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I really hope karma swings my way real soon. For the past two weeks I've been helping out a friend whose family really shitsvilled her and from herself. Her family wasn't helping at all in many ways, mainly such as money for her to get by and around to APPLY for a job. She needs a job to go to school this fall, she has to pay, in order to keep her health insurance under her dad. I've been saving her ass from herself in dragging her butt to the joblink at the college and helping her change some of the wording in her applications. Once we've hit the apply in store locations tomorrow we will have applied at thirty stores in the past week, literally. We have ten places we have to apply tomorrow and then she heads home. She's stuck riding bus because her dad has her car, he promised to fixed the breaks (they gave out) over a year and a half ago. She's been at my place for the past week. I have about $200 until payday friday, but I am not sure what exactly this paycheck will be. I'm just hoping past $400 because I still have $320 bills to pay before months end.


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