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But I am NOT gonna shower at this damn shit house if I can help it! YUCK!! And the co-owner said she cleaned it, and now...


Half the problem is that the thing won't drain. So I'm gonna have to go buy drain-o for like... the fifth time since I've moved into this FUCKED UP HOUSE!!!!!

The other half is just how filthy my housemate is.


I am so going to my grandmother's house in an hour or two to shower before work. I'm repacking my over-night bag right now, this time with work clothes, towels, ect. Oi.

I won't be surprised the drain-o doesn't work. Its that bad, I've had a friend come over TWICE since I've been here and snaked it when my housemate wasn't home. Counting the time first time when a plumber came and showed me what to use its been snaked THREE TIMES in two years!

I'm back!

Jan. 25th, 2009 06:35 pm
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And the so called message on her door is still there. Not that I care, but I'm still gonna mess with her head. Once I'm paid up for Feb for rent and a true date is set for my move, Obama yard sign going in my window again with one slight alteration. I'm taping an index card over the 'for' and writing in bold marker in caps IS, "Obama IS President" Har HaR hAR. Plus I'll write on a poster board "I am an American, I have no party lines, my vote is for America, And it fills me with Pride!" What she gonna do, paint the damn window? This will happen for sure the last week I'm here.

Till then, I'll be sure to be talking about Obama and having the TV on to CNN and such even more now, ha ha. Because really, am I doing anything anyone in their right minds wouldn't be? -EDIT- Hehe, that last sentence was refering into keeping update with new President Obama and normal talk about what is going on. Sorry if anyone got the wrong idea... XD)

I also talked to my neighboors a little bit, and this may not be a tight-nit but they do talk to eachother, about the up coming move. I didn't go into any real details, just saying I'm fed up. Jeff knows the whole story, even if he wasn't the one I talked to tonight. Give it a few weeks and I'm sure its gonna get around WHY I'm moving. I think I've unwittingly started a scandal... No, maybe not. My housemate DID go yelling at the neighborhood when families were out in their yards when someone left a note on the door for us to mow the yard (this was when someone broke the lawnmower),  sadly I was stuck being next to her since she wouldn't move her fat ass so I could go in, so everyone saw me too when she started screaming.

Oh well.

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Simply by talking to the co-owner of the events this week and the fact I leave the tv on CNN when I'm home if nothing else is on, and what do they talk about? Obama.

I'll let the picture speak for itself. Sorry its blury, I took it with my camera phone because I haven't figured how to turn the flash off my digital yet.

She posted this on her door: )

All I have to say, too bad, so sad, my obama pride will be not put to the side.

I am not Democrate, I am American, and proud to be who I am!

My vote is for America, not any party lines.

So she is the poor fool among the sad, sad, few.

Ignorant as ever she proves to be.

I leave with this poem

It is all that needs to be! 


Jan. 14th, 2009 07:49 pm
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It was kinda a normal day. Took me a while to wake up so I didn't take a shower before taking Lucky and Mika to the vet. Although today they saw a temp vet, our regular was out. Mika was good as was Lucky for shots and blood, me so proud.

So My housemate left early today about 11am, I went straight to work in loading the car up with a few things that need to get moved to Grandma's and a few boxes of books. I also took almost all the cleaners from the kitchen and bathroom that I've bought. I wonder if they're even gonna notice them missing... either way, they mine and I can use the excuse cleaning for the estate sale. :p

I went to work as usual, but my boss was severly late about showing up, but I didn't worry and just focus on planning while I waited for other's to show. I don't feel to comfortable going into the office on my own, if you know what I mean. My new partner is still delayed by HR till some time next week (hopefully). Kids were good, school's tutoring started up again and their was some confusing due to a parent mistake on filling out one of the kids info thing when they accepted but all went well.

