys have no problem teaching me while kicking my ass so I'm not feeling completely hopeless and its fun as hell when I finally get something and play it right, though that was like in one or two turns and not really giving me an edge at any point at all. Once the store allows dogs again (they've ban them since they put in new floors apparently) I will be happy as hell. I'll be able to rush home, feed Yoko, make her do business, and she'll get some social outing. She desperately needs them and I don't like going to places where I'm gonna be tempted to buy a lot of stuff and hardly spend an hour. At the comic store we're there playing for a solid 2 hours, usually hanging out waiting for everyone to arrive a half hour to an hour depending who gets there first, ect. I'm so far the only girl to have shown up, but I've already been added into the 'crew' by the guys apparently on facebook groups and they're are one or two other girls listed in the 'crew'. I will not deny I'm not spending money, I have spent a pretty penny for cards but I stare at the amount the others have and I'm like, lol. Oh, and the deck I'm playing apparently just came out Oct 1st, so the fact I have around 1/2 to a 1/4 the number of cards they have... I'm hardly spending compared to them card wise. I've had to spend around $20 getting supplies, protector sleeves, storage boxes, a storage folder for my rares/mystic rares, and different dices. I'm about done on the supplies end, I need a few things but I'm getting them gradually to my playing style as I learn and feel to what fits me. Its all very fun. Monday is the day we meet up for casual play, Friday we meet up for tournament style and our results are actually put into an official data base for ranking. So far, I have 2 losses and 1 win; that one win is because I guy left after the first game and I got it by default. LOL. My friends caution me on spending money, but since I'm getting established I know I'm gonna have to spend a bit in the beginning, as I look at the amount of card they guys are getting compared to me, regardless of they're previous supplies they're well out spending me. I also take heart in my Irish luck, I've been pulling some really good cards from what I've bought and they guys are kind like, WTF since I'm a beginner and have so little. Hehehe. Since they release cards all the time I'm buying a few boosters each visit on Monday, about $10 worth, at the comic store only. I'm comfortable where I'm at so I'm not out actively trying to booster up my numbers. Friday it depends what we're doing, I have to pay to play the tournament style, but its usually between $5-15 depending what we're doing and we get card promos (rares and such) or such things so I do get something in return for getting my ass kicked and learning as I go.


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