Dec. 1st, 2009

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Why the hell would I be so excited? Because it would be a sleepless night and one I would probrably be running to the ER for relief for the near screw up at the pharamcy if not for my doctor and nurse. I still need some pain pills but not something as strong as vicodin, makes me dizzy in good bits of time so I can't drive with it. Pharmacy 'lost' the first fax my doctor sent over when I called and left a message in the morning for the nurse that I needed something for pain. When I arrived at 1:30pm they didn't have it, so I was freaking out the doctor had send the script to the wrong pharmacy. So I called again, gave the number for the pharmacy again and rushed to work (in and out of pain mind you). Well I got a call at work, I had given the correct number the first time and my doctor's nurse not only faxed but followed up with a personal call to make sure the pharmacy got on it FAST. I was getting STRONG bits of pain by the end of work and rush to get me pills. I'm happy to say I'm pain free and not dizzy with the new meds.

Now I need to get to bed, got an 8am follow up and a 10am math test, yuck.


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