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I'm finally feeling strong enough, coughing aside, that I should be able to make it classes this week. I did not go to any of my classes last week and I am very upset about it. First I had a test in my math course I was suppose to do two Fridays ago but was unable because of the bronchitis (that I wasn't sure that's what it was at the time) and my teacher will not let me make it up. She says she'll apply my final's grade to it but it upsets me because I feel like I was sure to make an A on that chapter. Second it the unknown factor in English, I was suppose to turn a paper in Tues but had no way to print it nor sent it to school in its folder with all the research and drafts as required. -sighs- I emailed my English professor explaining my situation and also express my willingness to obtain a letter from my doctor to prove in fact I DID have bronchitis (the stories she has on people trying to get OUT of their paper or other redicolious notions are amazing) and hope she will let me hand it to her Tues in class. I am hoping she will consider it and if she does really go through my papers and drafts she will see I haven't been to the writing center since the original agreed date nor made any huge fundemntal changes from all the drafts to suggest I overhauled it and I'm being true to my word. Japanese... I'm going to sit with my teacher and try to catch up. We've already agreed long before this with my struggling that I will most likely will have to take an Incomplete at the end of the semester have two months to work towards passing the final by Feb or fail the course.

I have the bookwork for math that was assigned during my absents, however I won't be able to turn it in for a grade. I have a list of things I know I was suppose to have done to turn in also in English but not for this past week, my contact in that class seems willing to speak to me on face book but not give any info of my class. Very... annoying.

I would be in a panic if not for two things: 1) seeing a new doctor (finally) in follow up on the Bronchitis (I saw a PA on that Monday) and finally get a script on my ADHD medication, and 2) with the medication well into my system last night I nearly completed one of the two sections HW in math given in class during my absents, without any notes or help from my friend who is a math major  who sat next to me the entire time doing her HW if she was needed. My contact in my math class has been kind in texting me the sections and bookwork given the few days I've missed class. She also gave me the password to slip past the locked out assignments so I can go back and do the online hw, I'm saving that for when I have 3 hours or more free and my math major friend with me to work on it. The program online is a pain in entering the answer correct and then second guessing myself when I did in fact had the correct answer. 

I want to thank [ profile] mmouse15 again, who was a huge help on my paper. She gave me more info and edits on  just one edit of one draft of my paper than the two sessions at the writing center with two different tutors combined. Those people were seriously NO help. And thank [ profile] autobotmosquito and [ profile] vermilionbird for their wonderful support.

Sorry if this spammed anyone's friends list.

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At noon Friday Ghazal and I will be attending San-Japan in the yukatas. I heard from my friend from the trip and traded one of my yukatas with her because I had one that fit her better than the one she had bought. And the extra ties and obi-ita arrived today too! We're trying to figure out hair styles now because you're not suppose to have hair on your neck when wearing kimonos of any kind. Ghazal is also thinking of playing up make up brighter than we normally would to flare with the yukatas. After a lot of money crunching I'll have about $50 to spend on stuff for the convention. I already have one item in mind, I just hope if they the dealer I know is going to be is carrying it its in the colors I want.

I need to do my nails tomorrow.. they're horrible... eck. I normally wear sneakers so I don't usually care, but I'll be wearing geta so I have to! Lol.


Aug. 10th, 2009 03:25 pm
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That was just.. unbelievable bad luck!!! My friend Ghazal is going with me to the Anime Convention Friday and we want to wear the Yukata I bought in Japan. But I am missing a few important pieces. I need Obi-ita, its like a board you place under the obi to keep it from getting wrinkles and keeps it in its place, and koshi himo. I have three koshi himo I bought in Japan, but you need at least two to wear the yukata so I need to buy more. And I only found some on ebay inside the US, they were available this morning when I emailed the the seller about the Obi-ita and if she could ship priority and combine shipping. When I got a yes I headed to ebay. Guess what, all the koshi himo were GONE. Sold OUT. Within three hours of finding them, that's three sets!!!! I only needed ONE! ARGH. So now I'm debating. Do I order 2 Obi-ita and try to come up with something that will work for the koshi himo? I'm secretly hoping she posts more for sale tonight. -sighs-
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What the hell have I gotten myself into? I told my friend Ghazal about being a little bit off for wardrobe for my Boss's wedding Friday and she is on the warpath. Goal? Getting ME into a dress. Shoot me please.


We went to 7 stores today at the mall closes to me.

