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For the second time I have had this job I've had to help evacuate a school. First time was 3 years ago when CPS neglected to tell the area they would be safely releasing natural gas from a pipeline at construction near by and set the school and area into a panic. Today we actually had a real emergency at the new site I'm at. There has been road work directly in front of the school for three weeks and today that actually did hit the gas line and the gas made it into the school and we had to evacuate. We weren't allowed back into the building until 6pm, long after we had called parents one by one and they were picked up. It was exhausting, no supplies and no way to occupy the students for 3 hours before they were eventually picked up. I didn't get home until an hour after my normal time and I'm going to bed early. Other than 4 students in my group the class behaved well through the mini-crisis.