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I had to write up two kids today. One has been giving me respect issues. She doesn't follow orders if she doesn't like them and will say, "So, whatcha gonna do, make me?" Today she crossed the line going outside when I told everyone to line up at the door. She knows she's not allowed to go out on her own.  I got a few other leaders to back me up on the respect issue, she does it to them too.

I had to take all my kids to another set of bathrooms when the one in the cafeteria became dirty ( I am so not saying how...) and ran out of toilet paper. I was told to take them all to next buildings bathroom's. The girls greatly out number the boys and they began acting up in the bathroom. So I had to go in there and tell them to shush up and either get out or go. In that single minute apparently two boys got into a scuffle and one bit the other. So one got written up and the other has an accident report on him. OI. Thankfully it wasn't bad, his skin was only red with no indention marks and such.
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Today was little but easier and also a little bit harder. I was able to take on a more hands on role with the kids but it wore down quickly. I have a few mischief makers you could say and one potential trouble maker. Ironicly my only potential trouble maker is a girl. She's being very manipulative and sassy. Really sassy, she makes me think more of a kid in middle school than a child in the 2nd grade!

Another one of my girls cried, I thought she had fallen or something because it was during their play time outside. Turns out she was in a group with about half of the girls I look after and her father was brought up. Her father, from what I could gather, recently had surgery. Why I have no idea, other than its in his abdomen he's hurt. She was upset because she couldn't hug him and they he was hurt. So I sat down with her and told her that people had surgery all the time, and he will get better. I showed her my scars on the back of my ears from when I had surgery and told her its just a matter of time before she could hug him again. I also told her she can hug his arm and tell him how much she loves him and that would make him feel better. 

Beyond that is was girl drama and even a little boy drama. The boys were more of your typical things you would see with kids their age. The girl drama was horrid. It was a she said, she said kind of thing. We can't really do anything but try to keep them from arguing and keep peace. And this is where the potential trouble maker comes in, she's in the center of all it.  I really can't say much, I've only been there two days, but wow. I really do think I can do this job, its just getting the routine, procedures, and all the kids names right. After that and a little bit more guidance on how to handle them I think I'll be okay.

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 I wake up this morning to a phone call from my friend, Lythe. Nothing wrong there, but when I reach over for my glasses... they weren't there! I spent nearly an hour looking for them. I looked all around my room, even took a flashlight and searched around my nightstand and bed. Nothing!! So I run to the optomitrist to get a perscription, thankfully I have perscription sunglasses, that visit cost me $55. I went to Eye Masters because of their one hour and they had a special on frames, any frames in the story for $60, you just have to pay full price on your lense. When it was all said and done it was $300. So I spend $355 for one pair of glasses, granted if it wasn't for their special it would have been over $500 in all but oi. Then I'm rushing home to change from eye masters to find out the freeway was at a dead stand still. I took the acess roads home. Getting to work was not as easy, I was suppose to be there at 2pm... I didn't get there till almost 2:30... and it was my first day at this new job!!!  ;.;   I still have the job, but oi.... My new job is Youth Leader and needless to say my nerves are rattled. The kids are SO hyper because its the last week before christmas break! x.x  I'm new so getting their respect is being a little bit of an issue. I look after a group of 10 second graders. My nevres are going to be hell this entire week while I try to get the routine down. I know that once I get everything down I can do the job, its just gah lee! SO many things went wrong today!!! x.x oi...


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