Tomorrow Nordstorm Rack out on the Rim, and Shops at La Cantera as a last resort. Me scared.... Afterwards we will try to go see Harry Potter... If she doesn't buy the tickets in advance I say she can forget it. Oh, and guess where she wants to go see it? Where I had my WRECK!
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Well, I'm in a mixed mood. My housemate was gone ALL day yestrday, I found out, and I couldn't savor it. She left around 9am, and I left around 10am. She left her dog in the garage with NO water. I didn't give him any, I didn't except her to be gone more than two or three hours at most. A friend of Ghazal was able to get his family truck for the move and instead of both brothers Ghazal's older brother, her uncle, and her dad showed up. They only stayed for a few hours to move the heaviest stuff and we labored on for another 5 hours on our own, just me, Ghazal, my friend Richard, her friend, and her older brother. At the point of collapse at 6pm we all went home and showered. Ghazal offered to treat us to dinner at Jonny Carinoes and we met up at 7:30 for the meal. It was a little tense because of her brother, he's... odd. I won't go into detail, but it was still good and fun. 

So when I first came home just after 6pm I discovered her dog still in the garage with no water. I let my dogs out then showered. I brought them all in but I didn't give the dog, water, she can feel guilty for being negelctful for all I care. I headed back out and returned just after nine. She still had not returned. I fed my dogs and was in bed a little after 10pm. She returned I think after a 11pm, and thankfully didn't make too much noisy and I nodded off to sleep. I do know from the lights shown in my window she was dropped off. Her pantry and her side of the fridge are pretty much bare, so she's starving. Too bad, so sad, she needs to get off her butt and get a job.

I am so tired and sore. My calfs hurt the worse from going up and down those stairs from the ground to the third floor in 95 degree weather. One chore I did was clip Lucky's toe nails, the big baby. I'll do laundry and maybe get around to putting my Hogwarts Crest plaque up today. I'm taking it easy, oi.

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Well, my housemate did the dishes, and true to form only because there weren't any clean ones. She didn't clean anything else and the counters are a hidden mess, meaning you don't see the resdue of stuff unless light is on it. Its gross and I'll wipe it down tomorrow. I already wiped down the stove stop that was covered in grease yestrday, ew.

I spent the day hanging out with my friend Patrick, well sorta. More like he tagged along while I ran errons and we had a very late lunch together at Cracker Barrel. We first went to Costco so I could get my monthly supply of dog food and a few other things then headed to Borders for me to return the Audio Book. I'll get it cheaper at amazon anyways when I am able to get around to buying it.

A few hours after being home I get a call from my friend Ghazal. I knew she was going to be moving, she just never told me about when it would be happening... its happening tomorrow. So I'll go over and help her and I got my friend Richard in if there is still work to be done after 1pm when he's free. Her two brothers and uncle will be there too. But its going to be a long day. Her little brother bitched and whined because she was on the thrid floor and the couch was a nightmare to move. Its gonna be like that again, just the way down. 
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Woot! It was damn hard on my sleep schedule but we saw The Dark Knight last night. It was awesome, nothing more to be said. My night leading up to the movie, an interesting moment thanks to one of my friends, and the ride home is behind the cut below. Its not much of spoilers in it but I didn't want to upset anyone by chance.

On another note I finally got around to reading and finishing Victory of Eagles by Naomi Novik, book four in the Temeraire series. The book came out on the 9th, and I hadn't been able to touch it at all till yesterday when I helped my friend Ghazal take a ton of laundry to the wash house and sat around reading for nearly two hours and then when I got home read about four more hours. I had only a few dozen pages left last night when I left to go pick up my friends for the movie. I finished it not too long ago and was very pleased and so eager for more. 

So while I could possibly having to deal with the landlord sometime this coming week, behind in my schedule on going through my stuff, and what not I'm in a good mood right now.

Spits hair

May. 11th, 2008 04:37 pm
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 Well I finally did something I've been needing to do for months. I bathed my dogs. Not that I neglected to do it, it just seems whenever I had a day free on the weekend to do it was forecast to rain. >:/ no joke. Its a half day affair because when I wash them I need to wash their beds. Kind of pointless to wash them if their beds are also filthy, yes?

