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Well my birthday got split into two days because one of my friend's girlfriend was sick and he wouldn't leave her side. :p Plus my cousins wanted to go somewhere far out of the city for Chinese chicken and dumplings (and boy are they regretting it, ha ha) so that's what I was stuck doing today.

Yesterday I went and saw New Moon, liked it really (only peeve were the wolves, they SO could have made them look realistic, size aside) and my friend Ghazal treated me to Sushi Zushi. I had a tempera appetizer, tamago (egg), smoked salmon, St.Petersburg roll, and mochi ice cream. I didn't know they had mochi and I was ecstatic. They even had vanilla and it was GOOD. In a turn about away I introduce my friend to more Japanese food, lol. Neither of us felt like dancing or going to a bar so I went home a lot earlier than what I had planned at the beginning of the day.

So I had lunch with my cousin's, did a little shopping, saw my friend who's girlfriend was sick, and that was my weekend.

Not a single bit of studying or chores done. And oh, my cousin is coming over tomorrow and my house is an absolute wreck. I'm in deep shit, needless to say. And I need to go pay my car tomorrow, ack.
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I got an extra package surprise. My friend Mei Mei sent me a birthday present that didn't arrive until today after dark, the fool who delivered didn't even ring the door bell, blah.  But Me HAPPY!

I got a Cami, PJ pants, and slippers from Forever21. All of it the right size and not irritating to my skin. WAY TO GO MEI MEI. She's pulled off what my family has failed to do since I was born, yea. And they fit ME in personality~!!!!

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Well, out of a hopeful seven only two of my friends made it to my dinner. Kara and Patrick. Ghazal couldn't go from pain. Oh I wonder, maybe it has to do with the fact the night before she wouldn't use the wheelchair?! So my mood was mixed on the day after my birthday. I had originally made it for Friday but moved it to make it easier for everyone and the Irony is the two who needed it moved the most made it. It was fun though. I haven't seen Kara in months, if not half a year or more. We really did play catch up and shared stories of what we remembered in high school and it was good. We all went to the same high school and even though Patrick didn't know each other then we all knew of certain things that happpened in that time and connected that way.

After dinner I drove Patrick home and Kara and I went to the bookstore. From as far in time our friendship began it was always with a trip to bookstores somewhere in the mix. Kara was the first I started doing that with. Patrick and I do it often now too, I can't remember a time where when we hung out we didn't somehow end up at a bookstore for a while during the day.

Before my dinner Patrick and I had a late, but light, lunch before going to a bookstore (see!) and walmart. And at that walmart there had to be 30 Silverstreakers and Sideswipes, EACH. But no sunny, and that was one of the largest Walmart in town.

When I got home I opened up my mail and found a Birthday card from my uncle.... It was a Simpsons card. o.O Nice try, but again far from the mark. I'm not a fan of Simpsons. -sighs- At least he's trying, he sent me a $50 check,. ast year he sent me a book on making Birdhouses.... Which means I can use half of that to get me some Transformers if the low prices of $8 have stayed till I go Walmart tomorrow or Tues. I got to do chores and study today.
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Well, my day started in a rush yesterday. I woke up two hours late. Somehow I showered, washed my hair, dressed, feed the dogs, and go out of the house in an hour. I wasn't late for classes but the rush made me forget to do several things I meant to do on campus before rushing to my Birthday Luncheon my boss had set up right after my history class.

I had a lot of fun even if only a few people showed up from work, the main two I get along with were there besides my boss so it was good. My boss got my flowers and a hilarious card that everyone had signed. Terry, my co-worker who I first worked with when I started this job last Nov, was totally sweet. Giving me a $10 gift card to a used book store and a bookmark from one of my favorite series. We had a meeting afterward back at the school and another coworker gave me two $10 gift cards to Sonic. My boss also allowed me to show the kids Wall-e. We're not suppose to watch Disney movies, legal jumbo aside, Disney is really up tight about you showing their movies unless you'd paid the right. Strange yes? But the kids behaved, and were great with only a few of them I  had to get after a bit.

I went home a bit late from work and took care of the dogs and changed. Just as I was getting ready to walk out the door a packaged arrived. It was a set of Karl Jenkins CDs sent to me by my second mom and dad. I was so happy. Soothing music, yes. So I head out to get my friend Ghazal so we can go see twilight, who was late, as usual. She said she didn't need the wheelchair (which I found out later was a lie) and we left for the theater. She was still on the bitchy side as of lately but not as bad usual.

Twilight was great and sure enough during the one kissing scene the theater was erupting to girls screaming, by which I was laughing my head off at all the screaming. The movie gets 4 1/2 stars out of 5 with me. It was well done with only a few moments that felt... off. But very good, and I have never read the books. Everyone I could over hear who had read the books were pleased. My friend was hungry so we went to Ihop and the service was bad, so no tip. But what made me angry is my friend had been talking to another friend on the phone since we got to my car out of the theater. She let it slips infront of me that when she walks she bleeds. WHA?! I have a wheelchair in the back of my car!!!! So that's how my night and day ended.


Nov. 22nd, 2007 08:24 pm
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 Well yesterday was my birthday, ugh. And as usual most people forgot about it, not that I would hold that against them. It happens every year that my birthday being so close to Thanksgiving I sigh and thats that. My immediate relatives do remember naturally but it just sucks, truly. They're so focused on the Holiday and getting that dinner just right, oi. My friends came through in general. There are a few that I haven't heard from at all, for birthday wishes or happy turkey day but knowing whats going on in their lives I'm not going to hold them at all. Hell one just basically moved from the US to Germany a week ago, and yes he's in the military. Others I'm a little disappointed, with having facebook and all that lets you know a week in advanced I didn't even get a message on my wall (facebook message board kind of thing...). But with all of us in college and finals so close, again I can't hold it against them. But some did remember and I got happy birthday wishes and all. My cousin took me out to my favorite Thai Restaurant right after my classes and brought a cake and a present... though she brought a plan angel cake, oi, I was polite and ate what I could and keep a straight face. My Uncle sent me an Origami kit and book set, thoughtful of him, considering how much I love Japanese things. 

And Ghazal, my dear best friend. She took me to the mall and made me pick something out, I got a robe at Victoria's Secret, after all she gets 30% off her purchases there being an employee. Then we went out to eat chinese (talk about a day full of asian food!). Then she took me to Cowboys Dance Hall. She's been trying to get me to go there for a very long time now on college or lady's night but our schedules just wouldn't let it happen. It just so happens there was a concert going on, don't remember the dude playings name, and the she paid for us to get it. Another one of her friends from work who I've meet showed up so we'd be a group and then came the military boys, or at least they say they were. They got us onto the dance floor, even though none of us knew how to dance, and basically stuck to us. It was okay for a while, once they found out it was my birthday they wished me happy birthday many times during the night and one who kept flirting between me and Ghazal bought me a shot of Patron, very high and expensive top shelf tequila. I've never had tequila and I was surprised when I finally downed it that it didn't burn my throat as other liquors I've tried have. Then again, this was some of the best top shelf tequila you can get. But boys got a little one too many and got a little to clingy and a little too... weird, possessive or something and we just could not get away. They kept on finding up. I actually took it upon myself sorta act fake dizzy to get us free. The guy flirting between me and Ghazal took me on the dance floor and kept spinning me and with my ears, oi I got dizzy but I kept the act up once the dizziness really faded. It wasn't easy for the other too to get loose but we did and made a break for it and that ended the night. For having a shot and a strong cherry vodka sour I wasn't feeling tipsy at all and quite surprised too. I guess its just whiskey I'm prone to getting a buzz quickly.


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