Mar. 23rd, 2010

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My Uncle is suppose to be visiting the coming weekend, my cousin will be bring maids that work for one of her neighbors to clean the master bath and bedroom because of the dusk and grim from the repairs over a month ago. I pretty much gave up on trying to clean that room, oi. Anyways so I came home and lucky fell flat on his butt outside when he was trying to poop and when I lifted him up and tried to clean him up with a huge bundle of wet paper towels I found something on his butt hole. A dime size abscess was my guess and promptly took him to the ER vet I took him to last time, they don't card extra and they're open 24/7. Turns out it was a cyst right on the wall inside is butt hole and only part of it was poking out. They have to lance it and clear it up -cringes- poor Lucky. So basically I didn't get home again till near 9pm. I ate and then bit by bit got to sorta straightening things out for the maids and when my cousin comes. At this point the kitchen is still a wreck but as I told my cousin, they're coming over for the master bath and bedroom, if there is time before I have to leave for work maybe the kitchen and den. I am not even sure I want to try to go to bed, I have to get to campus by 8am to see about summer classes.


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