So I get into gym shorts, when I really should have put a damn swimsuit, got all the towels in the bath room and headed out to the backyard. This is where I messed up. What I should have done was put the beds through the wash so they would be drying while I was bathing the dogs. Opps. So I bath Lucky first, who tried to slink off everytime I didn't have a good hold on him. Thats hard to do when you're other dog is trying to bite the end of the hose the water is coming out of. Thats a hint as to the nightmare with Yoko. So I finally get Lucky washed, get him to shake then lead him to the bathroom with a few towels on the ground, rub him with one, turn on the vent and left them to dry while I tackled Yoko. 

Who had been digging where the water was hitting the ground from the hose. Nice. Now she's muddy. Nothing new come bathing days. Now the fight, squirming not to get away for the water but to attack it. I really need my friends to come over and film this and send it to America's Funniest Home Videos. So how do I solve this? I put her in a headlock between my legs after I get her head and neck soap free. She doesn't fight me to get out of the headlock, but to go at the water when ever it comes into her view. 

Oh if you're wondering what breed she is, she's a English Pointer. A true blue blood hunting breed.

So now their in my room, damp, laying on more towels while I'm waiting for the dog beds to go through the wash. 

Now if I could get her that excited and interested into jumping into water she's beat any labs butt at distance jumping. She'll go after a toy.... just not into a body of water. She'll jump in and out of a kiddy pool but thats it as of now. 

On another note I am missing my friend Ghazal terribly. She'll offically have been gone for a week at 1pm tomorrow. She won't be back for at least another 2 weeks. ;.; I hope everything has gone well for her and she's having a great time visiting her family over seas. I would have begged and pleaded to be able to tag along when I first heard of this if it wasn't for the fact home country is IRAN! The people I know from there are great, its the government that is the true fear. Even so, I worry about her getting out of there and back home at the end of the month. The photos I've seen of the place are amazing. But I miss her. I hope to hear from her soon by e-mail.


Nov. 22nd, 2007 08:24 pm
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 Well yesterday was my birthday, ugh. And as usual most people forgot about it, not that I would hold that against them. It happens every year that my birthday being so close to Thanksgiving I sigh and thats that. My immediate relatives do remember naturally but it just sucks, truly. They're so focused on the Holiday and getting that dinner just right, oi. My friends came through in general. There are a few that I haven't heard from at all, for birthday wishes or happy turkey day but knowing whats going on in their lives I'm not going to hold them at all. Hell one just basically moved from the US to Germany a week ago, and yes he's in the military. Others I'm a little disappointed, with having facebook and all that lets you know a week in advanced I didn't even get a message on my wall (facebook message board kind of thing...). But with all of us in college and finals so close, again I can't hold it against them. But some did remember and I got happy birthday wishes and all. My cousin took me out to my favorite Thai Restaurant right after my classes and brought a cake and a present... though she brought a plan angel cake, oi, I was polite and ate what I could and keep a straight face. My Uncle sent me an Origami kit and book set, thoughtful of him, considering how much I love Japanese things. 

And Ghazal, my dear best friend. She took me to the mall and made me pick something out, I got a robe at Victoria's Secret, after all she gets 30% off her purchases there being an employee. Then we went out to eat chinese (talk about a day full of asian food!). Then she took me to Cowboys Dance Hall. She's been trying to get me to go there for a very long time now on college or lady's night but our schedules just wouldn't let it happen. It just so happens there was a concert going on, don't remember the dude playings name, and the she paid for us to get it. Another one of her friends from work who I've meet showed up so we'd be a group and then came the military boys, or at least they say they were. They got us onto the dance floor, even though none of us knew how to dance, and basically stuck to us. It was okay for a while, once they found out it was my birthday they wished me happy birthday many times during the night and one who kept flirting between me and Ghazal bought me a shot of Patron, very high and expensive top shelf tequila. I've never had tequila and I was surprised when I finally downed it that it didn't burn my throat as other liquors I've tried have. Then again, this was some of the best top shelf tequila you can get. But boys got a little one too many and got a little to clingy and a little too... weird, possessive or something and we just could not get away. They kept on finding up. I actually took it upon myself sorta act fake dizzy to get us free. The guy flirting between me and Ghazal took me on the dance floor and kept spinning me and with my ears, oi I got dizzy but I kept the act up once the dizziness really faded. It wasn't easy for the other too to get loose but we did and made a break for it and that ended the night. For having a shot and a strong cherry vodka sour I wasn't feeling tipsy at all and quite surprised too. I guess its just whiskey I'm prone to getting a buzz quickly.


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