Straight from work I went to return the shelves I had bought to put my TF figures on and went to Sears for my MP3 player, they were only place that had what I was looking for. Not walmart, best buy, or curcuit city had anywhere near the model I wanted. I had to dish out $64 after tax and all but I certainly feel better. This one is better than my original. Plugs directly into the computer USB port, no cables required,charges through it too so no batteries! I had to get pink, but eh its small who cares. Plus this one is 2GB, my other was only a few hundred MBs. I don't really have many songs since I've never had time to ripe songs from my fav CDs and I don't buy download so its good for the long term future. But for now on when I'm gone its goin' in a drawer!! I just have to wait another hour while it charges fully for the first time.

Unloading at Grandma's was uneventful and I got back just after 7pm.

I've got a few sneaky ideas, like taking all my Kitchen stuff as soon as the estate sale and taking them over to my Grandmothers. if I'm questioned I'll simply say that since I was told to get all my stuff out that wasn't in my room and I don't have any time to cook I did so. I'll leave a few things but 80% going. I'll wait for a day like today where I had 2+ hours before needing to leave for work and boxes stashed ready to be taped and boom.

Now I need to study for my Japanese quiz tomorrow... oi.
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Hm, let see. I take a really really long shower and had the feeling someone wasn't happy. How was I to know she had an 'appointment' today half an hour since I got out of the shower? I have no idea if she'll get in now but if she does.... I wonder if there is any hot water left....

Lets hope today goes good as well. Good at work, good at hunting down an mp3 player be it walmart (where I'll go first), Best Buy, or Sears that fits my needs. I like having one that has an FM radio in it too.

On a Funny Note: I saw some pursers at Spencers last night, I was... hm, hard to pick a word. Basically they were nice med/small size and looked like 80's boom boxes. And if only they had been navy blue or red instead of neon green, pink, and black... You are guess who I'm talking about, right? o.O


Lol, seriously it would have been so close if they were the right color!

Also, Lucky and Mika are okay. I had to split the vet bill between my debit and credit card. -cringes- Oi. Lucky had a quicky test done on the growth under his tail, the vet doesn't know what it is but it test neg for anything that's bad. Strange yes? Mika was good and quiet in the office, if only she be quiet in the car... And Lucky surprisingly didn't pull me to death... should i be worried I wonder? His blood came back good, all in normal if not perfect ranges.

Ah ha No!

Jan. 9th, 2009 10:27 am
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Gah, I have the house to myself now! She LEFT! But I have to leave in an hour to go get my book and find out where my classes are for next week. Then I have to go to work. Nooooooo.....

No fair. >.<

Damn Damn Damn


There isn't enough time to cook anything, oi.

Damn Damn Damn
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Just missing in action. The Aunt has still not put the shed up, parts are in the back only. So I'm spending the night at my Grandmother's house on a old fashion fold up bed. Not going to be comfortable but I am not willing to even think about sleeping in my Grandmother's or Uncle's beds. I'm at a friend's right now, having finally gotten my Christmas present from her. My poor dogs are in the car, I can't leave them at my Grandmother's. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but it appears my stress is getting to them. No one else would notice but me, but its effecting them, Yoko most of all. The stress and back and forth between my current residence and my grandmother's house is confusing them. I'm going back one more time tonight to get my mp3 player and pillow, the only two things I'm missing.

I made the calls and everything is set s far as the move, its when. My cousin and friend are going to help, I just need to give them a heads up the day before and rent the truck. But I am helpless about packing my books and getting things ready until the aunt moves her stuff out of the way. There is literally no room to shift things around in it, things need to be taken out.

Tomorrow I'll be doing laundry and moving things around my grandmother's house. Its going to be long and boring day. It may bleed into two days spending the night at my grandmother's if they only build the stupid thing and not move their shit into it. But I will not get caught in a situation of their making, no way no how. They always start fights and it always ends badly for me.

So if this bleeds into two nights at my grandmother's know I'm alive, lol.

I am certainly providing the neighborhood with a bit of juicy gossip, needless to say. I ran into Jeff as I was packing my car earlier tonight, assuming I had everything. His sister or girlfriend, I can't never tell because I always run into them at night, was with him as they were leaving too.
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As if Thanksgiving wasn't enough.

