Sep. 6th, 2010

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Lucky is doing better in a few ways. He's able to walk when assisted to get up and urinate (the vet was worried he might not be able too) on his own. However he has only drink a fraction of what he normally does (and why one nickname was camel) and hardly eaten anything and most of it I down right had to trick him into eating. I am going to give him another day, we're taking him in about an hour to get another steroid shot. I'm just worried on him being dehydrated again if he is so. Worry, worry, worry. The vet yesterday did suggest something odd, chicken baby food. He is egar for it (god it STINKS) so I'm wondering if I ask my regular vet for antibiotics tomorrow he usually gets anyways every month for his mouth if that should help his eating.


I'm still in emotional hell. A few hours he looks great, the next he looks like shit just laying on his dog bed and not really wanting to move. Back and forth, oi. He doesn't try to get up and follow me but if he is up he wanders around the house or follows me. He also gets damn near normal perky and other times looks depressed. Oi, Oi, Oi. The only reason I haven't taken to put him down is because he is better than yesterday and showing signs of wanting to do things. If it gets to the point where he doesn't... you know what I've decided to do.
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Well, Lucky was awesome at the vet, he walked right in un-assisted once we got him up the single step outside into the office. He was slower than he 'normally' would be and not as social but interested what was going on. The vet was impressed that he was up and walking. She gave him another shot and prescribed him some oral steroids he'll start tomorrow morning for the next two weeks that will gradually decrease. What is not so good that once we got home he was somewhat depressed again. I think his mouth is giving him trouble, he is due for his monthly bid of anti-biotics for a week and I'm hoping that is part of the problem. The poor thing just stands there and stares at either his water or food bowl. I had to semi-force feed him wet food from a spoon and check method. He ate a small can of a high calorie wet food the vet at the ER clinic gave me, if it appears to not give him trouble I'll go buy more. He is also eating the baby food semi-well from a turkey baster. The only problem is the stupid baby food is so thick nearly half of it stays stuck inside the turkey baster. I'll need to figure out a way to thin it but not make it like water. But he has show a great interest in the baby food, he perks right up sniffing for it. Its going to be a tough week for me, if he doesn't improve I have very few options. I believe in giving him a chance and see if he still has the will to go on and not simply give up on him because 'he is old'. I've been hearing that for nearly 4 years now, and while I have no illusions that he has that amount of time I'm not going to put him under unless he doesn't have the will or there isn't any more I can do for him to have a comfortable life. Even if its a month or just less than a year, its another day he's gone on fighting and until he gives up I won't either.


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