Aug. 15th, 2009

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Well, I say this, Master Chief has some stiff competion! There is a Jack Sparrow here so close to real I am scared it would be Johnny Depps twin! He had a guard with him with a poster of rules its that close. Among the rules, no kissing or hugging. Lol. I've seen a few other good costumes but unable to catch the people for photos. Its not truely croweded yet but the big events arw not for a few more hours.
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I saw an Optimus prime and a deception holoform! XD
A hot holoform! )
On a sad note I did not see Master Chief again and only one guy knew who was under the helmet but did not personally know him. I do believe I officially have a crush on Master Chief (and I don't even know why!) and I want to see the man beneath the helm. I'm not even a gaming fan or anything, why have I become so giggly with Master Chief? He's not the only one I took pictures with but the only one I reacted to like this. Jack Sparrow I am giggly for in a different sense, the dude was so dead on in face, dress, acting, and even hell his voice sounded like Jack Sparrow, is the reason I'm in aw with that person. But I can't pinpoint what has me hooked with Master Chief. Hell, I can even remember turning to leave the auditorium and see him walking in directly in front of me through the doors with the sunlight behind him. And I hate my hearing. He said something to me when I later asked to take another picture with him and I couldn't really understand him because he was on my left side and his voice was muffled by his helmet. -sighs-

I am off for bed soon, I hurt everywhere and I wasn't freaking carrying anything!


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