Jan. 30th, 2010

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The only 'reality show' I am devoted to watching is Project Runway. And right now I'm pissed. There was a designer named Ping, very soft spoken, had very... odd ideas but had interesting ideas and construction. What pisses me off is 3rd episode that aired Thurs I finally got to watch via online was... horrible. They had to work in pairs and make two looks in two days. Ping picked Jessie, the designer that reveals himself as an asshole this episode. Ping was literally being verbally assaulted with cuss words the entire time and her design thrown off what she had envisioned under this assault and she was team leader. She should have stood up for herself on the runway when the judges were attacking her work, but she stood quiet and meek. If this was not enough, the other designers said nothing in the work room nor on the runway for what she was forced to work with. The judges ignorant in how she was treated and how the other designer messed with her and her work sent her home because she was team leader. On a previous season they have sent the other person in pair works when it was revealed how uncooperative and obstructive the person was, but NO one stood up for Ping and as a result she was sent home. I didn't personally liked her designs, but when she did challenges on her own her work was interesting in its own way. It makes me angry.


Jan. 30th, 2010 10:09 pm
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I forgot about the letter to the guy in Ireland. Gah!!!!!! x.x -head hits computer- DAMN IT.


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