Feb. 22nd, 2010

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I jammed my left middle finger during racquetball class today. I was running across the court to catch/hit a ball during a three-player game. I got the ball, I don't remember if my hit was any good or not, but I ran straight into the wall. I was expecting to and meant to put my left arm infront of my chest only I didn't have fast enough reflex and my hand, ultimately my middle finger, took the worst of it. I don't think its broken, it doesn't hurt that much I suppose, but its swollen a little bit around the middle knuckle. I've iced it twice after class and my co-worker who is working on passing his nursing exam splinted and wrapped it, I really didn't think about it till later it was a good idea, else people might have assumed I was 'giving them the finger' because I don't make it bend as it hurts too much. I can bend it, but it hurts. If its like this or worse in the morning I might go to the clinic before a meeting I have at campus.

I've never had a broken bone before, so I'm kinda clueless....


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