My housemate makes her appearance when I'm ranting about her in the bathroom.

Why was I ranting in the bathroom?

Because she left a dirty toliet seat; lets leave it at that.

And she refuses to admit it. Even though I threw the obivious in her face; it was clean when I left for work and she's the only one who has been here ALL day and could have shitted it up. Co-owner not even back or anything. She tries a different tactic but I won't let it work. So she leaves, slamming the bathroom door (with me in the bathroom) and slams her door.

If I hear from my landlord all hell is going to break loose because I've had it.

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Does she really think yelling 'shut up' at a cat in another room is going to work?
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That apparently the dryer broke yesterday? Yep. And guess who was 'using it'? My housemate.

So the solution? My housemate getting a clothes line.


Where the hell is she gonna hang it? Our back porch is cover with shit and containers from the Aunt. Landry mat it is for me, I don't want bug crud thank you. If anything I'm hoping the b*tch falls and breaks her fat ass tail bone, sweet retrobution for her lazy, lying, ass when they 'tries' to put it up. And will I help? Nope. She can break all the chairs she has from her weight for all I care. Because you know what, if she had actually TRIED to get a job and got one the landlord could be convinced to go get a new one from a clearence store. But can she? Nope. 
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My housemate is using MY stereo to play christmas music in the kitchen obscenely loud. 

And that is not the worst of it

she's singing!!!

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My housemate decided to 'self clean' the oven last night, which resulted in a horrid stench through out the house. The pots, pans, racks, ect are still laying all over the kitchen. I think the reason there is a stench is because she didn't clean the stovetop of all the grease she's left there after her 'cooking'. I'm hungry and debating what to eat. I don't have any Lean Cuisiens left, so its either sandwhichs (which I don't have everything for..) or clean the mess and attempt to fix something... oi.

And things are only going to get worse. The Aunt has heart surgery on Friday, how long she'll be laid up who knows. She's the only one who, sorta, police's my housemate's mess and mouth.
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My housemate FINALLY has an interview (and I bet I know who set that up) at the Chick-fli-a at my favorite mall. One one hand I want her to get it, so her ass is finally out of the house. On another, not at my favorite mall!
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Not a quiet Sunday. My neighboor next to my room is using a pressure machine of somekind and the hum is easily making through the walls.

My housemate is playing Christmas music. I'm not too surprised, annoyingly LOUD as it is when I step out of my room. What is getting to me is all the hammering. She's hanging Christmas lights in her room... She better not be thinking about using them as nightlights!


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Yesterday I had to drive two hours to Austin just to see my friend who tutors me in japanese. He had to stay for class projects instead of heading back to SA on the weekend like he usually does. Everything was fine, I got some work done and progress made in understanding some of the grammar. So progress made we went to hang out before I would leave, to let go of the stress and catch up what had happened during the week and upcoming events.  Everything went find until I was driving back to my friend's apartment to drop him off before heading out of town.

I get a call from my landlord. I assume its about my rent, since I hadn't been able to get a hold of her for two weeks and I only paid half rent. Nope. She's raving at me about my dogs. She accuses me of treating them inhumanely for locking them in my room. Excuse me? I don't have a choice which refused to listen. Her daughter won't listen to me on how to properly watch after them, particularly Lucky with his arthritis. The Aunt has demanded me to lock them in my room when I leave the house for any amount of time. Her replay? "I'm sorry you can't trust my daughter." .

It infuriated me. How DARE she accuse me of such. I 'could' possibly get by and go to school full time and not have a part time job. But that amount of money would not and will not cover the normal vet visits, let alone the meds and rush vet visits. An average 1/4 of all my pay checks during the year go to my  three pets. And we had just eating and my stomach went into loco mood. I became nauseous, running to the bathroom for several reasons, and cramping in my stomach too. I left hours later than I had planned because I couldn't chance not finding a bathroom while on a the road. I'm still in pain this morning and feeling the need to 'go' almost constantly and angry for many reasons.

