Mar. 21st, 2010

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I can't really remember for sure but I think it was watching the vote count coming in between Clinton and Bush senior, I don't really know if it effected me or not but I know I talked to my mom about what was on tv but don't remember what we were saying.

In refection of [ profile] poptartodoom said in hers I clearly remember when the Iraq war began in 2003, I was in Italy on a education trip with my mother. I was in the shower and my mother started screaming for me to get out. I thought something had happened but she was pointing to the TV and it took a minute for it to click that the bombing wasn't a movie and then I looked out the window. Its only like a 3 hour difference between Italy and Iraq and it was dark outside so it was very creepy seeing the bombing and I realize that for most people in the US who were most likely watching it live it didn't have the same effect for them as it was for me, it was still middle of the day most of the United States. Other than that it didn't disturb me too much until word became reality that we invaded a country on lies and false information, diverting attention needed against the war on terror in Afghanistan to Iraq. It will forever sit ill with me the my countries history with Iraq now, little good came from invading it over all and Osama Bin Laden is still alive and Al Queda still going strong in the world.
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