Jan. 7th, 2010

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I've been up since about... 9am yesterday. You do the math, lol. I spent the whole night studying after studying with my friend for the past 3 days for my math final, only it wasn't at the testing office like it was suppose to be. Its my teacher's fault but I'm on a happy cloud right now. I went in early to take a placement test so in case she failed me due to the hw grades on top of one bad test and not only did I past for this level, but the following level, I can skip the last remedial and get straight to college algebra, FINALLY!!!! This has kept me from trying to write a certain letter I have asked help for. I'll work on it this weekend, I'm like a walking ditzy right now. But I'm estatic, even if she fails me its a remedial, it won't be part of my transfer GPA to UTSA. So while I'm at 3.0 and most likely dropping below that at SAC, my transfer GPA might end up being around a 3.5 or higher if I do well on the coming college level courses. Wowzers, yes? I'm not sharing this latest news with my relatives. I'd rather leave things are now instead of them pressuring me more to hurry up. What has me on OMG is if I'm able to get into a class for college algebra this semester and my two 'teaching math' courses are offered during the summer there is a real chance I can transfer spring or fall of 2011. I'm hoping for the fall of 2011 because its a specialize course and I doubt it will be offered in the summer but I can hope, yes? I still have speech, a few more science credits, two PE credits, and art credits to do (as far as I can remember at the top of my head). I already finished language requirements and if I pass on the English incomplete I have right now I'll be done with English and History credits too.


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