1) My housemate knows my landlord is mad at me and sall smug about it, the bitch.
2) Guess who was in the living room when I finally got home at midnight? My co-owner's boyfriend/fiance who isn't suppose to be in the house let alone stay over night!
3) Not getting a solid sleep I get up to find my co-owner's boyfriend using the washer and drying on MY WASH DAY! The only day in the entire week I can do laundry! And Guess what, its leaking. Still usable, but water leaks from the tub. They over filled it, how do I know? Because I'm smart and do tests, the idiots. I know how much to put in and how much not to. I have the washer and dryer now, but for how long? I have 4 loads total to do. Towels, jeans, clothes, and bedsheets.

My week looks to be like hell.

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She left the fucking GATE UNLOCKED! Didn't even pull the lever over to shut it and Lucky got out for god knows how long and thankfully when I went screaming to the streets he came.

Oh god I am not speaking to her, I won't be able to control myself. I am a wreck of nerves right now...
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At 4:30 my housemate left the house. My peace was short lived. Why? Because her TV CAME ON! FULL VOLUME! She programed it, obviously. >:(  And I can't go into her room to turn it off.

I finally got a hold of her aunt half an hour after the tv went on, its been almost half an hour since then. If I don't hear back by 6pm I'm calling her back, because I already told her if my housemate isn't back I'm flipping the switch to her room by breakerbox come 8pm, its later than I want to go to bed, but I told her, I have to get up early for training at in the morning.

Bad Jewjew

Aug. 31st, 2008 11:32 am
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My housemate is starting to get sick, I think. She started coughing two days ago, not much but I could hear her from her room. She's been doing it more and more off and on. I'm starting to spray clorox hard surface spray on all light switches, door handles, ect. I already do that usually every few days, but now I'm doing it every day, I'll do it twice today. I did it not to long ago and I'll do again before bed. I need to start on my homework soon. I haven't touched it. I'll work on Jap first since I have it first day of classes this coming week.

So yeah, bad Jewdjew (star wars, ha! Jar Jar Binks I think.)

Because last time she started like this I was stuck taking her to the ER. Not happening this time. She's got an uncle and aunt that lives a few blocks, less than a mile, away.
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I had planned to drive to school, only to realize I didn't have the parking permit, I was going to pick it up yestrday, but since I wasn't on campus, oi. So I decided to stay home today and skip classes again. Its okay as long as I don't do it for the next month or so. I was just too tired, sore, and needed more sleep. I'll have a lot more work to do on the weekend, but it shouldn't be too bad, considering its still the first week.

Lucky is doing much better today, I walked him just before bed last night. I'm going to call my housemate Aunt tomorrow about her niece's 'schedule'. I put up with the slamming doors and everything during the summer but now its work and school time. She's a school bus driver so she gets up early too, and knows that a complete night sleep without getting woken up is important when getting up at that hour. I'll call her on my way to work. I should catch her as she is either at home or sitting waiting for the kids at the school before they're released for the day. That way she can call my housemate, deal with her, and my housemate can stew and cool down while I'm not there. I had to deal with this last year when i started working, the Aunt was not pleased at all, because my house-mate was working too, and she was suppose to be getting up at 5:30, and not staying up till midnight or later.

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My house-mate's sister returned her dog today no too long ago. A blessing in disguise is they left immediately afterwards, allowing me to re-introduce him to my dogs since he has been gone for 2 weeks. When my house-mate is around, it never fails, he gets freaked out and territorial. If she's not he's find with my dogs, no signs or agression and actually plays with Yoko. 

I wonder how Ceaser Milan would handle this case, because its not the owner insecurity that causes the problem, but anger. She's always angry at the world, blah blah blah. But no problems what so ever. He is a smart dog too, he remembered even after two week he's not allowed in my room and stood at the door frame of my room but dared not enter.


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